U.S. Elections 2016: Eric’s Election Encounter at the Marina beach, Chennai

I am near the Ice House in Chennai talking to Chennaites about the U.S. elections. So what do you think about the candidates who are running for President right now? I like so far and I want to say is that she is a politican like.. Clinton is a politician; Trump is like a businessman. You know how he will be in the politics? So something going to be new like… if he is elected. With Hillary it’s going to be same old thing It’s the same repeat of the Obama administration So, Hillary is a more trust-worthy person right now, as of now. Trump is a different person now. We didn’t want a politician. We’ve been having politicians in the last so many years. We like to have a change…ehh If somebody is a good President and he is capable businessman. Hillary Clinton is the best contestant. To me I’d prefer Hillary Clinton because of her matured experience. We like Hillary Clinton. I hope Hillary Clinton will win. How do you see, either one of these whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump impacting the relationship with India? Ahhh…I think that Clinton… gonna have a good relationship Madam Hillary Clinton comes, we hope India and… Indo-U.S. relationship will grow like anything. As a businessman Trump I think will do a very good negotiation with India. She has already been here a couple of times ……. So I have a feeling, she might know the pulse of India. It’s been a great morning here near the Ice house. I heard a wide range of opinions, views and thoughts about U.S. Elections and I can’t wait to get out in your neighborhood and hear what you have to say soon.

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