Tucker: Pelosi claims ‘diversity’ is Democrats’ strength

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  1. When she talks you can hear her trying to hold her dentures in because she slurs with her tongue….firing White people to bring in people of color…that’s called reverse discrimination against whites and there’s no protection for it. Where I live, once a black person gets to management, they don’t hire white people anymore so most of our establishments are black only employees and nobody can say anything or do anything about it because white.people have no racial rights, so they sit at home with more education and better qualifications & proven good work history while unemployed.

  2. Pelosi, put the money where your mouth is. Have all your kids partake in interatial marriage. Live in a black neighborhood. You talk the talk.

  3. sehr geehrter Herr Tucker, Sie sind eine Schande für Ihren Berufsstand, Sie Lügen, so stark das einer Ihrer besten, Fox, Journalisten diese Schande Journalistisch nicht mehr mit tragen konnte. Wessen Geld ich bekomme dessen Text lese ich. Sie schüren Hass und Racismus. Mein Vater sate immer "Wer Amerika als Verbündenten hat, braucht keine Feinde, Sie sind schon da. Sie befürworten das Handeln eines Paranoiden und Verückten Präsidenten der den Weltfrieden in Gefahr bringt. Aber Sie können nur bei Dummen Menschen Punkten, ich lerne jetzt das es von diesen, leider, sehr viele in den Vereinigten Staaten gibt. Ja, die ISIS Kämpfer werden nach Europa kommen aber glauben Sie nicht das Sie aus deren Fokus sind, der eigentliche "Kampf" Terror geht gegen die USA. Ihr Verrat an den Kurden wird noch vielen Menschen das Leben kosten. Schande.

  4. So now I finally understand what the big fight is between the two little kids dressed in red and blue you may know I miss the left and right-wing I call him the shitbird the problem is the Democrats got greedy like the Republicans always have been and now the Republicans are hateful Angelus that the oh poor kid has become just as rich and snobby in trifling as they've always been both sides are hypocrites and we Americans have a choice to choose this or not

  5. One more quick comment to back up hypocrite Hennessy Hannity I don't know how to pronounce his name says racist in this video how many times has he called Trump racist or are you reading this just because it's the the Republican side grow up even if you're 70 or 80 or 21 grow up

  6. Nancy, tell the truth,your diversity strength is all the illegal voters you have,that's why the DNC hates voter ID's.

  7. Diversity/multiculturalism does NOT work. It is our greatest weakness and history has proven it doesn't work. Ethnostate Nationalism is the only way. Whites, we need to have at least 5 children.

  8. Dont be fooled folk this has been the mantra for a decade shoot that die versity is our strenght right out the sky every terror attack in Europe they say this dont let it spread its bollocks

  9. 'Diversity" is a Roman pagan witchcraft spell. Nancy Pelosi is conjuring 'DIVERSITY' working witchcraft through the media. She went to Rome to learn this magic, comeback to America to speak these spells over the American People lives.
    The Democrats are working Roman Pagan Magic over America.
    Wake up people

  10. The tricks these evil bastards have been using to keep this planet thier own GLADITORIAL COLLISEUM are not working anymore. I think we should try and convict them….and then put them all in the ring.

  11. The Democrats do not want to change our immigration laws, because 70% of these people from third world countries vote Democrat. It doesn't matter what President Trump does these people. They will continue to vote Democrat regardless. It is a matter of demographics.

  12. An old saying: people will vote for you even if they dislike you but they will never vote for you if they think you dislike them!

  13. Diversity is our (Democratic party) strength. It's how we get votes for our platform.

    They'd still get votes without diversity, but their platform would be more conservative

  14. deversity causes hatred and raceist this was the obama adminisration the dems have learn to use this as there weapon to fight against the winning ways of trump.

  15. UNITY is our strength period , Diversity is division and will NEVER be a strength , Watching Pelosi struggle to keep her dentures in her face now thats great.

  16. This is functionally illiterate newspeak idiocy by Big Brother. Diversity is not unifying by its nature and definition. It never will be.

  17. Let’s get rid of all borders. Next let’s get rid of all races. Finally let’s get rid of gender. This is the lefts dream. The result would be no diversity at all. 🤔

  18. Yes diversity is a strength. It's just that the Democrats have it wrong in that it's not diversity of appearance that matters its diversity of thought that does.

  19. I have to disagree with Tucker. Obama hated the US and we elected him twice. The people vote for whoever promises the most gives.

  20. They DESPISE Diversity of THOUGHT.
    They work round the clock to program their sheep with group think.
    That’s their thing. Brainwash people with repeated propaganda slogans and phrases and attack anyone who doesn’t parrot their agenda.

  21. It's going to be great. When all white people are kicked out of the democrat party they won't have a leg to stand on, totally hopeless. It's going to be a great day for us all.

  22. DIVERSITY is the codeword for celebrating the weakest in our culture and elevating them to inappropriate status. All pronoun nazis be careful when the pendulum swings you are goign to regret it.

  23. Yeah their trunks try to use the race car he should know better it's all filled up with the Democrats and liberals using it

  24. What that means is that illegal immigrants are the Democrats' strength because they almost all will vote Democrat to keep the handouts coming.

  25. Keep running your yap Al it just proves your a joke you’ve been stirring the racism pot for profit since I have been alive

  26. Diversity is just a transmutation of division.
    They're literally exclaiming their divide and conquer methodology to thunderous applause

  27. Diversity is becoming a new democrats racist word. Why don't they fire the. This black man is racist and should not be having the name REV. Shame on hiding behind belief and lie of our belief.
    My thoughts.
    Peace and love.

  28. They know the rev paved the way by subversion and getting the best fired or isolated so that criminals can get the power they have today where they hire more criminals to make sure they hold on to power

  29. Al Sharpton is the most racist person along with his side kicks. These white democratic are standing by him just to get black ppl votes. The racist and democratic are nothing but evil. Thanks Obama for what u started with all this racial crap. hope your happy!

  30. Diversity = hate whitey. It is not enough that the Democ Rat be defeated at the polls. It and its elitist, racist, criminals must be REMOVED PERMANENTLY.

  31. Lots of Democrats are shaming being white, that's why Elizabeth Warren claims she had native blood. It's not orange bad man, its us disgraceful white people. We better start having more white babies or it wont be long we wont exist.

  32. I am Swedish. I wonder : Does the US not have laws against DISCRIMINATION in the work place? How can this person be fired for being white? It's racism. I am shocked.

  33. Ignorance is the best democrat asset. Purple hair. Tattoos from top to bottom.
    Ring their nose or ear.. All ignorant democrats.
    If they apply for a job the slide to the bottom of the list.. All the while trying to convince us the are "normal"

  34. The Dems don't want anyone to have a diverse thought from theirs. We that are different from them don't want us to think for ourselves. How dare they to say we are wrong and they have all the right answers.

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