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US – Far-right politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen calls for “France First” at CPAC summit

US – Far-right politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen calls for “France First” at CPAC summit

This is the biggest stage for
conservative politics in the U.S. Marion Le Pen brought her own brand of – for want of a better word – Trumpism. “I want America First for the American
people, I want Britain First for the British
people and I want France First for the French people.” The niece of Marine le Pen received applause for her attacks on the
European Union, and on what she calls “Islamic lobbies”. Her far-right campaign style speech convinced those who discovered the youngest Le Pen for the
first time. “I thought it was marvelous! Vive la France!” They need a French Tea Party like we have!” “She is absolutely amazing, she has the right idea, the right perspective on what is the problem happening worldwide.” “I think we all agree we’re trying to protect our countries, from globalization, and from the Islamic threat, so even if we don’t agree we’re aligned in the goal, and it was great!” There was no mention of a potential return to politics to fill the gap in the National Front party left by her aunt. Marion Le Pen isn’t the only European populist at CPAC this year: there’s also Nigel Farage, the Brexit
leader, or Sebastian Gorka the former White House adviser. And American conservative favorites of course, like the head of the National Rifle
Association. The man who extended the controversial
invitation to Le Pen was Matt Schlapp, the organizer. “There’s no question that we
have been attacked by some conservatives and some Republicans, what’s interesting to me is most of the criticism that have been leveled about
Miss Le Pen are criticism of her grandfather or her aunt , or the political party she was associated with, and maybe still is associated
with.” Plenty of Republicans decided not to come to this conservative gathering. One strategist telling us that she didn’t want to support Marion Le Pen and the French National Front in that way. Marion Le Pen will not be seeing the US
president Donald Trump by the way, he will be on that very same stage this

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  1. "America First" was used in the United States By Charles Lindberg and Henry Ford who wanted sway public opinion to keep America out of the second world war. They were Nazi Sympathizers. This is why a lot of Americans had a problem when Trump adopted this slogan.

  2. The current economic status of China owes a great deal to Nixon and Reagan. Bin Laden was on the US pay roll and ISIS overshadowed Al Qaida in the aftermath of the Iraqi debacle. Beyond the "cultural wars" (inside and outside of University campuses), the right's current ascendency is in no small measure due to a discontent they themselves initiated.

  3. definition of far right….  she tells the truth. which is why the lying  leftist fascist  media hate her

  4. That guy that was dressed in the Colonial outfit is still going? Amazing considering I first heard of him was back in 09 when he was vouching for Palin.

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