UN Secretary-General speaks on counter-terrorism and human rights

nothing justifies terrorism no cause no grievance nothing can ever excuse the indiscriminate targeting of civilians the wanton destruction of lives and livelihoods and the creation of panic for its own sake terrorism draws strength from resentment humiliation and lack of education that is why human rights all human rights political and civil rights but also economic social and cultural rights and unquestionably the part of the solution in fighting terrorism and I'd like to suggest five key counterterrorism priorities and underscore or respect for human rights and the rule of law will secure long-term benefits in the fight against it number one we need much stronger international cooperation on counterterrorism the second key route to more effective counterterrorism is a sustained focus on prevention number three upholding human rights and the rule of law is the surest way to prevent a vicious circle of instability and resentment force we must win the battle of ideas we should never shrink from pointing out the cynicism and errors of terrorism Fifth's and finally we must lift up the voices of the victims of terrorism when we respect the human rights of victims and provide them with support and information we reduce the lasting damage than done by terrorists win dividuals communities and societies

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  1. Just pass the bill intoduced by india against terrorism that is Comprehensive Convention on International terrorism(CCIT) This law will take the rest of course for you.

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