Twitter Worries That Blocking White Nationalists Will Mean Blocking Republican Politicians

Conservatives, including the president of
the United States. Love to tell us the Twitter is just so unfair
to Republicans here in the United States. Their shadow banning Republican politicians,
some of them, some of the more extreme ones. Matt Gaetz, my Congressman has personally
claimed to have been shadow banned. Donald Trump met with Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey
earlier this week to say, hey, you’re deleting all my followers. That’s not fair. My posts aren’t getting enough likes and retweets
and I demand to know why conservatives love the play. The victim on social media, whether it’s Twitter
or Facebook or youtube or whatever it is, they are always the victim of some kind of
unfair system, but in reality, according to the very people who work at Twitter and are
actually in charge of these algorithms, Republicans have been the beneficiaries of these systems. And here’s what we mean. We found out yesterday via reports from a
advice talking to people who work at Twitter and work with the algorithms help create them
that the reason the social network is not doing more to combat white supremacy on Twitter
is because if they were to create an algorithm to kind of take care of that, it would also
end up banning and blocking a bunch of Republican politicians. There is so little difference between the
language used by Republican politicians, some of them and the white supremacists and white
nationalists that an algorithm wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two. And we certainly can’t block sitting American
politicians because that would be detrimental to the public. So says Twitter. Why I gotta Tell Ya, it doesn’t matter if
you’re an elected official, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the military or if you’re a teacher
or a doctor or a homeless person. White supremacy is white supremacy. And if you’re that kind of horrible human
being, then your title doesn’t matter because you’re still a horrible human being and you
serve should be subjected to the same rules and regulations as the rest of us. Just because somebody has the congress person
title in front of their name doesn’t mean they should be able to get away with any kind
of language or hatred that they want to spew on Twitter. But I think we’re, you know, getting ahead
of ourselves, they’re even talking about that because here’s what it is. We have a Republican Party today that according
to artificial intelligence is indistinguishable. Okay? From a white nationalist. That’s what our Republican Party has become. Machines can make mistakes. Sometimes they can rope in things that aren’t
necessarily that it could be somebody’s denouncing it and they get roped in because they use
a couple of key words that the algorithm flagged and removed. It happens on youtube all the time. You can, uh, a denounce white nationalism
and video get d not a demonetize just because you mentioned that word, but this isn’t exactly
what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about, what these algorithms
see with these Republican politicians is that they’re using the same language and not in
a way to denounce it, not in a way that, oh, this is bad. They’re using the same kind of coded language
that these organizations, these white nationalist organizations use. And the machines recognize that. And I think this is one instance where we
need to listen to the algorithms because if they’re telling us that there is no difference
between a flat out racist person and a Republican member of Congress, I think we need to believe

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  1. Lmfao… what a crock of shit. You people are calling black people white supremacists. Regardless it's a violation of the 1st amendment . Doesn't matter if you like it or not. True fascism at it's best right here

  2. If an algorithm can't tell the difference between fascist white "nationalists" (nazi's) and republicans THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE

  3. So in other words it is ok for some to spread vile hate yet you ban others for the EXACT same thing. There should be NO difference in applying the rules, hate is hate no matter who said or is spreading it. In actual fact it is more serious when it is POLITICIANS as well as other influencial people and organizations, who are spreading the vile hate speech and inciting violence against others. BAN THEM ALL, the rules should apply to everyone equally, just as the law should.

  4. Awww look at all the cry baby KKK supporters thumbing this video down, are you upset you’re the minority now? 😎

  5. Listen to or watch what Noam Chomsky says about the GOP being the most dangerous organization of our planet (there is no Planet B, btw).

  6. So when Skynet comes online the terminators programmed to kill Klan members and Nazi's will instead start killing Republican politicians? 🤔

  7. I'm 64 & I remember the "good ole days" before the internet & cell phones came along & changed people into what they are today. Sure nut jobs existed then too, but now they can find each other online around the world in seconds. Most under the age of 40 don't even know how to have a conversation over the dinner table without their cellphone in their hands.

  8. I fell into a burnin' ring of fire
    I went down, down, down
    And the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns
    The ring of fire, the ring of fire

    Love the channel keep up the good work

  9. Remember the scene in The Blues Brothers where Belushi and Aykroyd drove a bunch of Nazis off of a bridge. Today, the far right speech police would label Jake and Elwood as triggered SJWs who violently disrupted a peaceful free speech rally.

  10. twitter is god on their platform if anybody sets up their own social network you are gods . it is all a privilege to use these free platforms. not a right.

