U.S. Considers Cyber-Retaliation Against 2020 Russian Intrusion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. PaY attention to your recommended channel in your youtube account … Is Full of Fox news Pushing Russian propaganda .. i HAVE TO CHANGE HISTORY SETTINGS ..

  2. Boy I don’t like the idea that we get in to a retaliation, tat for tat with Russia. We need to make sure that we can defend ourself and work closely with allies to sanction and place pressure on Russia to behave. After Russia’s abuses from targeted chemical assassinations in England or Germany, the assassination in Turkey, and it’s aggression in Ukraine it’s imperative that we work closely with our allies to stop Russia’s B.S..

  3. Since when did the US have ownership of the global open communications forum known as the world wide web. Not since before it was known as something else confined to a lab I suspect. Give it up MSDNC your hero Hillary lost because she didn't know where Wisconsin was and was never going to be accepted by people whose lives and communities had been eviscerated by "free trade". Despite her poor attempts to pay lip service to pulling away from the "Gold Standard" TPP. Russia is a non-factor, their influence campaign as discovered by the investigation by the Democrats in congress no less was found to have garnered a meager amount of impressions compared to the multi-million dollar advertising efforts by the political campaigns. They never hacked into any electronic voting machines despite the obfuscation and misrepresentation to imply as much. And the data gathered from voter rolls is publicly available for purchase in many states.

  4. So Russia puting up ads on Facebook for 2 grand is to much.. Anyone buying this fake hate Russia BS, and isn't it kinda rasist?

  5. Here we go again. So Blumenthal has created a new conspiracy theory for 2020. Not sure what the Russians will achieve, he probably does. Easy fix, (1) American Citizen ID and (2) Voting on a blockchain system, done … not so hard after all.

  6. Russians r attacking our Democracy n, this Administration is in Cahoots with Them. Paper Voting will b good Temporarily, until this Administration is gone 4 ever n ever.

  7. Retaliation should not be considered it should be done. What Vladimir Putin did is akin to an act of war. Unfortunately these things can escalate but we must defend our sovereignty. These cyberattacks should not be without repercussion because if left as so they will likely persist and increase in intensity and magnitude.

  8. Hold on there Obama. Americans don't do things like "Bad Stuff" they just do "Naughty Things".
    Like, when pushed they might use a water pistol and a bath towel to chastise some really sick sickos, but then, only very occasionally do they do it to, like people who are like, really, really, bad "Baddies".
    Everybody in America knows that.

  9. Rachel Madow has been proved like many other extreme leftist and corrupt media mongrels as cultivating and spinning BS.
    When are they going to appologise on air to everyone about the constant crap they have been ramming down their lefty followers throats, or do we have to wait for the Horitz report to confirm what 51% (and now growing hahaha) of the public have known since the beginning of Trumps Presidency. Roll on 2020, a Republican landslide victory, in both the house and the Senate yeehaaa!!!

  10. If there were an army attacking the American mainland and the President said "They're not attacking and I will not order a defense." How would that be viewed?

  11. #MoscowMitchellMcConnell want do anything. Putin's illegitimate occupant at the oval office the UNITED STATES of America will try and get you.

  12. Senator Blumenthal , deepest thanks to you , Dems and the IC for standing for our cyber and other defense , especially because this administration will not. I wish there were a way American citizens could be prepared to help you . Our foreign and domestic enemie's program of disinformation (lies) , manipulation and thievery of the 2020 election is in progress. They , whoever and wherever they're found, must be stopped.

  13. The Trump campaign will be "retaliating" by giving polling data to the Russians as it did in 2016 (p136, vol1 of the Mueller Report)

  14. Naw, don't even bother. Russia is going to invent Skynet at this rate. Just focus on getting to mars with Elon or building that Judgement Day bunker for when August of 1997 rolls around.

  15. The brutal Russian dictator Valdimir Putin has already … jokingly said,
    "It's a secret, I will help Trump … in the 2020 presidential elections.
    I agree, with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, "Everyone should be on public watch and aware."
    It's not only the "Russian Cyber-Attack Intrusions" but there's Trump loyalist that have admitted, "I'm willing to go to jail, in order to help Trump win reelection.
    Senator Richard Blumenthal …What should be the deterrence, for Trump devotees within
    the U.S.A., whose willing to cheat to help Trump win reelection?!

