Tucker: LeBron sides with China, not free speech

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  1. He can play balls good why the heck any body would ask him about politics or anything like that?? why because he got money now? you can ask any bum under bridge with the same result. ask him about what he think about the balls and how they fly and how they hit sure

  2. Funny, this is what you guys call freedom of speech. What you guys don't like to here, you call him traitor and beat him dead

  3. LeBron was right with what he said there. Nowadays everything anti-China means correct, and anything pro-China means wrong? Where is the right for free speech?? Is it only free speech when it is something you wanted to hear? The Americans themselves are hypocrites! Talk about police violence? Look at how international police handled protests first… So sick of these people…

  4. He's a black activist lol End of story… Also if you were in his position you'd do the same thing. The people in the comments section are a bunch of hypocrites

  5. Lebron James doesn't realize how much of a dummy he really is. Yes, indeed, stupid people are very often so stupid that they can't comprehend how stupid they really are. They are just incapable of this kind of self awareness. (Part of being stupid).

    Many stupid people actually think that they are intelligent. To name just two: Robert De Niro and Alyssa Milano.

  6. Actors and other entertainment business fuckwads preach to the unwashed masses about politics as if they are an authority on matters, and of course the media is there to capture their all-knowing wisdom. Now it's time for the athlete who thinks free speech comes with a lot of "bad things" to share is amazing insights into geopolitics. We are truly blessed

  7. If you support Hong Kong democracy, boycott the NBA. Refuse your subscriptions and tickets. Let the NBA sink into bankruptcy.

  8. Lebron needs to move to China and see how many millions he can earn there. Once again hypocrisy from the left dems NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE CHINESE WHO WANT TO BE FREE

  9. Before America tries to tell China how to treat their citizens, they need to first learn how to treat their own…


  10. When he used his freedom of speech before, everyone on the right told him to "shut up & dribble". It only makes sense for him to jump to the other side

  11. 3:30 that is such a dishonest interpretation. In the simplest terms he's saying that what people say/do can have unforseen consequences on the people around you, which people somehow think is controversial.

  12. Tell labon to move to China sense he loves China so much I wouldn't miss him at all and take his dirty money with him bbbbyyyyyyyyyyu

  13. Who cares what the Chinese do to one another? Let them have at one another with a will, chaos there can only benefit us.

  14. Its not selling out, this is grounds to start a war and we need to be careful about it. We have no right to try to bring our rights onto china no matter what theirs may be. Be cognizant of that.

  15. 👿😈😈👿💀💀AH YES! MY PLAN IS WORKING …
    Lets keep the Humans fighting each other over nothing.
    Lets keep them confused in chaos! 🤬👺👺

  16. I can never understand why Americans are crazy about Ppl like James: stupid, arrogant, ungrateful, greed, shallow and so phony.


  18. nah you dumb all lebron said was Darly morey shouldnt have said it cuz half the league was in china and darly just upest the chinese goverment and could of shut down the airports for americans and the season could have been shortended

  19. I guess when you are as wealthy as James, You can afford to sell out your country that made you rich and still hate it.

  20. Question..was it China or a racist American white man who spray painted the N word on the front gate of his home in LA where his children live? White Christian Conservatives can kiss my a$$!!!

  21. LeBron James is a sell out traitor, go fu©k yourself government of China, but not the people, who are suffering in internment camps due to their religious beliefs and so on.

  22. James is such a tool! An absolute moron who would be best to just "shut up and dribble"! Not because he doesn't have a right to speak his mind, but because people might actually hear him speak his mind!

  23. OK, so LeBron supports China is an act of against free speech. Morey becomes a “hero” when he stands with mobs in Hong Kong. To be honest, u Yankees don’t even know what’s going on in Hong Kong right now. The mods attack the police and civilians with molotoves and u people think that’s for freedom and democracy?! I think that’s why U people deserves a president like Donald Trump. I hope he wins again in 2020. 👆

  24. Only 1 thing I am confused— why only Morey’s speech is Free Speech, but LeBron could not just Free Speech? This backslash is huge on LeBron, because only the speech aligns with US political correctness is a “Free” speech?

  25. Lebron is right ,we should care about our own country and that comes with criticizing it to make it better but why should we care about China’s human right when we don’t care about Saudi Arabia’s ,didn’t our president say we can’t get involved with MBS crimes because they buy lots of our arms and spend lots of money Here ?

  26. Another point: James did not attend college because he bypassed college and was recruited directly into the NBA. Listening to James speak is like the "Living Color" TV skits.

  27. Morey WAS uneducated=ignorant @ the ramifications of his tweet or maybe he did intend to place the players, their families, reporters, and others directly in the middle of DANGEROUS political discourse. Morey's actions were selfish, cowardly, and simply dumb.
    LeBron is speaking @ relationships and partnerships the NBA has built IN SPITE OF the state of China.

