US Supports Election Fraud in Congo

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network.
I’m Paul Jay in Washington. With all the controversy about the viral video
Kony 2012, which calls for U.S. military intervention in Uganda and support for the Ugandan military,
there’s another piece of context that’s not being talked about very much, and that’s U.S.
support for the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, who was
elected in what most people think was a very fraudulent election, but recognized by the
United States. Now joining us to talk about that election
and current situation in the Congo is Kambale Musavuli. He’s a human rights activist originally
from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He’s also the national spokesman for Friends of
the Congo. And he joins us now from Washington. Thanks for joining us. KAMBALE MUSAVULI: Thank you, Paul. JAY: So talk about what happened during the
elections and the whole U.S.-Congolese relationship. MUSAVULI: Yes. November 28, the Congo held
its presidential and legislative elections. And this election–these elections were marred
with a lot of what the Carter Center calls “irregularities”. But all know it was very
fraudulent. We had places that voted that had more than 100 percent voting. We had polling
stations who were not counted. You know, in example, one of the key city, Kinshasa, 2,000
polling stations were not counted. And there was very oppressive push to stop the people
from speaking up. You know, I’m–and I’m speaking about the Congolese police actually, you know,
shooting at civilians who were protesting peacefully without any guns. So, unfortunately, the Congolese institutions,
you know, the commission for the electoral process, announced that Kabila, the current
president, won the election. And that has created a situation where, on the ground,
the people do not believe that the government represent them, and they have literally checked
out of the democratic process, and they have been protesting. Now, what is very interesting to know is,
unfortunately, the United States is supporting that government. And they did it in a very
shady way. You know, after the elections, when we had the provisional results, the world
was watching, trying to find out what the U.S. position is going to be toward the elections.
Hillary Clinton put out a very soft statement online about how they were concerned with
the elections on the ground, which was not similar even to what happened in Russia, and
she put out a statement. The world’s trying to watch what the U.S. will do. They never
even said it publicly. They actually went into hiding–that’s how I portray it–that
the ambassador, the U.S. ambassador to the Congo, James Entwistle, had a press conference
in Kinshasa where not many media were there. You know, we did get the information, what
he stated. Let me be clear. The U.S. position toward the Congo is that the United States
recognize President Kabila as the president of the Congo for the next five years. And
that’s very dangerous, because the people on the ground have called for some sort of
a truth of the poll to be known. So they are organizing to get the truth of the polls,
while the United States is supporting an oppressive regime which is using the support we’re giving
them to oppress the people. So let me get some context for you. On November
15, 2011, which is actually on the U.S. Embassy’s website, the United States provided $500 million
worth of police equipment to the Congolese police. On November 26, in front of the international
media, the Congolese police shot at civilians and killed them, shot. And the video can be
found online where you’re seeing unarmed civilians running away from the police shooting at them,
almost looking like the killing in Soweto. No international condemnation, no one has
been held accountable. And one will ask: where did the Congolese
police get these weapons? But the embassy said it already: we’re providing you with
the equipment to crush your population if they ever rise up against the result of the
election. And that’s unfortunate. And this is [incompr.] Congolese, because
Congolese and people around the world look to America. Why? Because of the American principles
of democracy. Not only that, in the case of the Congo we have a law to support democracy
in the Congo. So whenever we look at the U.S. steering away from democratic principles and
supporting oppressive regime, that’s very concerning to us [crosstalk] to the American
people. JAY: Well, I guess U.S. policy essentially
is, if there’s a pro-American government, the objective is stability, and if it’s not
a pro-American government, then there’s some talk about democracy. MUSAVULI: But the American people do not know
that, unfortunately. You know, this is why whenever we were discussing “Kony 2012” in
a previous segment, we have millions of people, without any context, realizing actually the
situation within that region is because of U.S. foreign policy. I mean, that’s very serious
to see that. When the Congolese are organizing, they took
it to the street. A good example: Congolese women went to the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa
in December. They staged a sit-in for two days. They took over the U.S. Embassy. The
ambassador met with them. They gave their demands, and one of the demanders say that
do you–America does not need to support strongmen in the Congo. That was in the letter they
gave to the ambassador. Two days later, while they were at the U.S. Embassy, the Congolese
police came, beat the women, arrested some of them, and removed them from the embassy,
which is considered an international territory. Do you know what the U.S. Embassy did? Nothing.
No statement notsoever. The only way we got information from the State Department about
what happened at the embassy is to get the congressmen to send them a letter, say, what
happened to the Congolese women while they were at the embassy. And their response was
that they were removed with some form of force. So when you see, even to that extent, that
the Congolese women have been raped, some have said, in millions, they have been mistreated,
they saw how the elections in the country were stolen from them, and decided, we are
going to plead to America and go to the U.S. Embassy, and even on U.S. soil, the U.S. Embassy,
they are being mistreated, and the U.S. does not even address it, the American people do
not know that. This is the message [incompr.] bring to the American people, for them to
know what United States government is doing overseas, because there is a difference between
the United States government and the American people. The American people are not aware.
When they are aware, they will hold the government accountable, as they held them accountable
when the U.S. government was supporting apartheid in South Africa. So that’s the challenge Congolese are facing
right now. They have an illegitimate government that’s ruling them, that, since they’ve been
in power in December, have been signing contracts, you know, gave Total, a French company, gave
them a oil block. And Total was very happy. You know, SOCO oil now getting into the Virunga
Park, very happy as well. And we’ve seen more and more [incompr.] giving away the assets
to Chinese. And we’ve seen that the support to that regime is for the resources the Congo
has as long as it’s giving unfettered access to Congo’s resources. The United States say,
good boy, we want you to be our president so that Freeport-McMoRan, an American company,
can get copper out of the Congo regardless of what the Congolese people are doing. And the will of the Congolese people right
now is they want the truth of the polls, they want the person they voted for to be the winner,
rather than having a sham election, as they witnessed on November 28. JAY: Alright. Thanks very much for joining
us, Kambale. MUSAVULI: Thank you. JAY: And thank you for joining us on The Real
News Network.