  16. We're an open society, easy to penetrate. Not so the Russians. They can easily restrict the flow of information to their people.

  17. Yes! Then I would only seek out the psychic networks for actual entertainment, not world shattering info we have somehow to fight. Knowledge is always the right tools. GET 'EM !!!

  18. America will not survive a pre-amp nuclear strike from China, Iran, Russia, and Turkey all at the same time. The European coalition will not get involve in such an attack, because of Trump Dump.

  19. You'd have to pretty ignorant to not be aware that Russia is ALL OVER YouTube…just check the pro Trump bots in these forums!!

  20. Come on America BLUE TSUNAMI 2020
    take America back from the RUSSIAN backed and funded paedophile trump aka
    individual one and the RUSSIAN BACKED and FUNDED republicaniski party… Check
    your voter registration! Republicans GERRYMANDERING and purging them leading
    into 2020… Comrade traitor Manchurian candidate Trumpinski, Moscow Mitch,
    Leningrad Lindsey  and Devin Nuninski
    will be given hero status in the future USSR!… Why is no one talking about the all GOP crew visit to the
    Kremlin on the 4th July 2018…Those who have Honour will do their duty, those
    without honour will attack the honourable. Eyes Open America we must root out
    the corruption of money in politics. BLUE TSUNAMI 2020…Let's not forget the FACTS
    of the Mueller investigation. 10 Incidents of obstruction. 199 Criminal charges.
    37 indictments. 7 Guilty pleas (from Trump's closest advisers). 5 Sentenced to
    prison. 1 facing trial (another of Trump's closest).126 Russians charged

  21. Yes, attack in cyber space Russia and Putin. It's about time we use that data the NSA with their security breaching equipment has been gathering on everyone.

  22. Why did it take 3 years? Reality Winner, the first Russia collusion whistleblower, warmed us in 2016. She needs to be freed. This administration has no intent on free and fair elections.

  23. American people have to speak out and help Democrats stop Russia "
    Republican party and Trump administration are allowing Russia and Dictator leaders in" STOP TRUMP"
    America country has no place in its country for ,Dictators
    😧😧😧😧save America (land of the free home to the brave)

  24. Donald Trump had a list of agendas and things to do and how to do it the day he was put in office and at the top of that list was to discredit our Intel agencies and the media because if you knock out these two then America will be in a state of confusion and mental weakness. In 2020 may we all HAVE THE COIRAGE to open our eyes and see that this cat (TRUMP),is a bad kitty and he needs to be removed from office.

  25. After his Vietnam fiasco, I have little to no respect for Blumenthal. He is a person not to be trusted. I wish he would be replaced, primaried out. That would be the best thing that could happen for Connecticut.

  26. Protecting our country from Russian cyber warfare is really hard when half of the Congress is actively working FOR the Russian agenda. Moscow Mitch and his cronies need to go.

  27. I think the public needs to be better educated about the threat, and I do my best to share my understanding of things as an educator. Our biggest vulnerability is in not knowing our enemy….. it is ignorance.

  28. They disclosed this to the public but wont disclose if theres alien on earth? The former should be kept confidential unlike the latter.

  29. While listing the foreign intruders, why did he stop short of calling out on Israel that has been a highly manipulative operative?

  30. Good luck with that one, America. Russia, China and North Korea are each leaps and bounds ahead of you in cyber warfare. You don't stand a chance.

  31. How can MSNBC make the assertion that US citizens aren't aware of The US cyber capability after Snowden revealed the wholesale surveillance that the NSA does everyday in violation of the constitution. How unusual for the US wanting it both ways. Well they reap what they sow, and it isn't moral authority.

  32. I wish it was a government mandate that all election polls must have (rent if it fiscally beneficial) a fully operational back up generator on site as a precaution. Especially if their not utilizing paper ballot systems.

