Universities Require PLEDGING To Social Justice?!

I was once having a conversation with Peter pegasion and James Lindsay and Helen pluck Rose if you're not familiar they're the people who were responsible for what's called SoCal squared this is where they drafted a bunch of fake stories and I'm sorry fake studies and got them submitted to peer-reviewed journals and approved one of the the studies they made that got approved was a rewrite of mine Kampf it's this whole crazy thing where they're trying to point out that ideology is pervasive among the humanities and they wanted to highlight that so long as you adhere to certain rules certain types of language you will likely be published in a peer-reviewed journal what's really funny is one professor even said they produced seven years worth of tenure earning studies in a year and they were all fake you got imagine there's gonna be a lot of people probably wanna do that now in this discussion I was having with them I said I don't believe that colleges are the root of the indoctrination a lot of people on the right believe that colleges are indoctrinating kids to become social justice warriors or regressive or communists or socialists whatever well that may be true I don't believe it's on purpose but a lot of people think it's a big conspiracy that they want to infiltrate the the learning institutions maybe some people did you know nothing's absolute but I think the reality is just that people who will hang out together start sharing politics and you have to understand what college is why is it that so many college students would like socialism well there's two reasons the first they're in a facility where they have an authority telling them what they can or can't do and everything is provided for them for the most part where did the money come from from them to go to school mostly loans they didn't work for it the government gave them money they went to school for it now they want the government to pay it off right so naturally you've got people in this position where they're it's institutionalized there's an authority there's no voting the school is as it is and you must do as you're told well they're gonna advocate for the same thing once they get out but then there's the issue of massive debt a lot of these kids are told to go to college to take out massive debt when they leave school they can't find a job that can't pay it off they say hey the only solution is a government program the government needs to relieve this and thus you're gonna get socialism but let's talk about the social justice stuff right because socialism and social justice are different there's some overlap as a lot of mix here a lot of people think universities are doing this on purpose and what I was saying to two peter pegasion was that I think it's actually just dominoes falling down it's not like somebody orchestrated this big scheme because you have to take into consideration how the media manipulates people into supporting far-left policies outside of schools it's not that people are you know the schools have planted the seeds and these these kids to an extent yes it's that once they get older start reading these websites designed to anger them with social justice causes and then those kids in school will share that within the school creating an incubator for these kinds of ideas it's essentially like a dog chasing its tail the problem just keeps making more of the same problem the more these college kids are indoctrinated by this ideology they get out they graduate they write stories about it which infects the next generation and the incubation gets worse and worse and worse however there is still some evidence that suggests that institutionally yes it's true these universities have problems with indoctrinating people this story from real clear investigations part of RealClearPolitics it looks like pledging allegiance to diversity and to the tenure for which it stands this is my max time and of real clear investigations for just a couple days ago mathematicians who want tenure at UCLA have to do more than show a facility with numbers but they also have to pledge in writing a commitment to diversity equity and inclusivity and my god what does that have to do with math seriously in fact all professors applying for a tenure-track position at UCLA must write in a write a statement on their commitment to diversity showing for example their record of success advising women and minority graduate students according to the UCLA's office of equity diversity and inclusion such mandated statements reflect a push by college bureaucrats to ratchet up the requirements to achieve more diverse campuses said Peter wood president of the National Association of scholars until recently diversity programs tended to focus on mandatory training and sanctions for Policy violators now you have to make a public confession of faith said would you're essentially citing a Creed and all the more effectively they force you to put Creed in your into your own words now one thing Bogosian Lindsay and pluck Reza did say to me we was an argument well I should say the discussion is intersection intersectionality a religion and there are a lot of people who have brought up this idea that intersectional feminism is a religion however there's no god there's no DNA that deity they worship and that's sort of making me think like well look you know does it as a religion need a God the answer is no Buddhism as my understanding doesn't have a God and it's still a religious and spiritual practice now is intersectionality intersectionality spiritual in any way no still not really so it's more of a cultish ideology I was speaking with a high profile feminist a couple years ago and I said I felt like it was a cult right and they told me no you're wrong it's not and then they changed their tune a little bit later on because the thing is the social justice left acts very much like an extremely dogmatic religion I don't think it's a one-for-one like it is a religion but look at what happens with megyn kelly megyn kelly made a comment about why she didn't understand why blackface was racist did she say that blackface was okay no she was asking why it wasn't okay she's fired she was fired from her job but well done we do have another story I don't have a pulled up but it's from you know the Conservatives are running this like crazy Jimmy Kimmel has donned blackface Jimmy Fallon has donned blackface and Sarah Silverman has donned blackface have they been fired from their jobs absolutely not you know why because even though they've transgressed against the ideology they still try to recruit for the ideology albeit inadvertently I don't think you know Fallon and Kimmel and all them are going out advocating for you know going to these schools and giving these pledges the point is as long as you agree not to push back or offend this group you're fine take a look at me I'm actually the inversion of this I actually think some social justice is a really good thing the things that take issue with are like restricting people based on race in my opinion is not social justice what is social social justice like you know when real estate companies used to manipulate markets by specifically scaring people about minority people moving in it's