Tucker: Bloomberg is not the candidate Democrats picture

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  1. Attacking his race and age? How hypocritical you leftists are.
    I despise Bloomberg because of his funding of anti Second Amendment legislation and his attacks on free speech but you leftists can’t debate on real facts and evidence. You always virtue signal and play identity politics. You disgust regular Americans you leftist scum.

  2. Note that all the Billionaires are on the liberal side.  Why?  Because they are afraid the little children in Antifa and other activist groups would go harass them.  These people like Bloomberg and Steyer or whatever his name is like to pretend to be for the little guy but they are for themselves.

  3. Please people don't use his Billions against him, it makes you look bad. Remember he was reelected a third term and if we could've had him for a fourth term we would have.If he didn't care about the people of America and what's happening around the world he wouldn't run for President !We need him…. Michael Bloomberg For President

  4. Tucker Carlson is right on point, absolutely hilarious, and honest to the core. He's a valuable addition the political commentary in our nation.

  5. LOL like unionized auto workeers are a significant factor. Tucker lives in the 80s when unions were a factor. The boomers have so de-industrialized America that there is no such thing as union influence or power. The people are poor and working two or three jobs to survive and many without healthcare. The boomers in their greed have created a permanent peasant class with which we cant have a democracy. Look at the support Yang has because he promises the hopeless class 1K a month. That is the state of desperation.

  6. "Ideologically neutral" is EXACTLY what that country needs, instead of the radicals on both sides calling each other names that we see now….

  7. Bloomberg is not politically neutral. He's a flaming die-hard leftist. He believes in the New World Order and complete gun confiscation. All this is an example of how leftists eat each other.

  8. Reminder: in November 2015, Ben Carson was leading the Republican primary polls, 18 Republicans were still in the race, and Democratic media was falling all over themselves laughing at the "Republican Clown Car". Segments citing a crowded primary field as "evidence" of "disarray" are as stupid now as they were then.

    So Tucker is either being stupid or he's being disingenuous. Either is disappointing, albeit for different reasons.

  9. Another global corporate elitist seeking to protect the status quo. How nice. Big government and multinational corporations working together to serve the lizard oligarchs by stealing tax dollars and jobs from the middle class. Even these billionaires must realize that all of this has created great wealth and social divide, along with asset and currency bubbles which will inevitably burst. For old geezers like little Mikey, though, there's nothing to worry about. They won't be around when the house of cards comes crashing down.

  10. No the Democrats in the general population are not picturing Bloomberg for their candidate. The Democrats in the general public have been, consistently for 2 decades, pumped liberal MSM agendas against the wealthy. They campaign an agenda of "it's the fault of the wealthiest", which much is their fault in the breakdown of the fabrics of society that they so desire to control, and it's had a very negative effect for the general public when it comes to what the Obama Party has presented as agendas. Why their are so many billionaire liberals is beyond my comprehension, as well as their own comprehension. Bloomberg best be ready to make his apology to the entire world for being born, born white, born white and male, being a billionaire, being rather an unfriendly personality, for creating the worlds first ever soda pop law enforcement agency to regulate the ingestion of Dr. Pepper, etc. Bloomberg's campaign is Bernie Sanders stamp to total victory.

  11. This d-bag will run plenty of center-fire democrats straight into Trump's arms. Bring it Michael. We're going to wad you up and toss you over-shoulder.

  12. Not one of those Ultra-Lefters mentioned Bloomberg's outstanding leadership record on climate change and gun control. That's because the Ultra-Left doesn't really care about climate change and gun control, they only care about seizing totalitarian power so they can purge dissent by genocide.

  13. This has been the plan all along. They kept him safe literally till the last day possible. And even now although he's officially on the ballet…he is pretending its just a maybe.
    This is so he is clean when he goes against trump. Just like Biden, Trump would of ended him by now.
    The dems got sued over burney, and burnet lost. The judge said the dem party is private and can lie when they say "we are fair" because they are private. Basically they did it, but are allowed to.
    Now…The burney blackout is in high gear, tulsi is a russian operative, and if you are paying attention…pocahontus is the current target.

    I will admit, bloomburg is fresh air, a comedian. he said the 20 dems trying to win are running on apologies.
    He said butadeg apologized for being white…biden apologized for being a man…lol and this is funny…and this "orourk fella just apoligized for being alive". Now that was funny.
    Bad news is…yay..a president who's over 80 when he gets the job? Jeeesh! I wonder how the progressives running the party right now feel about this lol
    Maybe with a progressive vice, he can promise to step down in a year lol

  14. When Trump announced his candidacy I was reminded of these lines in the song "If I Were a Rich Man" when Tevye sings:
    "And it won't make one bit of difference
    If I answer right or wrong
    When you're rich they think you really know."

  15. Why do you think this whole impeachment BS,is going on?The Democrat party don't have a positive message.They don't have a plan that's going to improve our country in any way..They dont have a candidate that anyone outside their Base,Cares about in any way.Their a Clown show that wants power any way they can get it.What have they done to deserve it?


  17. He's just a distraction. The only candidates that actually have a high chance of being the democratic pick are Warren, Yang, Sanders

    …."maybe" to these people: Biden Butigeg, Harris and Gabbard.

    And between all those, there are only two, maybe three that have enough bipartisan apeal to take on Trump. This is based on online polling, voter retention(how loyal and likely voters will stick with you), voter increases, amount of campaign donation earnings, rate of campaign donations, Internet search inquiries, ect.

    Bloomberg will maybe shave off a few Warren and Biden supporters. But his running is essentially all fluff. Like an annoying fruit fly. I'm actually annoyed that he's taking up news coverage from the other candidates.

