US Human Rights Hypocrisy

freedom justice and peace for the world must begin with freedom justice and peace in the lives of individual human beings America long the self-appointed global leader on human rights pointing out the shortcomings of others for the United States this is a matter of moral and pragmatic necessity but seems of injustice like these are taking place not in other countries instead happening right here in the US a point being made by the United Nations Human Rights Council in its first comprehensive review of Washington's records 228 points to be precise recommendations on how the u.s. can do better in practicing what it preaches close Guantanamo and secret detention centers throughout the world punish those people who torture and execute detainees arbitrarily the u.s. dismisses many of the suggestions calling them political provocations by hostile countries yet even America's allies are highlighting grave flaws friends in Ireland demand Obama follow through on the promise to close Gitmo Britain Belgium and dozens of others calling on the u.s. to abolish the death penalty for many it's the ultimate hypocrisy how a state with roughly 3,000 people on death row lectures the world about humanity a case in point Mumia abu-jamal viewed as America's very own political prison sources the United States the perpetrator of gross human rights violations is using human rights as a political football against its enemies and its enemies our enemies not because they violate human rights necessarily but because the US wants to change the government in their country the country often accusing adversaries like Syria Iran and North Korea of oppressing citizens is now faced with defending domestic practices like indefinite detention poor prison conditions in racial profiling don't stand idly by don't be silent when dissidents elsewhere are imprisoned America is home to the world's largest prison population with 2.3 million people currently behind bars children can be sentenced to life in prison a place where more than 100 undocumented have died while awaiting deportation increasing discrimination against Muslims another blemish on America's human rights record hundreds have been arrested in so-called FBI foil terror plots plots using government paid informants to set up the crime a practice other countries turn entrapment Elisha McWilliams McCollum's nephew is among those caught in these webs she warns the system is losing its bearings America's need to wake up cuz I don't know whither how are we going as Americans no one country has all the answers but all of us must answer to our own people question is when the people speak who's listening the US has rejected international calls to abolish the death penalty and dismissed several other recommendations leaving many to ask if US exceptionalism means do as I say not as I do marina port and I on Rt New York

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  1. This isn't bad enough to be "hypocrisy." The USA sure has a lot of work to do when it comes to human rights, but its record, in general, is much better than most other nations. For instance, the USA does not execute people for being homosexual, secretly kill foreign journalists, or build concentration camps for political dissidents.

  2. anyone here realize how the ameircan government love to attack small countries but when russia does war crimes the sick in the head white american savages they know better not to fuc with russia they leave them alone white middle class and rich white american savages sick in the head mo fucers they know who to fuc over adn who not to fuc over

  3. in usa if u r poor or mentally ill u dont have human rights only the middle class adn rich have human rights its a very sick savages country with sick in the head white american savages who run the country from being a poor white man i learned this through experience living in this sick savage country i say to my self the governent fucs over the poor and mentally ill in so many ways what are they doing to the small countries are they attacking and killling people in other countries for no ligit reason i definelty beleive so many middle classs and rich white american savages likei victimizing people in many ways

  4. This moral equivalency comparing the USA to despotic countries like Syria and Iran is a joke. Especially when the criticism is coming from the likes of the UN which had no qualms adding Saudi Arabia to a Women's Rights Committee.

  5. does anyone know the name of that woman who's nephew was accused of entrapment? i google alicia mcwilliams mcullum but nothing came up.

  6. "States claim exceptional circumstances. They pick and choose between rights." -Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein. I realized the full extent of negative "American exceptionalism" during the Obama regime.

  7. What? This is the same country threatening to cut aid to the Philippines for "Human Rights violations"?

  8. USA = hypocricy, they killed million of American Indians, they killed millions of iraq people, kids, women, they helped isreal kill palastine people..and now they learning us lessons in human rights .

  9. US government love to kill children and women and civilians and they enjoy them. They killed thousand of women and children by indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas instead of army basses and then the atom bomb in Japan. In Vietnam also bombed civilian areas and use napalm, white phosphorus and chemical weapon and do foul cry when used by other county except Israel. And helping Pakistan by weapons and in UN while the are killing 3 million civilians, .5 million children directly, and raping .2 million Bengali women. If USSR have not build Nuclear bomb USA had killed 90% of the worlds population using nuclear bomb. USA even killed children who are 1 or 2 years old and the guys like him will cherish killing children and enjoy them. Like other US army and government officials. That's why so may US citizen protested against war and those people does not enjoy killing civilian, women and children.