  11. o.k. so I am a forerigner. what is the difference between a conservative and a republican? I mean they propably share some interests. meanwhile you also got the problem with freedom of speech on campuses. I personally support free speech, unless it is all call for violence and pure hatred like that women that wanted to give a blowjob for the head of the covington kids. So the real question is. how do you know the person you are talking with is not an "other.

  12. If anybody starts a social network or a online forum or any social sharing platform, the admin are gods, Twitter could ban Trump.If the owner just wakes up one morning and has a bad day and takes it out on trump. He could not do anything about it . It is a privilege to use these platforms not a right. And many people do get banned. Just a bad business model to ban all kinds of people . I bet twitter stocks would go up if they banned trump. LOL. Go for broke give it a try hahaha

  13. It goes back to Nixon and LBJ. Lyndon Johnson pushed for and signed the civil rights bill and stated that he did it knowing that the democrats would lose the south for at least a generation but knew it was important. That was the day the democrats turned their back on racism and bigotry.
    Nixon, didn't give a shit about racism as long as he got to be president so he came up with the "southern strategy" to pickup all of those southern bigots and get elected. The republicans have been sucking up to racists ever since and now the tail is wagging the dog.

    The older, core base, republicans are dying out. The party is losing the biggest portion of their rank and file to the undertaker and Alzheimer's disease. That is why they are so determined to purge voter rolls, gerrymander, implement poll taxes, etc. to stop democrats from voting.

    If Twitter won't stop white nationalist hate speech, then they should be shut down just like a web site that distributes kiddie porn. If they pander or even just knowingly enable evil to proliferate then they have to go.

  14. at this point I'm ok with any openly bigoted idiot (like ben shapiro and co.), climate change deniers, and anti-vaxxers to be completely deplatformed

  15. If it quacks like a duck… Trump and his sporters ARE White Fascists. This is all you need to prove it:

  16. So BLOCK their racist asses! Why are you protecting them????? If there is no real difference between their rhetoric and the rhetoric of white nationalists, then that means that they are one and the same! It it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck! Republican politicians who speak the same things as white nationalists ARE white nationalists! If they violate your rules such that they warrant being blocked, then block them!

  17. The algorithms are set up by people with specific agendas you twot . Tim Pool vs Twitter on Joe Rogan! You are being lied to and manipulated.

  18. Absolutely any racist is a narcissist, which is a social mental defect, put the mirrors down, which were handed down by your past narcissistic family tree and join humanity if you will. As time passes it will become more and more evident that you still live in the dark ages of witch burning intellect!!

  19. This is the base of the Republican Party. These are people who vote against their own interests because of their racism and bigotry. By all means this trash should be blocked from Twitter even if it means blocking the scumbag Republican politicians who take advantage of these people.

  20. Maybe the algorithm wouldn't be able to distinguish between white supremacists and Republican politicians because Republican politicians are white supremacists, perhaps? Matt Gaetz. Steve King. Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham. Donald J. tRump. What do these subhumans have in common? Not just the fact that they're fucking batshit nuts, I mean. Answer: They are all white supremacists, or at the very least, pander to such terrorist elements. "There are many very fine people on both sides!" tRump actually doubled down on that earlier today. That fat fuck orangutan continues to morally equivocate fucking Nazis with those fighting against their/tRump's terrorist agenda. So maybe Twitter should create that algorithm. Get rid of all these subhumans. If that takes out a few racist Republican politicians, well… that's icing on the cake, as my Dad would say.

  21. Iffffff only this black man could be SHOCKED by this information .. America was built on white supremacy ideology and the GOP has always use coded language to hide there blatant racist and bigotry which leads me to this America.. Why would I consider even thinking about a party that has the. David Dukes ideology all over it and GOP never really calling them out let alone the MR. BOTH SIDES cowardly hypocrisy…

  22. I only know of one real white supremacist I've ever met. This isn't a real problem but even if it was, no need to censor anyone as far as I see it…

  23. Banning republican lier's who are White Nalt. , KKK, Armed Thugs, Armed Biker's for trump. The problem is trupf keeps recognizing them as his "Protectors". Just yesterday he came out again said the News people are wrong.That these clowns are really nice people that were misscast by the News. Also he did not mind them asauting people that have opposite views. Also he needs to stop saying that the military will stand by him even if he loses the elections in 2020!

  24. Machines can’t tell them apart, and I can’t either.
    The world’s first Artificial Intelligence will either be racist or want to exterminate all humans thinking that we are racists.

