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I got my latest issue of progressive cattlemen and they have an ad for herb stir Angus Farms that guy yes that's a he sitting Bull well he's sitting on a chair he looks it says feeling alone it ain't easy being lonely with herb stir Angus farm semen you can make sure your sweat swimmer has thirty nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine of his closest friends two straight get the job done with them so this fools all alone but if you go through herb strongest farms dog you're talking about like forty million they got that's bull semen North American breeders a division of herb strongest farms we check each straw of semen for quality and consistency and we package it at forty million cells per straw it's a new standard of excellence in the industry because we were you know when we were working on the food we were working with like 30 million straw per semen that was that was industry standard and then in the aughts we will never compromise excellence to order semen or certificates contact Brittany Barker hi is this Brittany Barker strengthen our cat need 40 million straws a seam how much not gonna run me what's your standard these days is it 40 mil it's a standard of excellence first like steroids no steroids what are you on you fuckin swallow dog yeah I'm on that fuckin herb stir Angus semen per straw listen these are the bookies Ostrom this is fuckin pedigree ambassador president sensation America southern trauma governor and Sundance those are all the great Bulls bred from this semen that one little semen is so look how lonely he is he's like I wish I had million 999,999 of my dogs to get to work well you do now get Jonathan so jacked is this pretty bar girl it's about Britney Barker's Jonathan again I know I called yesterday can I use this as steroids I can't okay so this is sure you sure legally obligated you just you have to say that so if you alright let's say like if you let's right now just don't say anything if I can use it got it Thank You Brett I'll call you tomorrow 40 million more I'll call you again if I have any more if any more any more straws it's a progressive cattlemen that's good that you still get that it's good that I know what's what the standard of excellence is now because Jonathan like we've been out of the game I'm like walking around last month thinking it's 30 million fucking seamen per straw and it's just like hey guy what's up

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