Turley calls out Democrats: ‘It’s your abuse of power’

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  1. After the attempted impeachment of President Johnson, the house and senate made a declaration to never use the articles of impeachment for political purposes again as it was tearing the country apart after the civil war had ended. The impeachment hearings of that day were due to the crooked democrats of that era not liking coming back to the union under the leadership of one of Lincoln’s own, bringing up trumped up charges against Johnson to try to oust him—but ultimately failing. It looks like these democrat clowns need a history lesson

  2. Havard professor Soyboy is a Trump hater. You can hear it in his testimony. Professor Soyboy is going to be remembered as being on the wrong side of history and nothing more.


  4. If you go to bing news. There is an article on there that has a anti trump quote headline with this professor's pic. When you read it, you will realize that the the quote is not from him, its actually from another professor, they just simply put his pic in it. I wonder what the intention is!!!. So dont tell me the media is not trying to frame everything against pr trump.

  5. Who are the professors they went after trump without noting facts it all there opinion . Where did they get people like that?

  6. For any president…ANY president, there are only three options.
    1. cooperate with congressional oversite by handing over documents and letting people testify (trump has not cooperated)
    2. be impeached for not cooperating (currently in progress)
    3. or be 100% above the law

    You can only choose 1 of the 3, which one are you for?

  7. Turleys whole argument was they needed to hear from the other witnesses to determine guilt. But Trumps literally hiding them from Congress. Hence the obstruction of justice. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Turley must get all his news from Fox 😭

  8. Nadler should have quit when Chabot read out loud what Nadler said during the Clinton impeachment…Showing his double standards and lack of integrity!

  9. I can’t emphasize this enough and I’ll say it one more time,, the Democrats are the lowest form of life on the planet bar none !!!

  10. I can’t emphasize this enough and I’ll say it one more time,, the Democrats are the lowest form of life on the planet bar none !!!

  11. Democrats are crazy and going more crazy if they don't have the power and they will do whatever it takes to get it back .

  12. Never heard of this guy and I always say I can’t stand Democratic politicians, but this man here has been nothing but totally honest. And that’s what these corrupt Democrat officials need to be put in their place by their own.

  13. Kudos to whomever chose that thumbnail pic. It pretty much says it all. Turley looking at his colleagues like " these 3 people have lost their goddamned minds".

  14. When you take anyone to a court of law and that person is innocent it is an abuse of power!

    If you take someone to court of law and that person is guilty but law isn't allowed to reconcile itself that is abuse of power!

    Knowing ahead of time how our legal system works and using that to your advantage is abuse of power!

    I don't have too see how this ends to know what abuse of power is, we all know it is occurring by now!

    There is no question about it, abuse of power is occuring!

    Holy cow, a win in our minds; abuse of power is occurring!

    Pinch, yep it's not a dream folks! Abuse of power is happening!

    There ya have it, the answer is still the same as it was three years ago! There's abuse of power happening in our nations government!

    That abuse of power is being used and will likely continue to be used.

    Not a single person can convince anyone because of political party's viewing power differently!

    On one side you have this party viewing power and abuse of power "this" way through that party's eye's and the other party viewing power and abuse of power "that" way through that party's eye's.

    I see it as abuse of power!

    I've never seen in all of my life so much abuse of power abusing power!

    It's not even a good kind of naughty!

    It's so rediculous that power can abuse power right in front of everyone's face and people are still pointing the finger of shame!

    It's elected abuse of power abusing elected abusers of power!

    What is stewardship of power? You make stewardship of power look like it's abuse of power not stewardship of power!

    Calgon take me away! These people are abusing each other's powers and somehow it looks normal?

    This is the legacy our tiny children get to live in, power abusing power!

    Does anyone really see that as a win?

