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close phone over a hotly contested issue the United Nations Human Rights Council voted Thursday to adopt a resolution asking the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a comprehensive report on the human rights situation in the Philippines voting 18 in favor 14 against and with 15 abstentions the 47 member Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Iceland and more than two dozen countries aside from the report due to be presented before the council in June next year the resolution calls on the Philippine government to cooperate with the UN High Commissioner Michelle bascially and mechanisms of the Human Rights Council this includes facilitating country visits and preventing and refraining from all acts of intimidation or retaliation the resolution also urges the Philippine government to take all necessary measures to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances to carry out important investigations and to hold perpetrators accountable in accordance with international norms and standards Iceland said it is not seeking any confrontation saying it has tried to engage constructively with the Philippines and has led three joint statements on the Philippine situation since 2017 we have put forward balanced text with a very modest ask simply requesting the High Commissioner to prepare a report for discussion by June next year this Council session the High Commission officially noted the extraordinarily high number of reported deaths and persistent reports of extrajudicial killings in the context of the campaign against drug use eyes and noted 11 Special Rapporteurs have called for an independent investigation on the Philippine situation releasing 33 statements it also mentioned sustained attacks and human rights defenders in the country in a statement read shortly after the vote Foreign Affairs Secretary to daughter looks in junior's said the Philippines rejects the resolution this resolution does not represent a triumph of human rights but a travesty of them thus the Philippines rejects this resolution it cannot in good conscience abide by it we will not accept a politically partisan and one-sided resolution so detached from the truth on the ground it comes straight from the mouth of the Queen in Alice in Wonderland dachshund warned there will be consequences among those who voted in favor of the resolution our European countries Peru and Uruguay which expressed concern for the high death toll and severe detention conditions China and Bahrain were among those who voted against the resolution with China saying it will lead to the politicization of human rights issues and will poison dialogue between the Philippines and other countries among those who abstained were Brazil and Pakistan as well as Japan which noted that the drug war is highly supported and appreciated by the majority of the Filipino people and has led to a lower crime rate and greater economic development various Filipino human rights groups welcomed the passage of the resolution karapatan calls it a significant step towards accountability and applauded the UN HRC's decision to not remain complicit amid the rights violations being perpetrated in the Philippines the National Union of peoples lawyers in the Philippine UPR watch consider it an initial benchmark victory in the long and arduous search for justice and brings a ray of hope that sooner or later the rampant extrajudicial killings will stop and that impunity will eventually cease to reign meanwhile I defend thanks the UN Human Rights Council and international NGOs it also reminds the Philippine government of its commitment to human rights protection when it sought a seat in the council in 2018 this resolution it says is a way to fulfill that Val concretely and an opportunity to review the violent anti-drug campaign in a human rights perspective prior to Thursday's vote presented that they said it's up to Human Rights Council what they want to do mic neva leo abs-cbn News you

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  1. What? Why is it that even Mexico, a narco State have voted for an independent investigations against us when in fact vigilante killings are wide spread and forced disparitions have plagued that country for decades? ha ha ha! You people are f***ing clowns!! UNHRC should investigate Mexico first if you really want this kind of investigation to be considered fair and just. Mexico, really? Now see who are these people accusing us of EJK?! ha ha ha!!!Very funny!๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. The globalists don't care about the victims,their real agenda is to remove duterte from power and install leni the liberal stooge,
    Why do they want duterte gone?
    1) hes being too friendly with China,the west wants a proxy war in Asia,with Philippines as the battleground to curb China
    2) he's jailing globalist spies like Maria ressa, and it's under tax evasion not freedom of speech
    3) none of the liberal candidates won the mid term elections
    4) du30 is a nation builder and highly regional minded instead of being a western stooge

    There you have it folks, and UN you better send your security force to protect leni should you succeed,alot of pinoys will not favor this soros funded usurper

  3. They can't even fix the war-torn african countries that these western problems ruined and they think they can fix ours? Get off your moral high horse. Typical white saviour mentality

  4. Pag may magtangkang taga UN na pumasok sa bansa, dapat itaboy nating mga filipino, ipakita natin na tayoโ€™y nagkakaisa na protektahan ang ating pagiging independent at soveriegnty.

  5. Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico voted YES for investigation? Are they joking?? These are known nations with big drug cartels & Human Rights abuses.

  6. Hindi perket malakas silang bansa MAY KARAPATAN na silang MANGIALAM ng affair sa isang bansa… Getting full of ourselves eh? Welp I'm pretty sure sangkot dito ang oligarchs dito sa bansa just like what happened sa panahon ni Marcos. Don't tell me na di nyo alam un, history repeats itself… Kung buhay pa si Heneral Luna malamang sa malamang pinag mumura na kayo… Human rights? Youre taking it very lightly sige sabihin na natin na mali ung pag patay sa mga taong PUMAPATAY ng kanilang biktima pero paano ung mga naging biktima? Masyado nyong prinoprotektahan ung mga nagkasala kesa bigyan halaga ang mga naging biktima, ipapabalita lang ung nabiktima at kakaawan pero pagkatapos nun wala na? Samantalang yng mga nagkasala ikukulong lang ung iba nga nakulong at nung nakalaya na balik ulit sa dating gawi. Bakit pa sila nagkakaroon ng karapatan pantao kung ang ginawa nila ay hindi na makatao?

  7. Hey UN, mind your own shit… clean your own backyard first before you intervene others business. We want change, we're trying to clean our own backyard so get lost and don't even bother our country… you westerners you do nothing in our country you all like a leech enjoying the the fat of our land…

  8. So basically we donโ€™t let our own government handle our own problems instead we defer to those foreigners who knows nothing of the situation in our own country..yes there are cases that were very questionable during the war on drugs campaign but it was effective all around the country…donโ€™t they know that alot were killed by drugs rather than bullets in years before duterte was even seated…

  9. Oh yeah.. Ito pinaka hihintay ko.. Yari na c bato. Ngaun ipagtanggol mo mga pulis mo. Tpos umiyak ka ulit. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ“ธ๐Ÿ˜‹

  10. We will never bow down to any foreigner shit in our country not in a million years so stop dreaming.

  11. I salute the UN for its concern for the Philippines. Drug war through extra judicial killing is not what was supported by majority of the Filipinos. What Filipinos wanted was a stop of drugs within the legal bounds.

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