U.S. Elections 2016: Eric’s Election Encounter at MOP Vaishnav College for Women in Chennai

This afternoon I am at MOP College talking
to students about their viewpoints on the U.S. elections and in particular about how youth, women,
and social media are going to impact the outcome. So, how do you think that women
are going to impact the elections? Ahh…considering the fact that more
than half of USA’s population are women, they would definitely want to take a…they
would definitely want to vote for a sensible candidate. Women still require…you know…
a larger platform to express their views. So, I think over-all this election sort
of brings them to the light and say what they need. I think that they will be instrumental
in making sure the choice that they like is elected and the choice that they don’t like is not. Now, youth play a big role in election.
How do you see them making an impact? Ahh…youth would always look forward to change. Unlike any other elections, this time
the youth is very much concerned about who the President is going to be and
they are actually taking interest in politics. But it’s also important that the government
takes initiative to bring in the youth to vote. Because all the time, the youth are actually
well informed but they don’t come out to vote. They are going to be deciding factor of this election. How do you see social media
impacting these elections? It’s one major tool in the current era to… you know…to influence the minds of people How the events are turning out
is all because of the social media. Whether it is for the good or for the worst,
it’s all because of social media. Like…but the difference between what people are on social media
and what they are in real life is so huge. Would America prefer a lawyer or a businessman? Ahh…a businessman would know
how to make strategies and implement them. A lawyer would know how to
get out of trouble if they get into trouble. I think it should be a lawyer because,
although, America is a capitalist economy, and they do need a businessman
at the head, what they need more is a person who can read people. A country is not a bunch of
shares or it’s not a business. There are people involved.
There are emotions involved. There are lives at stake. So, a country is much more than a business. More than differentiating the two candidates based on the profession
that they did or they are currently doing, I think America needs a very
…very good leader, as such, for now. It’s been a fantastic afternoon
here at MOP College. I have had lots of really interesting
viewpoints on women, youth, social media and how it may impact the U.S. elections. I look forward to seeing you,
in your neighborhood very soon!

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