Tucker Carlson Says CNN Is A State-Run Propaganda Outlet

Earlier this week, Fox news host, Tucker Carlson
decided that he wanted the ride and op-ed for Fox news.com and he did any titled it,
Jeff Zucker. CNN is the very definition of state media
and America doesn’t watch it. Now, I read this article as best I could. Tucker Carlson is not a great writer, but
he claims as he does in the headline that CNN is somehow now state media a state run
propaganda media outlet that nobody watches. Now, here’s the reason Tucker Carlson is even
coming forward and trying to make these claims, uh, project Veritas the discredited uh little
group run by James O’Keefe has put out a new video that allegedly show CNN, president Jeff
Zucker going out there and talking about how much they hate the president and how great
impeachment is and blah, blah, blah. Okay? There’s actually nothing wrong with that. The man is also a private citizen. He’s allowed to be excited about things, but
every one on the right seems to think that this means that. Yep. CNN hates Donald Trump. It is apparent in their programming. Man, we got CNN. No, no, you didn’t. Jeff Zucker sucks. CNN sucks, so does Fox and MSNBC. Here’s the thing, I don’t watch cable news
and I never have. I will turn it on. If there is an election and we’re watching
the returns come in, I typically mute it cause I can’t stand to hear any of them give their
analysis. Doesn’t matter which network I’m watching. Other than that, I do not watch it because
I read, I look for news, I check different sources. That’s kind of part of my job, but never have
I ever thought CNN was bad because they hated Trump. No, CNN is bad because they’re owned by corporations. Just like MSNBC, just like Fox news. Corporations have agendas and that’s what’s
driving the programming at every single one of those corporate media outlets and sure
to a degree all of them could be described as a state media outlet. Obviously Fox news where Tucker works certainly
in the pocket of Donald Trump, his hosts talk to him on the telephone every day, every day
according to reports. They will go out of their way to twist and
warp reality to fit whatever the narrative the president’s trying to sell that day. Fox news is state run media when it looks
like we’re on the brink of war and the Pentagon needs an outlet to go out there and push us
right over the edge. That CNN, thats CNN state run media, they
love selling war. They love having war because it’s great for
their ratings because people do seem to think CNN is really in the middle there just fair
and balanced and when it comes to war, you want fair, you want balance. And that’s why I see it in loves a good war. Their rating spike during Iraq and they’d
been desperate to come back ever since. So yes, in a way CNN is also state run media,
MSNBC, sorry folks. They’re cheerleaders for the centrist corporatist
wing of the democratic party. That is what they are. They’re anti progressive. They bring their hosts on every weekend to
make crap up about Bernie Sanders and attack him for things that aren’t even true. Yeah, they’re in the pocket of the democratic
party but not the good part of the democratic party. The crappy part, the part that keeps tanking
the democratic party. That’s MSNBC. So yes, they could also be classified as state
run media for that particular purpose. The truth is they all suck. They really do. They bury the important stories. They barely talk about climate change, which
is the biggest threat to our country. They go with over-hyped, sensationalized mostly
false narratives because it fits their vision, but more importantly because it brings in
the eyeballs and at the end of the day that’s what all these outlets, even Tucker’s Fox
news, that’s what they’re all about. You have to get the eyeballs so you can bring
in the ad dollars and they will do what ever their particular government entity wants them
to do. If they think it’s going to bring them a couple
more dollars. CNN is no worse than the rest, and they’re
all also no better than the rest. But we do have to laugh a little bit at the
irony of Tucker Carlson accusing any other network of being state run propaganda when
there is no worse state run propaganda in this country than what’s coming out of Fox
news today.

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  1. these stupid "journalists" just need to quit picking at each other and stick to their lanes. anybody who has two brain cells knows what's up with the mainstream press and their biases. and no matter how they like to say they're not part of the liberal media, fox is still mainstream.

  2. Most everyone on FOX news are just as idiotic as Trump himself. They are no less bull crap artists than the Globe, or any other tabloid. The only reason why Trump likes them is because they bend over backwards to keep him happy. FOX is loosing so much money that they will be lucky to survive Trump's Administration. As for Trump hating any other news agency? Cause they won't bend over for Trump. One of the reasons why the USSR collapsed was because of Provda. A free and open media guarantees that Democracy is fully reported.