called blockbusting there's also redlining they said hey you can't do that's illegal why the fundamental principle was that you cannot discriminate against someone based on their race but now we've inverted everything now it's straight up like the left is saying and the ACLU was saying to Harvard it's good that Asians are being discriminate against because it hurts the white man a little bit thus they are now actively advocating for programs that hurt minorities and other people based on their race of which I think is not social justice however so long as you adhere to the rules I'm sorry to the background can they have rules but so long as you adhere to a base set of tribalistic principles you're fine and because I don't they don't like me plain and simple I'll say it you should not be allowed to discriminate against someone based on their race however they're actively advocating for the discrimination against people based on their race thus they're gonna take issue with it so what happens you can break the rules so long as you act like they're the good guys and defend them when they want to be defended and if you actually stand on principle well they don't really have principles for the most part so you're gonna be the bad guy they say the University of California system is especially active UCLA UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Berkeley all require such statements UC Santa Cruz requires them for cadets for Faculty Senate positions the written pledges are used to identify candidates who have the professional skills experience and/or willingness to engage activities that will advance our campus diversity and equity goals said Judi pierc'd senior director of strategic communications at UC San Diego there are big incentives to achieving tenure not only do tenured professors typically make tens of thousands of dollars more annually than their non tenured colleagues but they cannot be fired except in the most extraordinary cases no one knows how many scholar schools require such diversity statements but the practice appears to be invoked Vassar College for example requires tenure track job candidates to write about their contributions to social justice both Vanderbilt University and the University of Pennsylvania provide guides on how to write an effective diversity statement so there I mean so look I'm not someone who advocates for the idea that universities are by design trying to force people into this ideology I don't that's the case I think their businesses and we've got a snowball rolling down a hill now Bogosian and others said to me that they believed it was rooted and it started in universities with you know gender studies and women's studies and they started making claims about the patriarchy and that was the seed but I said hold on those ideas came from somewhere else before the universities and I think it has to do with just you know we take something really good so the civil rights movement was a really good thing and there are a lot of things things that I think we still need to continue to do to make sure we ensure civil rights to all peoples but I look at it like this like an immune system okay the immune system does a really good job but what happens when there's nothing left to fight and it goes out of control well you die it's called an autoimmune disease I don't know the exact thing might be like lupus or something you have you have like leukemia basically your body starts producing too many white blood cells or the white blood cells run amok and start damaging the system and then you die the civil rights movement was like the immune response to injustice saying people are deserving of their civil rights and and the Constitution needs to you know where another Constitution but the Constitution does guarantee it and the law needs to reflect that and the change happened but what happens when the same people who believe this ideology continue to fight when there's not much left to fight or the fight isn't as brutal as it used to be well they still go hard they still advocate for extreme things now you're seeing like the the craziest thing happened I tweeted something about the left is pushing me away you know the Republicans for the most part don't share my values so I don't know if I want to vote for them but there are some some Republicans were actually liberal like they just running on Republican ticket that I understand but the idea the general idea is like look I think social programs aren't a bad thing I do think we need to deal with corruption and fix them but the idea that the government shouldn't play a role in like welfare programs in my opinion is incorrect I think the government can do it so long as we have the proper safeguards to prevent corruption and of things and people on the right tend to be not in favor of a lot of these programs I think it can be done right I can't I do I'm also in favor of a progressive tax a lot of people on the right aren't aren't it's not absolute I understand they're Republicans who have varying beliefs but this is kind of the core issue when I'm looking at the parent parties and the message they put out in response to this sweet someone on the Left just says you know they start attacking me saying that my beliefs are you know you know so like flexible that I'll just vote for the racist misogynist Nazis and all that's nothing I'm like what and then they're like why would you ever not considering for consider voting for Democrats when I pointed out the the identitarian ISM of the left is going insane their refusal to call it violence and their response was Oh both sides ISM yes quite literally both sides ISM anyway the last thing I want to say is the point I'm trying to make is that this person worked in media and what they do is they'll they'll produce articles and content that have this ideology engrained young people will start reading these things as they get older once they go to college these ideas will be infecting them from the outside and from the inside it's multifaceted the universities are now having these pledges as requirement and that's freaky because you can call that religion you can demand that we have a right to religious freedom and that's enshrined in our Constitution however we don't have the same thing guaranteeing political affiliation or political ideology and thus they're actually requiring people to pledge to a political ideology perhaps we need an update to our Constitution or a law that states political ideology is a protected class and no one can coerce you to believe something or pledge to believe something you don't agree with otherwise this will continue to spread and the rampant racist identitarian ism of the far left will continue to outpace that of the right and these people are hiding behind anti racism and and are going to get away with it and that predicts me up so that's all I'll say on that but another video coming up in just a few minutes and this one might be the most insane thing I've ever read Vox actually arguing that the government should engage in a concerted effort to drug our tab I'm not kidding this sounds crazy a Vox article is arguing for putting lithium in water because then antidepressant I kid you not this video will be up in just about a few minutes so stick around you

