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Turning 18 soon? Great! 18 brings along some huge milestones like
official adulthood, driving license and the right to vote. You know the right to vot is amazing think
because its make you the king privilege in a democracy we choose the person who rules
us. And that is only possible through this right
to vote So lets it learn more about it You might feel
that my vote is not significant, and you might think to yourself, “How does a single vote
matter?” But every vote counts towards a decision that
decides the future of your country and people! So When – If you have already completed 18 years
of age you can enrol for voting by adding your name in the electoral rolls. Enrollment – Thanks to the internet, election
commission’s website (www.eic.nic.in.) has You download the form no. 6, fill it and your name can be added to the
electoral rolls. Where – The election commission assigns you
a polling booth depending on your location. You can vote only from one location in India. Don’t want to waste your vote – As a citizen,
you can decline voting as well. Yes! This is one of your rights too. Just go to the polling booth and inform the
Presiding Officer. In this scenario your finger will be inked,
even if you are not voting. This can avoid fake voting. Not impressed by any of the candidates – Simply
go for the ballot paper NOTA option, you can cast a vote without selecting any particular
candidate. Isn’t it cool! Right to postal votes – People on election
duty and armed forces personnel can cast votes through the post. Do your research as your vote matters! Election commission says that as a voter,
before your vote make your design very carefully so redact research whatever you want to know
about to your candidates and this should be your criteria. candidate educational background, assets and liabilities, criminal records, affidavits
and certificates and any other details you can find it all thanks to the internet again So, use your right to vote with pride and
contribute to building the nation. And if you waana help you self-do that you
might get information here on Hungama Kids So Keep Watching

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  1. Law confuses me. I’m 16 so I’m not an adult? Well fuck you then. I can drive, get a job, and move out, (atleast where I live) but I can’t vote. Fucking dumb shit.

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