  3. Tucker Carlson you are one of the muppets employed by Fox News at the behest of Rupert Murdoch. Have watched 5 minutes of one of your shows, you were lucky I gave it 5 minutes, there was no semblance of objectivity in it. You certainly are not an informed host who has bothered to look at both sides of a new story. That’s called JOURNALISM. I am of the opinion that on your CV there was a question that asked if you slept through ethics, and you ticked the box with a yes.

    You do remind me of Jabba the Hutt, your minions fawn over you and you sit there basking and absorbing the adoration having no regard for your audience. What spews out of your orifice used for talking has about as much journalistic merit as I have of winning the next Grand Prix.

  4. is this really surprising? It's their Universal formula: Change one word in the sentence like the following:
    "trump had a meltdown" becomes "pelosi had a meltdown"
    "fox news is state run propaganda network" becomes "CNN is state run propaganda network"

    "trump is a liar" becomes "hilary is a liar"

    done, no thinking involved. ANYONE could do that.


  6. But Tucker, The Government IS the STATE and right now the STATE is the Trump Administration…….So like……………….Why would they do that?

  7. State run means that the government in charge of a nation, in this case the Trump administration, also owns and controls the media therefore Tucker is saying that Trump runs CNN. Tucker is an idiot who can't even project properly.

  8. MSNBC is pushing the Tulsi is a Russian asset thing. But they are calling her a useful idiot for Russia. Just like Max Blumenthal said they would do yesterday on Aaron Matte's show

  9. Fox is a rich white billionaire sponsored media channel who spreads nazi n far right propaganda…n even takes money from foreign interst…so yea fox news are d biggest nazi professional corruptionist TERRORIST propaganda news channel in d world…but yet they say cnn is d bad one…lol

  10. As another of the privatized propagandists, Carlson knows whereof he speaks.
    "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."  —  attributed to CIA Director William Colby, while I have my doubts as to whether Colby actually said it, I'm pretty sure it is an accurate claim

  11. Trump is the state. So is tucker saying cnn supports trump. Tucker if he said this knows Fox is trump's state tv. He's just trying to cause confusion and conspiracy theories.

  12. ROF, man you hit the bullseye with that comment, I tell people that to just don't listen to the news read research and one of the most important thing that a voter can do it's vote locally get involved locally it all starts in your backyard.

  13. I agree with you very strongly sir reading is much more efficient than listening to them go on and on about their feelings

  14. Only one corporation talks to the president every day, only one makes a gameplan with the government every day, and only one will give an opinion with no facts to back it up and sure opinion is used way too much and added right next to "news" but only one will air a conspiracy theory and call it news. Fox is the government's safety net if a gaff has been made out of the white house (a normal Tuesday) Fox will fight and bring on horrible humans like Shawn or even shamed Oliver North, people we should not ask for advice because they are government shills of today and yesterday. I admit I watch MSNBC because I enjoy Racheal Maddow and Chris Hayse. I fact check before I repeat a story where I can and refrain from repeating that story if I can't. Bottom Line Fox knows the person first to call someone a shill is the only one listened to. We need to stop Trump from talking in private to news outlets and is he still using a private cellphone?? That security risk alone is so much worse than the Clinton e-mail issue.

  15. Tuck the cuck calling any news station not named Fox "state media," is like a doctor calling the mad king Trump "the healthiest president ever"

  16. Cucker Tarlson is a millionaire shill for billionaires who launders white supremacist talking points. Screw him.

  17. OK I'll admit it, CNN is my primary news source. I know TV news' primary concern is viewer count because that's what determines income but I don't consider myself a number in a column. Information is delivered with spin by every source and it's my opinion that CNN along with MSNBC do the fairest job. Network news is harmless enough but you gotta sit through all the silly TV shows.

    Fox is propaganda.

  18. First off, Fox News was started by the type of person the right claims to hate the most, an illegal, Jewish immigrant. Secondly, do people under 60 still watch cable news? Lastly, Cucker Tarlson is the example of state run news, watching Fox News reminds me of CGTN, mostly because the Chinese Global Times modeled themselves after FOX NEWS for being so good at state run propaganda. When you are the one other Propaganda networks emulate, that tends to mean only one thing.

