Two Minute Reads – Democracy in Britain Today

So, you think we live in a democracy.
Think again. “Democracy” –
what does the word mean? It comes from the ancient Greek. It means that the people rule,
or the people govern. Well, do the people
govern Britain today? To ask the question is to answer it. So, who does government in Britain
today? Who does rule? Basically, it’s big money. Until we have a system where large
corporations don’t control the political agenda as much as they
do in Britain today, until we have a system where mega-media corporation
such as Rupert Murdoch’s don’t have huge influence over the political
agenda, until we have a system where people can’t buy
political influence in the way that the richest 1% buy it today,
until those things happen, we won’t really live in a democracy. Don’t get me wrong – I’m so glad to
live in a country where people get to vote, and not a dictatorship. But until those changes that
I just described come about, democracy in this country
will only be a work in progress, a vision as yet unfulfilled. And that’s why I’m standing
for Parliament for the Green Party, because what we want to do is to make
this country into a democracy.

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