Tucker Carlson Thinks Mexico Is Interfering With US Elections By Changing Our Culture

On Monday, Tucker Carlson finally took the
time to address the fact that 12 members of the Russian intelligence agency GRU were indicted
for attempting to influence the US election in 2016, and in true Tucker Carlson fashion,
he didn’t actually go after the Russians but instead told us who the real enemy was that
we need to worry about them influencing elections here in the United States. That enemy ladies and gentlemen is Mexico. Here is exactly what Tucker Carlson said on
the air about Mexico’s attempt to influence US elections: “Many countries do the same,”
talking about Russia interfering in our elections, “some more successfully than Russia, like
Mexico, which is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate.” Packing our electorate, that little phrase
right there that Tucker Carlson said, was about the loudest dog whistle you could ever
imagine, because what Tucker Carlson means is brown people are coming from Mexico and
they’re taking over these white areas and changing the political makeup of them, but
he frames it as if this is some kind of conspiracy coming from the Mexican government, that Mexico
is somehow interfering in our elections in a coordinated effort by sending their citizens
over to the United States, making them become naturalized citizens of the United States
so that they can vote, and then convincing them that they always have to vote for Democrats
instead of Republicans. That would have to be the biggest conspiracy
in the history of the planet, Tucker. But you don’t care about that. No, what you care about is blowing that dog
whistle for your base, for your viewers, because we know exactly what you mean, packing our
electorate. That’s clever. I have to hand it to you on that, that is
such a clever way to hide your blatant racism, because that’s what this is, Tucker. This isn’t about you worrying about illegals
coming across the border. This is about you worrying about people that
don’t look like you coming into the United States, and God forbid, becoming citizens
and gaining the right to vote. How horrible is that, right? I’m sure there’s tons of Native Americans
that would love to tell you how badly that can go for a country, because you and your
ancestors, and everybody’s ancestors almost, did the exact same thing. You and your other friends at Fox News, you
think you’re being clever by trying to disguise your racism as some kind of electoral interference,
or warning us that some of them are criminals and gang members in MS-13. What it really is, and what more and more
people in this country are starting to wake up and realize, is that your network has been,
continues to this day, and likely will always be pushing racist beliefs onto the American

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Dang Tucker, even though you don't look like the brightest crayon in the box…then you open your mouth and prove it. Seriously???? Can't blame Obama or Clinton on this one, so now it's latinas.😁😂😃😅😆😆😀😁😂😃

  2. The most vacant a$$hole in tv and let’s face it if it weren’t for Faux he would not find a job. He is creepy and I can’t listen to him for more than 30 seconds – the ignorance, nobody could be THAT stupid!!

  3. Fox News is interfering with democracy by backing a racist and hateful fascist agenda just to support Donald “the traitor” Trump

  4. Tucker is pure scum. All of these people at Fox News are co-conspirators in this treasonous administration and by far the greatest threat to this country. They can share a cell with Trump or we can all share the pile of ash this country will become if we let them get away with it.

  5. I'm Mexican, and if Tucker runs for public office, I'll vote for his ass what the hell, we Mexicans are good sports. Like the 91 year Mx. That said "Thank God her arm got tired of pounding me in the face with that brick, or I'd be dead". Trump will tear into Mexico here pretty soon to fertilize his cojones again. Like my old man told me, "The Devil knows full well whom he presents himself to.

  6. What are all these bigot fake journalists like tucker going to do after trump? Talk about how great trump was perhaps?

  7. That is some major league bullshit, if he thinks all brown people vote democratic he has not been to Texas, and other parts, hell even in chicago we have a bunch of Mexicans that voted for trump.

  8. Of course, Carlson is fine with Russian meddling because they're white Christian conservatives that agree with much of what he says. That's why he's fine with Russia interfering in our election process & trying to make Europe & North America white, christian, (socially) conservative & economically far left again!

  9. Mexico? 😂😂😂😂😂
    I have never laugh louder!!!
    Mexico now in conspiracy?
    They must be extremely resourceful!!! 😂😂DEFLECTION RACIST MODE!

  10. Please for the love of all that is good, someone take care of these things. They are hardly even people anymore. Money should mean nothing if this is what is takes to come by it anymore.

  11. These people on Fux seem so clueless and mentally challenged, it's amazing they're actually allowed in public without a chaperone. And yes, I'm talking about ALL of them.

  12. Tucker is a blow hard. He's got not substance and makes ridiculous comments because he has nothing else.

  13. Oh my Goodness! Tucker has to many wrinkles in his asshole! It is constricting blood flow to his tiny brain!

  14. WTF? Where do these idiots come up with this shit? Are there people out there that are that fucking stupid to believe this half wit fool.

  15. i have watched this insane sob show a few times and every time he is fighting with a guest on his show if they dont agree with him he has ( NO SKILLS AT ALL ) i would not let him interview my pet fly

  16. Omgoshh this is so ridiculous to think that Mexico can actually influence USA elections…🤣🤣🤣🤣 so does that mean that Mexico is not longer consider a third world country but high tech meddlers ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Poor tucker fake news. Show proof


  18. Mexico will have the last laugh. And I will laugh with them. Trump has turned America into a pimple on the ass of progress.

  19. He's blowing more than just a dog whistle. Drumpf fluffer Cucker Carlson's producers need to remind him to wipe Drumpf's cum off his chin before going on air.