  10. 0:53  I think the narrator's line here is interesting, "The U.S. dismisses many of the suggestions, calling them political provocations by hostile countries.  Yet even America's allies are highlighting grey flaws…"  That says very little- just like a politician.  Ahhhh… the power of American ignorance.  NEVER underestimate the power of a large mass of conscious-less peoples. 

  11. You clearly miss the point of having these human rights. They're there to protect people (even your enemies) from being treated like animals. The US has a trackrecord of disposing of them when they're at war and that pretty much beats the point of having them. It would take real guts/constitution and strength to abide by them in war, especially if the enemy doesnt. So let's have America grow a pair and have her really set an example to the world. She's showing weakness by not doing so.

  12. Fuck Human Rights in U.S.A, executing kids, and cops kills Unarmed people in streets and then they says We thought (him) armed… Hypocrites Pigs, takecare of your fucking country before takecare of the world

  13. We are being compared to China and other human rights violators because of Gitmo??? I'm sorry, I do believe this prison is there for enemy combatants that have plotted to kill people in the U.S. and who have been captured on the battle field—many of whom have been released only to be recaptured fighting U.S. soldiers once again. I suppose it would be preferred by some of you if we send them to art school to get in touch with there "feminine side".

  14. American media and textbooks often said (and say) that Russia commits political dissidents to mental facilities, prisons, or kills them. I was committed to an American psychiatric facility SOLELY because I announced I was running for President. There was an assassination attempt on my life. Two days after filing papers with the FEC, a woman ran me over in her car. 2 independent witnesses said she did it on purpose. She died soon thereafter. Medical examiner wouldn't rule out homicide.

  15. cool, they let that lady say hell, and most of this makes some scary sense, anybody who thinks america is the absolute best country should look again, im glad someone is willing to challenge the US media monopoly, plus these anchors are hot

  16. @igorvasilevsky Yeah well look at Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Libya! They get beaten to death, tortured, and killed for no reason by its own government! Yet you sit here and call us opposite of freedom. We base our life on capitalism, that's as free as it gets. We fought wars over race and freedom, so don't tell me we are being the opposite of human rights. Just because a few ignorant people in the world live, doesn't mean all of us are ignorant. Like you for example, saying "FUCK USA LIARS".

  17. @flaunttnualf The U.S. was exceptional once. Back when we used to be free and not taxed and legislated into submission. Back when we could ingest and imbibe whatever we wanted to as individuals. Back when we were allowed to dream and follow through with our dreams without being told no by a bureaucrat who has never had an original idea. We are being slowly turned into slaves by a state run amok. I hope the rest of the world won't blame American citizens for the sins of the liars and their sheep.

  18. wait….what is this shit about aliens shooting down a California missile. Kay If they mean illegal – shame on them for letting it happen and if they mean extraterrestrial – they are a bunch of tards…..

  19. We who live in the USA can only hope that the rest of the world realizes that the government that rules this country is not representative of the population. When the only choices available on election day are two-faced crooks, voting becomes an exercise in futility, and will have no effect on the direction the government takes during the next term. By the time a politician becomes available for a position of power,he/she has already been bought and paid for by corporate interests.

  20. 1:57 "eleswhere" is the key word there. Obama can't talk because thee United states has the highest prison rate in the world.

  21. The Missile deal in Cali, apparently has some strange NAZI implications. You can follow along while every imaginable opinion has been put forth and some very damaging evidence against US GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. We thought this was gonna die, fast. It looks like the world is a little bit shaken up by what is being revealed and it simply isn't on TV so most don't know.

  22. @TheVMFA333 aww first you insinuate that I'm a kid, then you call me a Commie? You are way too adorable. What's next? Fascist? Maybe hippie?

  23. @TheVMFA333 really? So young children that are just starting off their lives are somehow OK to kill? Is it OK that they get caught in the cross-fire and labeled as "Collateral Damage" just so some war-monger can blow his wad for glory?

  24. @TheVMFA333 I think anyone that has even ONE Nuclear missile has bite. Also, do you really want to put innocent people and civilians in more harms way?

  25. At least they're not murdering journalists and other critics over there, unlike in Russia, but you wouldn't get paid for saying that would you? You're basically a propaganda tool.

  26. Notice how the right wingers that almost always like to bash the big bad gubment, are now coming to the US goverment's defense when it comes to human rights violations.

  27. People who rule America will not easily give up their power and control over americans and the entire world. This is the same thing that happened in the Philippines during a 20 year military rule. We toppled the draconian dictatorship with a Peaceful Bloodless Revolution. People started handing out leaflets about the movement, someone created a free revolutionary newspaper, someone started a rebel radio broadcast, then the People Power rallies got bigger. Then the military staged a coup d'etat.

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