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  1. Hey Tim, I don't think you'll see this but I did my undergrad in mathematics at UCLA – the faculty there think it's all a bunch of BS too. I've had professors tell me how this is forced upon them by the higher up administration. I took a couple courses there that had absolutely no women in the classroom. There is a huge lack of diversity in the math courses, but the professors and grad students couldn't care less – they're mainly focused on their research and results. Don't take it out on the math faculty! There's some seriously talented people there

  2. The problem is excessive thinks they can do it better despite plenty of historical evidence it doesn't work. These programs are corrupted because they don't have necessary limitations to growth making then go full on cancerous. Authoritarians go on to use fears and these programs as a counter for it.

    That said, you'll find less conservatives calling under the "no programs whatsoever" mentality and more libertarians.

    I know there is merit for these programs, not only when limited in growth and function. They need to have limits to who and what they apply for and have rules that instigate recovery and helping individuals to not rely on them for life.

    The college thing is a case if "which came first, the chicken or the egg" won it doesn't matter which came first, but rather which enables a guaranteed continuation of the life cycle.

    Colleges as an institution are not at fault. The Oriole within that have taken over and turned the business into a chicken that can self-fertolize the eggs (students) without a rooster present (outside forces that bring both reason/law to the table and originally were there to encourage open discussion and discourse versus the current repeated ramblings, aye aye, and grumblings coming from but one side")

    They are more than just an incubator because incubators require eggs to be fertilized before the incubator will do anything. The institutions that have been hijacked by the cancer that is the sjws and social justices religion (they grow so fast now and take over other social functions converting said functions [or social organs] over to the SJW purpose/religion at such a high rate that they can be referred to as metastasized cells in a human body that is the microcosm of social fabric). They've turned most university institutions into production factories of said cancer and have done this with so many institutions and at such a scale that one could, WITHOUT hyperbole I might add, br referred to as stage IV cancer in BOTH its speed of metastasis AND how much of the social fabric [society of a civilization] (ie the human body for God extended metaphor) it HAS converted or is well on its way to converting into yet another cancer factory.

    SJW religion has effectively taken over and needs to be fought off by any means necessary that doesn't destroy the body itself. At this point, stage iv cancer) very few people recover, let alone get another 5 or 10 years added to their lives.

    Looking back just on the US's history, it took civil war and a president using slave abolishment as a weapon and a means to an end:

    1. The MEANS being more soldiers that could serve in the war on the north's side…

    2. And the END being the end of the war, the southern states apostatizing the only means they had to stand up against the north again, AND the rejoining of the states away sacrifice to the South and much gain to the North's way of living…

  3. these are all the fruits of affirmative action. preferences are unconstitutional, pure and simple. does anybody really believe a.a. will ever be withdrawn? will any type handouts ever be cut back? riots would ensue. all of these uni's output should be questioned. all of this is unprofessional and unethical behavior.

  4. really like the immune system analogy, sounds pretty accurate. especially since if we continue the meteor its eventually make its way to the waste system where socialism, and racism should go.

  5. It's an interesting time in America. Many conservatives are embracing an authoritarian figure while many liberals are demanding conformity.

  6. This scheme WAS ORCHESTRATED by the highest United States elites. I've been paying close attention to all of this for 20 yrs remaining neutral in all spectrums until Obama took office. I have been awake for years and see straight through the evil that the far left are trying to adopt and spread

  7. I think we can all read. So reading articles out loud only wastes our time. Just give us a summary and link the article in the description below.

  8. A hyperactive immune system is Lupus or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). That is a great analogy I never thought of it that way Tim.

  9. A friend of mine became an Orthodox priest after being a university mathematics professor for several years, he could attest personally to the madness that goes on there firsthand.

  10. The problem in University is a lack of backbone in the people running them. When I was a student in the 80's, if I caused trouble I would have been kicked out of school. Now, chancellors are so timid they are afraid to administer punishment to those who actually deserve it in favor of a mob rules system of governance.

  11. Center for American Progress. They direct both media and education. The seperation of media, education, and establishment political powers is an illusion.

  12. That's it, it's time to call for a boycott of all colleges. I for one will be spending my hard-earned money on something more productive for my children, and I will not be going back for a masters until this bullshit is stomped out.

