U.S. midterm elections: How they work and what to expect

so ahead of the u.s. midterms the two
major parties in the United States namely the Republicans and the Democrats
are both vying for control of the Congress and the Senate so how exactly
do the midterms work Kisame explains so here’s what the u.s. midterms are all
about halfway through the president’s four-year term there’s a congressional
election that’s why they’re called the midterms in the lower chamber at the
House of Representatives all 435 seats are up for grabs those seats are
apportioned based on the relative population of each state so California
gets the most with 53 seats Montana gets one the members serve two-year terms in
the upper chamber the Senate there are 100 seats with each state getting two
regardless of population but this time around only about a third of them are up
for grabs because senators serve for six years so right now Republicans control
both chambers in the house they have around 40 more seats than the Democrats
it’s much tighter in the Senate where the Republicans have only two more
having Republicans in control of both houses has been crucial to President
Trump getting his tax cut through and appointing two Supreme Court justices to
name just a few things both the House and the Senate have to agree on a bill
for it to go to the President and be signed into law but in some respects the
two chambers roles are different for example only the house can create tax
bills and only the Senate can confirm presidential nominees also the house is
where proceedings began for impeachment some races are easy to call in districts
that always vote either Republican or Democrat but other ones could be really
close for example a close Trump ally Devin Nunez from California is in a
tight race so senator Ted Cruz of Texas also the Speaker of the House Republican
Paul Ryan is stepping down so the Republicans win they will pick a new
speaker and if the Democrats take the house they will likely choose a veteran
progressive from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi someone
can pundits have called it the most important midterm election in their
lifetimes it remains to be seen but for now the latest polling data shows the
house leans in favor of the Democrats and the Senate is likely to go to the
Republicans telling me I didn’t use

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