  25. Bet they would have no problem blocking black nationalist or go a step further, islamist who want to establish a caliphate in the U.S.

  26. The common denominator of failure is excuses, which includes passing the blame for your inadequacy on to others because once you do the problem you had is no longer yours it is now on the person who you passed the blame on to and the problem never gets fixed because its not yours anymore so you have no reason to look into yourself and find a solution, or even admit that you have a problem and that problem is you. This is exactly why republicans will never change because they have passed the buck and will never come to a realization that they are the problem because now as far as they are concerned that problem now belongs to who or whatever they project it onto.

  27. That is really unacceptable. If the algorithms block Republicans for white nationalist propaganda they should change their attitude and statements. Twitter should feel our pressure if they need pressure for treis behaviour lets give them pressure. Call out Twitter, boycott all the companies that are connected with them. Lets force them to do what's right.

  28. 9 brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters are complete hypocritical moronic imbeciles. Brainwashed zombies clones trump supporters you know in real life your all bedsheets wearing assclown kkk members. So stfu.

  29. Alt-right and conservatives already have their own “reality”

    ‘Fox News Network’

    They maybe better off with a Social media platform all there own.

  30. Blocking White Nationalists = blocking Republican politicians.

    And Republicans just can’t figure out why minorities, lgbt etc don’t majority vote for the party and have historically been opposed to them.

  31. And you now the reason why President called the CEO of Twitter? Because former President Obama had more Twitter followers than President Cheetos… I kid you not.

  32. Right wing Republikkklan Christians finally found a president that spews hatred, fear and racism same as what's in their hearts.

  33. I gave up on Twitter last year. Deleted my account, and don't miss it at all! They are just hypocrites! If people decided to delete their accounts en mass, I guarantee that they would sit up and take notice! 😯

  34. Funny how no one is buying their bullshit in the "marketplace of ideas".
    Maybe they are just bad ideas and your wrong.

  35. I'm torn. On one hand, I think all hate, racism & bigotry should not be allowed. On the other, these bigots should be exposed! If they're banned we may not know 'who's saying what'. Expose them, then report, report, report.

  36. I'm confused. Hate speech is hate speech and since Republicans claim to be the party of family values religion, God fearing values; banning hate speech shouldn't be a problem for Republicans. Unless of course they're really the party of hypocrisy and Satan itself👹

  37. Trump should have already been blocked on Twitter. Twitter needs sued for having Russian bots on their platform. What deal did you make with trump jack?

  38. There's nothing white about y'all. The biblical terminology say your called edomites. Its nothing nationally about the fake power that they think they have on this Earth. The real Messiah has all of the Power and is coming home to condemned all of the wicked further actions in misdeeds that inflicted sorrow or ruling. God's judgement will be upon you as you stay in a cynical format.

  39. #RealizeTheTruth #JustRacistAtHeart #TheAbsolutelyCorruptGOP #TheirCorruptionHurtsUsAll #StopVotingForCorruption

  40. If anyone else tweeted the bullshit Trump has tweeted, they would have been blocked faster than your head can spin.

  41. GOOD.
    Ban the bastards!

    We just had ANOTHER synagogue shooting, exactly 6 months after the Tree of Life shooting.

    These hateful pricks need to have a reckoning, be they Nazis, neo-Nazis, Republicans, Supremacists, whatever.

  42. Well robots are unbias, so if you tell a robot that white nationalists are bad then anyone the robot says is bad is a white nationalist.

  43. Well, when you lump them as one and the same, which seems to be the case, then sometimes you have to burn bridges. Not Twitter's fault that the Republican Party choose to be aligned with White Nationalists.

  44. This country was founded by white nationalists. Most were slave owners, including first president. Trump wants a return to that era, hence, MAGA. We are electing weak democrats who are allowing this to happen. The GOP has jumped on his bandwagon and it is disgusting.

  45. Right!

    Hatred shouldn't be normalized and if you're a disgusting bigot, you shouldn't be allowed to spread that bigotry, even if you're a politician.

  46. Well, if republican politicians are neo-nutcases they need to be blocked. I quit using twitter because of the BS and I blocked all notifications. I wonder how many other people have done the same thing? I refuse to consort with evil. Twitter is hurting itself immeasurably by allowing Hatred a free rein on its website.

  47. Wth ?? that's a democrat organization!! Kkk is all democrat from inception to current day crack open a history book good lord!

  48. I have never set up an account with Twitter or Facebook. This is only one of the reasons why 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

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