    Rachel Maddow did a show about Russia having already hacked into America’s utilities and can manipulate power when ever they desire to do so.

    I think if the 2020 election isn’t looking good for Trump Russia could cause a sufficient enough blackout that would muddy up our election which would cause delay for how ever many days until another Election Day can be chosen. Causing Trump to maintain the office longer. If polling stations for that day had back up generators. The polling results would be safer.

  33. Russia as well as China and other countries are now independent with their internet. Russia just did test on 12/23 . Anericans should know about cyber attacks on our elections. It s national sercurity and affects all americans and our democracy. Republicans don't want the public to know because these attacks are pro trump and Republicans. Also Russia and China ,Iran and others will attack our satellites and cause havoc with electricity, water transportation, communication. Some experts predict within 2years attack just affecting gps data would have devastating effects . Think about the effect . We have to take back our country by educating the people of the consequences of our elections being attacked. And how our satellites being attacked will cause massive damage. This president and Republican party know the importance of defense aainst these attacks are not addressed. Because they would politically benefit from the attacks. Please research and do mass reporting on these threats and the protections inplace now and in future.

  34. You mean to tell me we have not been attacking them.Is this Trumps doing-of course-He has Russian roots-lets see his ancestors records and his taxes at the same time.Russian and Russian Money laundering. Nice play, because if you are not already, I hope they destroy your facilities and send me video so I can laugh.Considering

  35. This is so Stupid and it is a Great sign of the Future.Russia attacked, stole from the Democrats and got their man.They dif not pay for that.Are they going to pay, if they dont pay then why not do it again?Or forget that, if they dont pay, where is Justice.Are we going to hear”We are considering Making Russia pay?”.If I hear that, I will…

  36. It is going to be tricky to protect against the propaganda coming from Russia.
    They have been using American own Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to spread false narratives so it's going to be hard to stop this from happening. It only takes a few false planted stories to gain traction with Trump supporters to start making it difficult to block, without blocking real peoples account who have just forwarded the fake story.
    It's the"firehose of falsehood" technique.

  37. Hard to believe, even the most informative, tireless investigative journalist, Rachel Maddow, has been sidelined, for her efforts to protect our constitution by making people aware of Russian cyber-social media propagandist attacks ! She warned us about Russia's use of Facebook to gain intel on personal data !!!


  39. Mail in ballot for all elections stop the Viber threats the US mail is coming by the house the job every store anyway daily let's use the mail service at least to confirm votes the cop at the poles could hard the mail , would not this help a recount ? YES

  40. Russia is Helping the GOP big time so you also have permission to “Cyber Attack” them— Please do and start with Barre, Mulvaney, Miller, and trump of course. Giuliani will take care of himself I suspect.

  41. I agree totally with Senator Blumenthal. The best way to prepare American citizens for these propaganda campaigns is to inform them about what to look for and how to tell the difference. The Russians have already begun their disinformation efforts on YouTube unfortunately. It was subtle, and I only caught it because I was aware that it might begin happening. Trump is merely a tool of the Russians. He got that way because no one has ever required him to be accountable for a single thing in his lifetime. That failure has managed to put both our own country and our allies at risk. The overwhelming greed of McConnell and his Republican underlings in the Senate have paved the way for the Russians to destroy our country. McConnell doesn't care because he's going to be dead before the final nail is in our coffin. It's very frustrating that our founding father's envisioned the Senate to be filled with America's elder statesmen not a bunch of whipped and whiny puppies. The Senators and especially, McConnell, have done nothing in the last 3 years to improve the condition of America for Americans. That's exactly the way Putin wanted it to turn out. We must stop this now or be assured of tyranny later.

  42. If elements within Russia began heavier orchestrated society/election attacks in 2014? It’s been a continuous ramp up.
    You can bet their eating junk food and soda by the shipload. (Gotta feed the hackchitchkis.)

  43. MSNBC is literal fake trash…and all you morons believe them. Everything they have espoused has proven to be fake and if any of you sub-par intellect, walking zombie, oxygen thieves chose to use your brain and spend 5 mins investigating elsewhere you would realise this

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