  15. 👍🇺🇸 Yes, President Trump is the best President of United States ❤️🙏❤️🙏 Trump for America & Trump for American's voice👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 America is under attack from the Socialist Left & Deep State and the Fake News Media. It’s no secret. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. Drain all the swamp in Washington these dirty corrupted politicians they ruin America for 30 years from now!! President Trump he is American’s Voice. And that is the reason why they are trying to take him down, they wants to get him out of the White House, because President Trump taking care American people!! Wake Up American people!! Wake Up America!! Freedom is not Free!! God Bless America 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 President Donald J Trump & His Family  👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  16. Turley is being Paid by the Russian Communist Republicans…..We have no DOJ , FBI ,CIA, SUPREME COURT….TRUMP has broken the LAW and is Controlling all the Branches of Government….America has a Dictator and TRAITOR as President.

  17. Approval by 25% of the people isn't enough to win an election…
    … unless that election is corrupt.

    Besides… there's always at least one liar for each side. That means on one side 1 out of 3 might be lying (33%) and as for the dissenter(s)… well 1 out of 1 = 100%… leaving no room for anyone to be truthful on that side of opinions…

  18. He without sin let hom cast the first stone Schiff cast a lot of stones and its been thrown back at him they need to be held accountable.

  19. What a waste of Time and Money! BECAUSE, whatever happens in the House, even IF a call for impeachment happens, once it reaches the Senate the impeachment is GUARANTEED to be voted DOWN!
    ANYBODY that says otherwise is a LIAR/THIEF!
    If you think President Trump is satan, he is Nothing compared to the left and what they have done to this country and it's taxpayers!!!

  20. This guy is a democratic, neen highly against Trump. Voted for Clinton. Yet he was honest. And I trust his insight. The other 3 were poltically motivated preschool EQ hacks. Totally biased amd not to be trusted. Dishonest

  21. Professor Turley like Alan Dershowitz believe in the rule of law no matter what party the President belongs to..and this is good for America

  22. So the democrats are whinging that Trump went to the courts (the mediator between the other two branches)… That would be like getting in trouble for disputing a traffic fine in court…

  23. The voters in every state in every county will have the last say in this circus clown show. The democrats attempt to get revenge on the voters who elected the president in a fair election will come back to haunt them. They better get used to losing twice.

  24. Plays 32 second clip that sounds good in a vacuum

    Conservatives: WE GOT THEM!!!

    Democrats: release a 300 page report detailing misconduct

  25. Mother of god he just blew their heads off the demorats are running to gather their thoughts After this words Nadler needed 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻😘

  26. Turley has just scared the soul of Democrat's which just peed inside.

    That's lesson class to the chair's who sat before the constitutional lawyer's. It's sad version to see criminals seated in few feet above floor of the room and before the constitutional lawyer's shaming them.

  27. Obama should have been impeached, if we're going by the law! Democraps hate Trump because he refuses to be their puppet. It's a real shame when the left is such a bunch of crybabies they can't do their real jobs.

  28. Never was so many, SHREDDED, by so few….The Three Stooges UTTERLY be-clowned themselves, Turley, with sublime eloquance, simply pushed them down the stairs.


  30. Of all the experts in the world republicans managed to find one liberal. They couldn't even find one conservative professor and his only 'legal argument' was -"I'm mad and my dog is mad". Well done USA.

  31. Turley lost here his reputation as a lawyer, if there was one. So its right, everything Trump touches dies. Here the reputation of Turley. I hope, for him, they paid him more than 33 silverdollars. Turley argued in other cases completly different!

  32. I’ve never heard of Professor Turley but he’s made more sense in 32 seconds then I have heard from the House Democrats in three years!

  33. Part of the oath of office is following the law by giving testimony, supplying documents, and making witnesses available. Trump has obstructed all of these.
    He's broken his oath and should be impeached.
    Christians shouldn't be so forgiving of a man who keeps repeating the same sins repeatedly into his 80's.
    He could have been a good President but chooses to enrich himself to the detriment of the Country. He's a divider, not a uniter.
    His persona is based on lies like most narcissists. He's toxic to our ecology. He's not a leader, he's Cartman from Southpark.

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