  19. If CNN was a "state-run media outlet" the Shite House would have control over CNN. Fact that CNN does what the do, merely proves that Tucker Carlson has learned to talk thru his arse. The same guy who, in gang-bang partnership with Panicky Hannity, ACT as if THEY are part of a state run media outlet, such as Fox Spews. Great presentation, Farron.

  20. The best thing about this: I read! Exactly. Intelligent people don't just absorb someone else's narrative and parrot their favorite talking points. They read. They learn. They educate themselves in the actual facts.

  21. If CNN were "state run", then Trump, who's in charge of the state, is doing a really crappy job controlling his own media…

  22. Fox News has Twice as many Viewers than CNN, MSNBC Combined. Independents get News from Fox, CNN and MSNBC get the Left wing nut Cases.

  23. Tucker Carlson is a joke of a human. Not even Tucker's mother would cry if Vice President Carlson were walking down 5th avenue and shot by some insane orange idiot.

  24. I'm with Farron on this one.. But CNN isn't State News, they are Corporate and they dictate what is put on the air and it sucks.. At least CNN has actual journalist though that at least TRIES to be good.. But I cannot stomach it for long.. I rather read my news or watch independent news on here..

  25. How TF can you have a state run media that no one watches? Especially if they have been critical of the people who are actually running the state? Cucker's a moron!


  27. Tucker is a complete lying idiot… Pathetic what has happened to the republican party because of Fox "fake " news… It was developed to MUNIPULATE the masses with propaganda i'er and over until people believe it's facts

  28. Isn't that what fox news is ??? Tucker has his head so far up Trump's ass that it is sickening. They do talk to each other everyday. Have seen it a lot of times. I look in of fox but can not handle the trump talk 24-7

  29. go watch Project Veritas and then go look up "Project MockingBird" ……. CNN is as close to Communist news as you can get

  30. How can they work against the president (the state) and be state run propaganda? Does Tucker understand the definitions of the words he uses.

  31. And Tucker Carlson is a total asshole. He will never rise above the most low-bar level of incompetence ever. Sucker tucker can't get enough of trumpty dumpty. Sycophant to the very end.

  32. Carlson just like his cohorts and minions at Fox, is paid obscene amounts of money to carry the water for Trump, "conservatism," and the (soon to be defunct) Republican Party. The last stitch of truth and accurate reporting left the building the same time Shepard Smith did. Fox is state run propaganda – pure and simple. Problem is, they will not be able pull the orange virus out of the jaws of defeat – November 2020 – no matter how much they spin, divert, distract, and LIE!

  33. You are a no-name lackey running block. All true and you have been discredited for a while now. Go join TYT propaganda channel! Suits you well! Scuzbucket!

  34. tucker sucks,,,his ratings are shit like his show,,,he doesn`t set the tone for morale with news outlets,,tckr is without a doubt the most bias op ed on tv.he has to go just like trump,negative bullshit and bad vibes!!!!!

  35. CNN journalist are on record quoting that Jeff Zucker was going for The President of America's throat all the time.CNN is about HATE and negativity towards The President AND the American people.

  36. Isn't the very definition of State Media a propoganda outlet for those in power? Last time I checked Trump is in power. so wouldn't that make CNN part of the Counter Media? I mean no one is trying to dispute that outlets like Fox and CNN are biased propaganda except for those who are employed by those media corporations like Carlon but I think it's safe to say that Carlson's definitions are off. Fox News is State Media. CNN is not State Media because they aren't the arm of those in power who actually define policies that affect our lives.

  37. corporate CNN and corporate Fox News Network enforce a left vs right narrative, distracting from the reality of the top vs bottom.

  38. It’s where everyone goes for breaking news lol. Carlson Fox News is Trumps television station lol.. yuh guys can’t fool anyone . Only reporting what you want your trump supports want to hear . Why do you disrespect Americans by immuring or lying? How can you guys talk impeachment mess when Republicans changed the rules to secret meetings in 2015. When you were investigating Benghazi . Sorry Americans are smarter than that. Now you are asking senators who took an oath to uphold the constitution to support Trump even he is guilty of crimes in office ? Would this have flown if it was Hillary or Obama ? Hell no! Yuh guys are destroying your party and just like Netanyahu in Israel Trump won’t
    Be able to ignore all of the scandals and criminality ….

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