U.S. House Judiciary Committee will move to impeach Trump by drafting formal charges: Pelosi

now let’s turn our look at the big
international stories of the day with the huge news out of the US House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the Democrats will pursue articles of
impeachment against President Trump for more on this and other news around the
world let’s go over to our yoonjeong meet at the NewsCenter
now chummy and things are really heating up in DC you’re right conn-young House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she has asked for articles of
impeachment to be drafted against President Trump just a day after four
constitutional scholars testified at Capitol Hill Pelosi insisted President
Trump abused his power by soliciting a foreign
power Ukraine to meddle into twenty20 election she said that’s why she asked
for the House Judiciary Committee Chairman to proceed with the impeachment
draft which is expected to be put up for a vote before Christmas if the draft
passes the house a Senate trial will start as early as January we’ll take a
look at what Pelosi had to say our democracy is what is at stake the
president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once
again the election for his own benefit the president has engaged in abuse of
power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our
elections president Trump fired right back on Twitter he slammed the Democrats
saying they are trying to impeach him over nothing and reiterated that he’s
phone calls with the Ukrainian president were appropriate trim urged the
Democrats to do the impeachment proceeding fast so he can have code a
fair trial in the Senate and get back to running the country

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  1. Well…. So much for the House democrats that got elected in 2018 promising to “Work With” the republicans. LIARS. 2020 – Re-Elect President Trump & Defeat All Democrats.

  2. Never get over Hillary Clinton's ass kicking. They feel shamed. As they should. Wont stop till trumps out of office. Or dead. Supprised they haven't tried. Harsh words but they are capable of anything. To hold on to power. Keep things as they were. From Hillary on down should all be in prison for treason.

  3. Hahahaha… the world is laughing at the Democrat held Senate!! Impeaching over nothing… Oh maybe over the word "us." Trump asked Ukraine leader to help "us" meaning the USA but Dems say "us" means the Trump family….. hahahahaha ….sure… The Dems don't help "us" (meaning the USA) they only help themselves (like the Biden's did) so the Dems can't understand why Trump would actually want to get help for the USA (us).

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