Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Hyper-Partisanship’ Has Blocked Progress On Climate Change | MSNBC

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  1. “We followed the presidents order to “COOPERATE WITH RUDY”

    hmmmmm, wonder what that means


  2. Tulsi gabbard focuses on the issues. This concerns people who benefit from the issues. So, they smear her! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. TULSI 2020

  3. I have covered politics for 30yrs. Never has there been a Democratic presidential candidate endorsed by brutal dictators and alt-right neo-Nzis and KKK.
    Tulsi Gabbard is endorsed by
    Bashar al-Assad
    Dvid Duke
    Richard Spencer
    Steve Bannon
    Tucker Carlson
    Russan media
    Tulsi Gabbard unites Putin apologists, bloodstained Modi, genocidal Assad and the U.S. far right

  4. Really love Tulsi and happy she points out that the fossil fuel industry receives 30 billion (!) dollars in subsidies every year. The next president should write an executive order to stop those subsidies which are endangering our future and health.

  5. Dinosaurs caused the ice age to bad they didn't have a big government to give all their money to this didn't have to happen!

  6. 0:27 "This is not a Democrat issue" Gabbard even abuses grammar to be right-wing politically correct. What is she doing in the Democratic debate?

  7. Message for Clinton (who will never get this): I think the comments section here disproves the belief that Russians are propping Tulsi.

  8. Lifelong civilians really shouldn't be U.S. Commanders, unless voters actually believe in political correctness (because all our Presidents are civilians). Trump has messed up minds follow him (which will surely trigger someone commenting here, maybe tomorrow). It's never too late to get an education you want, funded with taxes you already supply, people!

  9. Can't believe Gabbard is still in this debate. DNC made a huge mistake allowing her to participate, in view of Gabbard's attacks on Dems, her apologizing for Trump & questionable behavior with dictators. Tulsi Gabbard’s record on Syria is worse than you think. In Nov. 2015, she voted with Republicans in favor of legislation to make it nearly impossible for Syrian refugees to come to the US. She's always on Fox News, Carlson's show, a dog whistler for racism.
    She's polling at 1%.
    She believes Dem. Party is not that much different from GOP. She's terrible.

  10. I have a message for your Tulsi Gabbard. Are you going to put Native Americans in North and South Dakota out of a job when you close down the oil rigs? if you've never been to North or South Dakota don't even bother replying to my comment.

  11. I lost all respect for Tulsi when she started going to Fox News, and Smeared Obama, while she had been chilling with a Murderer Assad in Syria

  12. She will not even last very long. She did the worst job on stage and she is a war criminal loyalist! Just drop out already!!

  13. She’s the best on that stage. She doesn’t pander, and she doesn’t let people pull her further left into ridiculousness. Obama is signaling to Democrats not to make the very mistake they’re making.

  14. Gabbard is smart, articulate, and very composed and I liked her until I learned that she is an Assad apologist, was a regular on Fox News to criticize her own party and Obama. Then meeting with Bannon She may call herself a progressive and a Democrat, but at heart she is still a conservative.


  16. It's about time we had a candidate who advocated for conversion therapy for gays. Yes, she definitely should be president. 🤔

  17. Tulsi's OFF Fossil fuels Act is more effective than AOC'S watered down version of the Green Party's Green New Deal in transforming America's infrastructure into one that relies on alternative renewable energy. Unlike AOC's GND, OFF ACT is an actual legislative bill that sets guidelines to get us off from depending on fossil fuels.

  18. Tulsi Gabbard is the best one for President of the United States. Hands-down! She is head and shoulders above all the rest on the stage. MSNBC who colluded with the DNC, Rachel Maddow, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Hillary Clinton to sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign are doing it again, giving Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders much less time to speak than these others. This is the media, led by the deep state, trying to choose for us. Fake news and fake news people.

  19. All these haters would rather stay in the middle east fighting where we've lost thousands of American troops and have spent Trillions! FOOLS

  20. This answer is a great example of why I will not vote for Gabbard, in the primary or generals. This answer is a lie. Its not partisanship that is the problem, it is the Republican party. The Democrats have not passed up chances to pass legislation because of partisan game playing. In the 1990s when the left supported hard caps on emissions and the right supported pollution credits the Democrats eventually gave in and moved to supporting a cap and trade system, which was basically a pollution credits system. And the Republicans changed their mind on that kind of system once Democrats supported it. They did this because they never actually supported the pollution credits idea, it was just a way to make their climate obstructionism look reasonable. The Democrats were willing to compromise to get something done, and the Republicans pulled the football away. The same dynamic has appeared over and over again throughout the decades of this debate.
    So why would Gabbard say that it is partisanship rather than Republican obstruction? Why make this a both sides issue? Because her entire campaign is about positioning herself as some kind of trans-partisan figure. She knows this will not get her a victory in the primaries, she has the highest unfavorables of any candidate because of it. It is about finding a job as the right-wing's pet Democrat. It is about hooking into the Fox News grift machine. She is going to lose badly in her presidential run, she is probably going to get primaried out of Hawaii and she needs something to come after. And being the Democrat who spreads conservative talking points is a lucrative gig.

  21. MSNBC did a smear campaign on morning Joe this morning, Major Tulsi Gabbard knows her value and will always be a my pick for President of the United States, and I am a morning Joe guy with my coffee all i can say if you're going to write a book about Empowering women ,stop trying to make Tulsi look like a traitor to our country

  22. In 1996, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev emphasized the importance of using climate alarmism to advance socialist Marxist objectives: “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.”

  23. 'hyper-partisanship" That's a word? This has nothing to do with it. The issue is human values. Some people believe in individual freedom, security and prosperity, and some people believe in Socialism and Communism. The Socialists/Communists are always looking for ways to empower themselves by controlling others. The Climate Change Movement has the characteristics of all major historical movements including that of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (the NAZI Party and Hitler) and the Bolsheviks in Russia (Communism and Lenin)

    There is an enemy, and for this cause the enemy is humankind and oil and natural gas

    The cause is presented as the one and only truth, which is not understood, but rather for which there is certainty in the minds of the movement and includes deliberate misrepresentation of the facts

    To strengthen the movement coercion and bullying are now both abundantly applied by those holding powerful government positions

    The movement has a fanatical core, with millions of followers (who often have a personal benefit related to this movement) all having blind obedience to the cause with hatred and intolerance towards others and the current state; which must be destroyed and not simply reformed

    The cause, starting out as noble, has now evolved with the goal of Socialism and Communism (e.g., Fidel Castro). In less than 25 years, the Climate Change Movement has taken control of many governments, the media, politicians, religious leaders, individual citizens, some of the scientific community, and many UN agencies.

  24. Now the dirty DNC and it's corrupt actors in the State Dept. and media are coming for Tulsi for calling out the corruption of the once great party of JFK.

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