  20. Well, I wish they would hurry up with it already, I'm still waiting for the taco truck on every corner! [as threatened]
    (do I smell burritos? mmmm..mmm!)

  21. You mean non citizens? Voteing ? non citizens collecting snap ? Non citizens children in school on your property tax dollars you mean non citizens in the emergency room with bo intenshion of ever paying you mean non citizens driving cars and driving up insurance costs in france if you get caught giveing a non citizen a job you will go to prison so what do you mean brown people who cares what they look like or where they are from we need to get rid of them and stop any more from comming as they leave i would like them to have as a parting gift everything You own just for being such a moron

  22. Gee if they could get those 5 – 11 million illegales to vote they could throw trump out. Oh wait according to some 16 year old in california they did but wheres the proof. Again there is none because it didn't happen only in some peoples deluded minds.

  23. Idiot! You must have really thought about it, Tucker, before showing how ignorant you and all of your “friends” are regarding our beautiful, peaceful, and warm culture. Idiot! We are hard workers, family oriented, and we thrive in learning. I feel so sorry for people like you, and you must know who I mean. I’m from Mexico, have a degree and 4 other certificates. I have worked since I was 17 and went to college paying my own studies myself. Besides being ignorant, you are an idiot. Read, at least, if you can read so that you can learn the basics of Mexico and its people. You must be so boring to talk to! There’s a bunch of videos regarding Americans who decide to go live there, in wonderful and beautiful MEXICO!

  24. If you browse comments sections and blog posts made by conservatives, you’ll find that Trump’s chumps are embracing this as fact with absolutely no consideration of facts

  25. All I can say is thank you for this Tucker rasist. He better go back to Austria. There is were Hitler came from. I hate him

  26. Mexicans affected the 2016 elections more than Russians did. This channel and all those who follow it are pathetic. You all will never defeat Trump and his supporters because we are better than you.

  27. I love the idea that people moving into an area and voting for the opposition are the problem while gerrymandering constituencies is perfectly fine [/facepalm]

  28. Old Caucasians can’t get over Mexicans , can’t stop talking about us thinking about us looking at-us dreaming about us . Old c’s hate new America hate it

  29. The weasels at FOx news should all be in prison. No they don't partake in free speech they exploit it to misinform and steal power for GOP and use racism and stupidity & fear to pull in the scum who watch it

  30. MEXICO is a superior nation… But thanks the CIA and their puppet-virtual-leftist-populist-president, it will become a communist narco-shit hole, like Cuba and Venezuela.

  31. Tucker "the Cucker" Carlson is the 2nd most ignorant & bat shit crazy "news person" in all of America, only trailing Alex Jones in that dubious category.

  32. But, but, but… What about the Irish potato famine and all dem Scots and English? Pretty sure the "Pennsylvania Dutch" aka Germans also altered a bit of culture back when. Since you only seem to notice when people are Brown or Black, How about all the boatloads of West Africans some of your ancestors may have errr, "imported" back in the day?

    The Vietnamese Boat People? The Cubans who fled Castro and made Miami home? All those Chinese and their enterprising ways – opening small businesses and prospering and stuff? Asia and South Asia is yuuge so I'm sure there are lots of "them" infiltrating then assimilating and spending money and shopping for food and doing jobs and stuff, Tucker.

    Better get on it, son!!

    I read in an old text book back in my younger days that even the Native American peoples once infiltrated the New World from Asia by way of a land bridge and went on to do all kinds of cultural stuff up and down the American continents. Beware – they may have blended into some areas.

    My word, Tucker, this whole interference by infiltration thing may be deeper than you realized at first.

    Then again, it just might be the most shallow piece of cheap theater to come from Faux News in days.

  33. Everyone knows that the Mexican military has a secret program that plants vegetable gardens during the night.

  34. Such a bunch of crap pulled out of his ass again. You have to become a US citizen first to be eligible to vote.

  35. Tucker Carlson is a troll buying into the Trumpian bullshit that 3,000,000 illegal Mexicans voted in our elections. No PROOF, no FACTS. If the Mexican people have attained citizenship like everyone else, they have the right to vote for anyone they please. The fact that they don't vote Republican is that the GOP can't hide its racism any better than Tucker Carlson.

  36. "US and Russian officials indicated Friday that the two countries would work together in a number of areas, including cybersecurity." FINALLY… PROOF OF COLLUSION!!!

  37. Pretty sure Tucker doesnt mean Legal Mexican Citizens. Tucker mean Illegal are voting in the U.S. elections.

  38. They'll be changing history next Mexico had a cold war with America in the 60s and have 1950 ICBMs 😂😂😂

  39. Man ,to think that this moron gets paid way too much for being an asshole, is just disgusting. Carlson is truly like the Orange Sphincter.

  40. Fox News = Conservative Propaganda News Channel
    ''We're unbalanced! It's not fair!''

    Established in 1996

  41. Raven GamerDude1961
    ➡️Origins of MEXICO and Mexicans :ANCIENT CULTURES OF MESOAMERICA – Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Pyramids, etc…
    ➡️Origins of the USA : A massacre and holocaust of millions of native Americans and stolen land from Mexico in the 1858 illegal war for US expansion even Abraham Lincoln said that the war against Mexico was illegal and a shame for real Americans!!

  42. Note that the information in this video was cherry picked by Cousins to include only one of the many things that Carlson reported on in reference to Mexico's interference in U.S. elections. Nice try asshole!

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