UK Political Parties Explained SIMPLY

with elections looming I thought I’d try to explain the UK’s main political parties in the most unpatronising way possible number one you have the Conservative Party led by Theresa May now the Conservative party is quite describable by its name it’s a Conservative Party that prides these traditional values family values believes they believe in the government being small most critics agree that the Conservative Party is the low tax party in our country the party that favors the individual to go out there and make your own choices free from the restraints of government they’re also one of the most eurosceptic parties criticisms level of the Conservative Party is that they are Pro big business they are for the rich they’re for the wealthy and they cut away at welfare that goes to poor people then you’ve got the Labour Party which is more of a socialist party more of an egalitarian party about creating an equal society for everybody this means that taxes usually go up under labour and so does spending whereas with the Conservatives there’s more of this kind of living within our means sentiments labour is often seen as a more Europhile party and criticisms levelled at labour are mainly that they don’t know how to run the economy very well Jeremy Corbyn is a bit of a buffoon also they are seen as the welfare party they created the NHS they rapidly expanded the welfare state under successive Labor Governments they’re seen as the party which has possibly incentivised people to take more benefits and be less willing to contribute to society then you’ve got the Liberal Democrats now the Liberal Democrats are Pro European liberal and they’re often described as being somewhere between the Conservatives and labour they are passionately pro-european they think that we should have another referendum on Europe where as the two other parties want to take us out of Europe and follow the wills of the British public the Liberal Democrats are often described as economically liberal to an extent in that they believe like the Conservatives that people should make their own decisions I guess free from government restraint but not as free as the Conservatives believe but to balance that they do believe that we should have strong safety net a strong welfare state we should be investing in our schools in the NHS etc which is more towards the labour line so you could say that you’ve got this balance with the Liberal Democrats and as our fourth party you have UKIP the United Kingdom Independence Party which was one of the main initiators of the European Union referendum and then resultantly brexit UKIP are often described as this right-wing party and possibly a single-issue party that’s why recently polls have suggested that they’ve been losing a lot of support to the Conservative Party what UKIPs main issues are tighter controls on immigration leaving the European Union using any extra money from leaving European Union to spend on our public services and spending less of our GDP on foreign aid criticisms levelled at UKIP are that they spend too much of their time possibly talking about immigration there are as I’ve mentioned a single issue party that possibly bears no meaning now that brexit is going to happen and finally that UKIP has only has worked with one man in charge Nigel Farage who isn’t the leader of UKIP at the moment it’s Paul Nuttall so yeah those are the main four parties in the United Kingdom I didn’t think I’d mentioned any others but there are others as you might have already know the Green Party the SNP Plaid Cymru

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  1. Not bad for a young one. Reasonably balanced and all true. A good introduction for those who do not know.

    The only thing I would add is that not all those on the left are pro EU, Tony Benn, was very left wing and very anti-EU.

  2. Extremely biased! All other people from other countries, none of this is true! Corbyn is NOT a Baffoon, in fact May is a right wing baffoon. This video is biased toward the Tories, this video is terrible. Tell the truth and don't be biased and you will be less hated.
    Gosh I do hate these biased Tories.

    Also why didn't you mention the Green Party's manifesto and the SNP? Such an uneducated man. Also your editing skills at the end were shit you cut yourself off ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. This is very biased and not a balanced overview of the parties equally. Calling Labour 'Bafoons' is not equal.

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  7. How is the liberal democrat party in between labour and the conservatives๐Ÿ˜‚ if anything the are far more left

  8. Very poor overview. To the uploader, if this is what you consider to be an unbiased outline you would do well to read more broadly.

  9. Any savings made out of leaving the EU will add up to nothing because the economy will shrink by a greater margin than our annual contribution amounts to. However, even if the nett result is an increase in national income: the Tories or UKIP would never use the extra money to finance the NHS. They would rather spend it instead on financing tax cuts for the super rich.

  10. "Take us out of Europe". This sentence consistently makes my blood boil. UK is in Europe. We don't need to be in the European Union.

  11. This isn't biased at all? It's just Labour supporters can't deal with criticism to their precious party and leader. Seriously just grow up. He criticised every party but it's only the Labours who can't handle it and are kicking up a fuss. Says it all really.

  12. Thanks dude. This really helped me. Sorry you're getting harassed by members of the political left. That seems to be a problem that I share here in America too. Leftists attacking me when I give an unbiased look at all sides of an argument.

  13. To conserve British Tradition… yay….
    Hence leaving the EU AND LIMITING EMIGRATION…
    Thatโ€™s the conservatives for ya