  13. It might be easier for you to reject the insanity of the left if you also had reason to doubt the efficacy or justice of progressive taxation and transfer payment programs.

    With progressive taxation, you institutionalize economic class in an otherwise malleable market economy. It treats different groups of people differently under the law. From a practical standpoint, it compels the consumption of a larger portion of the resources acquired by those persons who have proven themselves by and large to be good stewards of capital, hence their wealth, thereby reducing prosperity for everyone.

    For those not aware, the same tax rate across the board means higher earners still pay more than lesser earners.

    Transfer payments institutionalize poverty by creating an entrenched bureaucracy with it's own political interests which depend on the population of the designated poor increasing, or at least not decreasing. Indeed, the portion of the population in poverty was declining by a percentage point per year until LBJ's "great society" imposed measures to guarantee the poor would always be with us, no matter how wealthy we get as a society. If the goal is to help people through hard times, the provider must have an institutional interest in getting beneficiaries off the doll as soon as possible. This describes exactly the behavior of fraternal societies largely displaced by the welfare state.

    I know it sounds good in fantasy, but as a society we have to get over this notion that coercively redistributing wealth helps anyone especially long term.

  14. You are the farthest left person I can watch without actively throwing up. Keep up the good work and hail Pepe.

  15. This is 100% the religious impulse run wild among a generation of atheists. The motivating principles behind the movement are all the same, and the ways it's being corrupted are all the same. The dogmatic thinking, the need to purge and shame apostates, the purity tests, the communal reinforcement of their beliefs and ideas – the parallels couldn't be more obvious. Well, I guess they could start wearing funny hats. Oh, wait.









  17. My lecturer keeps using the excuse 'I know, It's hard to break the conditioning' every time I try to offer an apposing view to her social justice shit

  18. What do you get when those who feel they’re oppressed want to be the oppressors?

    Social justice warriors.

  19. Social justice is an oxymoron, justice does not need a qualifier before it. Therefore stopping redlining was simply 'justice' not 'Social justice'

  20. You don't need a god or deity to make a religion. Look at some of the eastern religions for f*ck sake man. There are plenty of crazy beliefs that have nothing to do with god..

  21. Since being PC has been forced upon us this nation has became more hateful, more racist, and more divided so how does anyone see this as good looks like reverse psychology to me!

  22. Lol I'm not dead. Examples of autoimmune disorders: lupus, Crohn's disease, diabetes, Celiac disease; (or however words are spelled), possibly fibromyalgia if it isn't just a symptom as I suspect, and inflammatory artritus. Maybe other forms of artritus, but I'm not sure. I have Crohn's disease and arthritis. 😛 it's laaaame but there are drugs for it. The left needs humira. Lol jk

  23. The jewish community injected this into schools decades ago. So yes, they are indoctrinating our population/youth.

  24. Justice is justice. Adding the word "social" to the beginning of it makes it something apart from justice. If you are a liberal you shouldn't embrace the term.

  25. This stuff is really true my son is applying to Universities right now. You should look at the college applications and scholarship applications.

  26. Camille Paglia completely disagrees she watched Marxism evolve from the 60s in Academia!

  27. i really dont understand US universities. Why the hell are schools allowed to enforece this shit? Here in the netherlands if a teachers tells you to do something that doesnt in any way connect to the schoolwork you just say "i dont want to do that"/"im not doing that". Who the fuck do you think you are? You are not my parent or a cop you are a teacher, so fucking teach.

  28. So if I didn't go to college and rack up 200k in student loan debt and the government creates a program to pay off student loan debt. Where is my 200k in cash? The hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper. We have to demonize the word "free" as evil, since someone, somewhere always pays. What works is cheap. Make college cheap again and you'll restore balance to the system.

  29. Its part of the student conduct code on campuses all over. You can twist it anyway you like. But just watch that Facebook movie when nerd stole from the winklevoss dudes they tried to. Use the Harvard's pledge to make a case. Just saying.

  30. Nietzsche warned us of SJW types.

    "But thus I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. They are people of a low sort and stock; the hangmen and the bloodhound look out of their faces. Mistrust all who talk much of their justice! Verily, their souls lack more than honey. And when they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be pharisees, if only they had—power."

  31. The moment universities start pledging to anything but the discovery truth has become anything but universities and become politically motivated think tanks.

  32. There should be a guarantee for freedom of conscience. No one should be coerced into believing a political view.

  33. It's not so much that buddhists dont acknowledge deities. It's just that deities are tied to the mortal cycle of reincarnation. They have jobs to do. More of an archetypical force to be evoked for strength than a harvest of souls. Pagan ideas about gods are more akin to these than they are too christian ideas of god or gods.

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