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  1. Washington was also involved in the assassination of the excellent Congolese PM Patrice Lumumba in the 1960s. Belgium (and possibly Canada?) was also involved. He was a "trouble maker" for mineral exploiters of the USA, et cetera.

  2. It is not only Congolese who want environmental & social justice & responsible resource use.
    The overwhelming majority do.
    Yet once again, worst corps thugs & murderers rape Congo. Free-marketeering, imperialism & fascism.
    Corporations involved need to be identified and targeted with boycotts and direct actions.. make it such a sore they'll wish they'd never even heard of Congo.. Prosecute, expose CEOs and enablers.
    This story could destroy Sarkozy & expose other shitty agendas too.

  3. @chocomalk do they do so well at home? huge prison system, offshore prisons, gun violence. housing bubble exploded. recession. the US owes 9 trillion. it took ten years to find one Iranian man. …sorry not sure if i read your comment right 😛

  4. They do it in America we have no say ! Obama and The 1% are the rulers of NWO Ron Paul 2012 or Liberty for all Nation will be Destroyed

  5. If you don't like the status quo and you want to elect someone who will change it… Don't Vote: there is no hope. If you love: war, poverty, ecological degradation, crime, and corruption… keep voting. Keep participating in and lending legitimacy to the system that is dictating the norms by getting out there and voting for it… but don't you dare complain… you voted… you participated… you are partially to blame. Instead of voting… step to doing. Build and become the change you want.

  6. @marsCubed America has it's part in the corruption of Congo as well i'm just hoping one day it will change. Canada has a mining company in the province of Katanga in Congo but I can sure tell you that the country isn't getting jack shit of a penny from that mining production.

  7. @ 8:05 it's so fucked up that a British oil company, SOCO is getting into Virunga National Park, a UNESCO herritage set and the last stronghold for the critically endangered Mountain Guerrilla

  8. @Dubwise78 I mentioned Sarkozy as he faces reelection as this story breaks.
    It also seems a glaring contradiction of his public stance regarding Libya.
    Whether Sarkozy is advancing unpleasant agendas or not ( IDK), it's an opportunity for France and others to put the world's spotlight on the regime.
    Evri1 has a chance to clean up their act.. If that saves lives, removes corruption & helps to usher in more sanity, inclusion & stability.., it may not be enough, but it's a beginning.

  9. Why should we all worry about the Congo elections, the fraud in the GOP elections stinks so bad that you can smell it on the other side of the Globe, people in other countries are starting to laugh at Americans. Maybe we should change it to the land of fraud, deception, ponzi schemes, preemptive strikes, legal theft and the hypocritical oath, yes we can.

  10. America, Europe, china, Japan, switzerland et al are collectively a menace to societies all across the world. But what to do? Without these countries, we fall back into barbarism. Yet these countries are contributing severely to the crisises all around. The problem is not capitalism or socialism or ideologies et al, it is the human condition. People still believe there is a god ( sigh)

  11. hes right, the American ppl need to become aware of the foreign policy these plutocrat fucks push on 3rd world nation in order to maintain this privately owned government system.

  12. @tripware RE"America, Europe, china, Japan, switzerland et al are collectively a menace to societies all across the world. But what to do? Without these countries, we fall back into barbarism" if you mean that,you need to pick up a history book, mate…hahahha ignorance is fucking bliss…

  13. ahh people taken out of a US Embassy and its not in the news ? what the hell man thats just wrong are all the tv channels state channels ?

  14. When the HELL is the WORLD going to "Wake-UP" and understand "WHO" the True Hidden from Public Scrutiny Parasites are who Hide behind absolutely every Country/Government/ Institution/Industry etc,etc, etc, in the World and who "USE" Everyone to Put into place their "New World (ENSLAVING) Order!" "They will never be blamed for anything" WHY? because you will be "Silenced" one way or another or just be Labelled; an "ANTI-SEMITIC!" Wake-UP! They OWN America! So everyone "Blames AMERICA" NOT JEWS!

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