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here is from nothing done you gonna make me genius back up did you I see more science videos go to WWE Pete genius that girl real it is free so you're wondering what is happening in pot – you've put in water you've put in fertilizer and nutrients but why is this plant not growing do you know what the reason could be let me explain it to you it depends upon the soil in the pot did you know the growth of plants depends upon four things okay don't worry let me tell you they are the amount of sunlight availability of water availability of air and the amount of nutrients so now you know four important requirements for plants to grow but do you know soil is also responsible for points two three and four okay so let's learn why soil plays a very important role for plant growth or how why the plant in pot one is growing and the plant in pot two is not growing is linked to the soil in the pots so there are two different types of soils in these two pots the soil in pot one is good for plant growth and the soil in pot two is not good for plant growth the soil in pot 1 helps plants to get water nutrients and air but in pot – the soil is not good for these three things but let me first explain the different types of soils do you know different types of soils okay there are three types of soils clay sandy and loam you see these three jars all of these jars have different types of soils let us learn about these three types the first one is clay the soil particles are very small and very close to each other there is some space in between particles and it can hold a lot of water but very little air let's put some water in each jar now take soil from jar number one into your hand grab it in your hand tightly now open your hand see how the clay soil holds itself tightly and doesn't break so it is tightly packed and holds the water now see jar – it is sandy soil its particles are bigger in size and further away from each other there is a lot of space among particles water passes through these pores and does not stay in the soil for very long now take some soil in your hand from this jar try to form a ball now open your hand see it crumbles it does not hold any water so for plants it is not good in deserts very few plants are able to grow due to this reason now this soil in jar number three is loam soil it is a mixture of sand and clay soil it is best for plants as it holds water air and nutrients very well now try to make a ball from this soil it crumbles but it still holds together so now you understand three types of soils so you're going to www.minettis.com for science videos ooh it also has lots of interesting facts in PowerPoint presentations for children

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  1. It was very beneficial for me Thanks 🙏🏻 a lot for dis entertaining and knowledgable videoMake more videos

  2. Silt is mixture of sand and clay.all of the 3 types of soil (silt,sand and clay) are mixed to create loam.

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