    People need to get off their high horses and throw away their iPhones, any products they continue to purchase from Walmart, turn in their GM trucks & Volkswagens… KFC, Coke, Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks…all big businesses in China.

  28. Martin Luther King wouldn’t bow down to a communist regime who steps on its own people, he fought to help Americans to be equal I’m sure lebron looks up to Martin I love nba players and lebron I hope he sees the wrong here this is a test of life wether the nba will ignore the money and have morals what would Martin Luther King do it

  29. lebron is a coward and a traitor.
    His chinese communist masters pat him on his head and tell him what a good little basketball boy he is!
    It's absolutely disgusting!

  30. Why don't these overpaid sweat donkeys shut up and play their little games. It's bad enough that people like him are sucking money out of the money supply and now he's normalising treason. Sickening.

  31. China kills people, fact, they dont stick to their promises, they use economic power for their benefit, like most dictatorships do. So shut up, forget the murders, forget the justice problems and just take the money. He may be a good man in some ways but he's a traitor to freedom, equality, and justice. He's also a coward. He risks nothing when he attacks his country, but other countries who make him and his employers rich he supports. Thank God for chess.

  32. i'm going to be honest this is a nothing issue, leave it alone. he is a moron, and you are acting like one as well when you put any stock in what a moron says.

  33. One black dude gets shot by cops, LeBron's like hey we gotta speak up no matter the consequences.

    7,500,000 Hong Kongers getting smashing by Communist China, LeBron's like hey we can't speak up because there's consequences ($$$).

    In LeBron's mind, one black guy is more valuable than 7,500,000 Hong Kongers. Racist much?

  34. Of course LeBron would sit across from Barack, they have the same values: Sell out American values for foreign money.

  35. Look at the bright side: LeBron and everyone in the NBA just forfeited their right to criticize America or President Trump.

  36. Hong Kong protesters are pro Democracy now? LOL. Those rioters have never been for Democracy, if given independence they'll just vote for their own flavor of Communism. Remember, it was the Hong Kong citizens themselves, who voted for complete government ownership of all property in Hong Kong, and for some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Hong Kongers are hardly Liberty loving people. Americans are stupid if they think Hong Kong would ever become anything like the West.

    Catalonia deserves way more support for their Independence and Democracy movement. They are peaceful and their citizens give unanimous support for Democracy and Independence. Of coarse the Western powers would never support true freedom movements in Catalonia. Americans are out to create foreign wars and feed their military industrial complex. True Democracy is not important to them. They are all Hypocrites at best.

  37. Should start a petition to get him kicked outta the US and forcibly relocated to China. He can come back after he realizes his error.

  38. Lebron James The Narcisisstic Weirdo…Always opening his mouth about everything…Even things that are none of his business…Thinks EVERYTHING he says and tweets even about Politics Should be taken VERY seriously and VERY important and relevant Just because he knows how to bounce a rubber ball and out it through a round piece of metal….This Lebron Clown could be the most ANNOYING person walking The Earth…Some defend EVERYTHING he says and does though because he is good at playing "Basketball"….Pathetic

  39. The American standard is that when the freedom of the United States violates the bottom line of others, they insist on freedom. When the freedom of others invades the bottom line of the United States, they stick to the bottom line.

  40. The USA needs to get over its worship of men and women who play with a ball. I personally think there are more productive human beings on the planet who have contributed something to mankind. It seems as if the minute a person who can play ball gets some notoriety that they are sought after for their opinions. And Hollywood script readers ought to stick to what they do best and not come out bashing our President when they have not bothered to do anything but read the mainstream script. Shame on us for falling for this commercial crapola.

  41. He used to play a game with a ball that he threw into a hoop. The more times you toss it into the hoop, the better you are. Very skilled and talented. A lot of stupid people pay a lot of money to see that. Don`t need no edjumacation for that.

  42. 3:52 But you have no problem sitting across from a man who promotes the Perversion of Homosexuality. There is your Character in a nutshell.

  43. Lebron is an ingrate and a traitor to the freedom and society that made him a rich man. Oh yah, he’s also a moron so his uninformed opinion carries no weight.

  44. Don't even necessarily agree with that assessment. Just hilarious to hear it from a Trumpneck who ignored the killing of a journalist in an embassy because the POTUS wanted the billion dollar deal on weapons. Holding a player, who should just dribble, is hilarious. Trumpnecks are allergic to logic and hypocrisy.

  45. Its hilarious that these celebreties who can act, sing or throw a ball into a basket think theyre political intellectuals.

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