Ugh, Political Comedy is the Worst

okay and our last announcement before the writers meeting we have a fire drill tomorrow which also means that addition to the air drill water drill and earth drill we've already done we'll have all the drills hey guys Mack Mack Mack just wanted to stop by and say we'd love to get some more political comedy socialists trying to shove their progressive agendas that are really hate this agenda shoving guys unsure why they're making us do more political comedy which we hate midterms what midterms midterms yeah the midterm elections on Tuesday November 6 Tuesday November 6th they're having midterm elections on the first Tuesday of November Tuesday November 6 when Tuesday November 6 what's happening Tuesday November 6 the midterm elections were 36 of America's 50 governors 87 of America's 99 state legislatures 35 of America's 100 senators and all 435 of America's Congress people at our election comedy about that Oh what about this for comedy pitch we set it up by talking about how boring politics are right Oh leave them with the punchline which is that due to gerrymandering voter suppression and the widespread purging of voter rolls we are going to need an overwhelming voter turnout just to have a chance to flip the house and then someone gets hit in the nards here's an idea what about something with graphics people love visual comedy these days it could be like the states were early voting is allowed at your polling place or graphics that suppose you gotta look up your polling place orographic about states that let you vote by mail yeah we're graphic of all the places that allow same-day registration wait what's registration oh you have to register to vote register to vote I just sort of thought midterm elections are on Tuesday November 6 I know we all hate this political comedy because it's shoving an agenda but I think there could be something about how some places you can register on the same day and some days you have to register two weeks in advance some place you have register a whole month in advance and if you haven't registered you're in one of those places you should probably get on it wouldn't it be easier to just register everybody to vote automatically yes that would be extremely easy yeah it's useless political comedy is just so dumb and terrible just how it's stupid how people are being purged from voter rolls and an alarming historic rate especially people of color I wish a political comedy were easy you know the way that it's easy to look up and see online if you two have been purged from a voter roll what if we put someone in like a silly costume with crazy makeup and we never call it out or address it just goes unmentioned and instead the sketch focuses on you know really exciting candidates like better O'Rourke and Texas Stacey Abrams in Georgia gimme pickin off of that what if we do a sketch where I remind people that they are way more likely to vote when they go with a buddy like because then they'll plan how and when they're gonna vote and that's good because most people work on Tuesday so they need a pre-scheduled daddy elections aren't considered national holidays they aren't that's crazy that's crazy crazy that's crazy so what you're saying is I should make a plan to get to the polls on Election Day Tuesday November 6 or I make a plan for early voting or a mail-in ballot and if you feel like doing more you can register to friends so you feel like might need help register if you're a real superhero you can donate your time your money to a candidate you're really excited about or even try people to their polling place if they're not able to make it something like that maybe something might be wrong with Brennan's nards please some I tell everyone they have to go vote on November 6 hi it's Brennan from CollegeHumor all the links that we mentioned in the video are available in the description down here if you want to make sure you're registered to vote go check them out hey guys it's Brennan from CollegeHumor click here to subscribe click here for more fun stuff and please keep watching because if you stop watching I start to vanish forget it I'm not really real I'm just a thing

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  1. Well done!

    One question: can US-Americans really see through those graphics, eg. identify their own state by just the flat cut-out of it (and those letters)?

    another question: Why do I see that NOW? 5th June 2019?!

    and btw. US-American politics are VERY funny to watch. Crying helps, too.

  2. lol in every video you guys do theres always a "trump is bad haha im extreme leftist" but now youre like "political comedy no good" jesus christ

  3. It was easy in my state to register i got it as soon as i hit 18. And all i need is my ID when i go vote.

  4. 90 percent of people who hated trump and still hate trump haven't even followed politics for the last 4 years

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