U.S. Elections 2016: Eric’s Election Encounter with Evam Karthik Kumar

As you know the topic of intense interest right now is the U.S. elections, both in United States and here in India. So, I thought you will be the right person to give us some clarity on how we should think about this issue. At your own risk (laughter) I would like, a candidate with a sense of humor. So, if Donald Trump were to headline a standup comedy editor If he were to headline at a standup comedy club or if Hillary Clinton were to headline at a standup comedy club which one would you go to? (clearing throat) I seriously consider my job as a standup comic threatened right now because of the entire political process and the election campaigning that’s happening right now. I feel like what I am saying is not funny at all and what’s happening out there, is so much more funnier. (laughter) I did say that. (laughter) When the students receive these emails and looking at their smartphones and looking at their smartphones there, having a very tough decision Do I donate one dollar to Donald Trump? To Hillary Clinton? or do I, donate my one dollar to iTunes for for the latest single from
Nicki Minaj? or Norah Jones? What would you do? Ahh I think Nicki Minaj ‘s latest single ah… about the anaconda was ah… good wildlife awareness I think anaconda needs to be saved and I think one dollar to the anaconda would have been a noble cause but I am highly offended Eric that you are asking little children to donate to the election. Well! with that said, so… (laughter) In United States, when people go to ballot box they have lots of options. They also have the option of doing a write in candidate. They can vote for anybody they want. Now, if you have the option of doing a write in candidate would you vote for Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson, Elmer Fudd, or yourself? Ah, that is a tough one Bart is quite incisive and intelligent So, he wouldn’t get my vote (laughing) Why not Captain America? Why isn’t Captain America on that list? Oh yes! He should win every time! He kicks… ..from the Avengers and he should be on on Marvel and D.C. and we have our own Captain that, we have as a fictional fun option. Well, I appreciate all your thoughts. This is giving me, the American voter, a lot to chew on (laughter) You already have a lot to chew on. Thank you! Chew well America! Chew well! Please digest!

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