  18. Hey Tucker how do these people get away with this racism how do these brown people get away with making these racist comments about white people? Do you know that if white people were making comments about these brown people they would be screaming and crying all over the place. How is it that they get away with this and we don't. What's going on here?

  19. Congrats Republicans, Nikki Haley just confirmed what Anonymous has written, Trump wasn't trusted by his own staff.

  20. CNN is lying? OMG who knew? lol Both parties rely on people swallowing whatever their favorite media hub feeds them. Low information voters are not unique lol they're everywhere.

  21. Every day the Dems spend trying to come up with a crazy solution to their Trump problem, they push him closer to his next 4 years. Everyone left of center have gone off the deep end.

  22. Doomberg is not "White", bitchface said at 1:50, he's a tiny hat Chosenite. He'll fade faster than Howie Schultz of Starbucks fame.

  23. Might as well restate it here: the left's primary concern has always been ideological purity. Throughout history, that has been the case. Robespiere/Danton … Stalin/Trotsky … Mao vs his own people … Castro vs reactionaries in his own party. Only when their enemies are eliminated can the left rest easy. So they fight among themselves constantly in contests of 'purity'. The left cares little to nothing about actual human beings; for them it is all about agenda. That's the reason every leftist revolution fails in the end and ultimately consumes itself in violence until a strongman like Stalin, Mao and Castro takes control and kills everyone who disagrees. That's the reason the Dem Party is fighting among itself right now. If the left actually ever took power in America, a bloodbath would follow. Remember that next November as you vote.

  24. Come Democrats, think of all the good things that Michael will do for us all. He'll strip away you 2A rights. He'll make large sodas illegal nationwide, and tell you how to live!

  25. 🇺🇸 Thank you Mr. President for your excellent job performance . I vote for you on 2016 and I will on 2020 . TRUMP # 1.🇺🇸

  26. Just warning and reminding, Bloomberg is like the trigger! If he gets his way in the office then the left as well as green green and false democrats are going to get their way right in with his help! Beware and watch out for the false capitalist but still a strong communist that is Bloomberg both behind Schiff, Soros(big sorrows i should rather say), and behind those pushing AOC and ilomar so agains beware not a good thing at all for him to be around, he is probably their best card so far!!!!!! Warm President Trump about this to beware at all cost of Bloomberg and they all are infact behind Greta green pusher girl..so so bad and weird going on behind the scene..!!!

  27. Who gives a fuc what Wall Street wants those are the same guys that fuxked up the economy who cares what they think get off rich people stick Fox News

  28. When your base is largely made up of bigoted intolerant ideologues, it is hard to get them all to come together in any other way…

  29. Unbelievable!!!!!!! These horrible reporters are so Racist always using the RACIST CARD SO CNN RACIST REPORTER BLOOMBERG A WHITE SUPREMACIST THESE RATS ARE A DISGRACE AND MENACE TO SOCIETY!!!!!!!!

  30. Democrats will never want BLOOMBERG in OFFICE. But MayBe as the VP, to HILLARY, will work out fine. The LEFT needs PAWNS to order around or blackmail to telling them what MUST be done. BILLIONAIRE BLOOMBERG May Have A Problem With THIS, maybe not as VP … Its about LIEING over and over with the media sweeping all LEFT wrong doings under the carpet and blaming the right. Can BLOOMBERG take orders as a VP, so they can COLLAPSE the COUNTRY for a NWO ? MMmmnnn… That is a BILLIONAIRE QUESTION to being the next VP.

  31. Trump's been successful thus far because his entire career has been spent dealing with real estate moguls and mafia. Government is just a next-level mafia, so this is merely a game for him.

  32. The only subversion was Trump's extortion of a foreign leader whose county is fighting war against Russia. Trump's actions brought our troops one step closer to war with Russia and nuclear annihilation.

  33. Bloomburg is a bust. Yuck…..he is old and worse yet….HE ACTS OLD. President Trump 🇺🇸♥️ Is YOUNG ON THE INSIDE N OUTSIDE.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. i personally don't like Bloomberg, but he is good for the primaries.

    He will be a choice for the moderates like Biden, and is a contrast to the progressives of the party.
    One side or the other will prevail.

    Its how the system works.

    I know conservatives hate our system, and just about everything America stands for, but until they finish destroying our nation we will still "sort of" have elections.

  35. One of life’s strange joys is watching bigots claiming to be victims while victimizing their own with bigotry 🤔 Seeing the Democrats melt down as they have over the past few years is at once sad and hilarious.

  36. Tucker is awesome, I’m the UK only have standard Tv channels but I’m considering getting cable to Just watch Tucker

  37. It is a real problem for sure. None of them is electable. Bloomburg is too centrist to appeal to the left-loving Democrats. He would make their ideas look stupid in any debate. He's not an ideologue. I keep believing that Hillary will enter the fray as the only Democrat who has a remove chance of beating Trump. C'mon Hillary. Third time's the charm. You can do it girl. LOL

  38. I can just imagine the mob bosses wanting to run for president. Their hit men wanting to take out the competition. All we need is to get them to run as a Democrat and we could get rid of some of the candidates, just kidding. Their is lots of Italian's in America some of them have dual citizenship, hence aristocratic citizenship. You would think President trump being a little bit German by heritage would appeal to German american's but none of the Presidents ever seem Italian , not much representation for the 60 million people with Italian heritage, I am surprised there hasn't been an Italian running for President recently. I am 20 percent German by heritage or Dutch Netherlands, but no Italian, My family has been here since the first Dutch settlers involved with the early trading companies, like a lot of Dutch heritage American also Scottish like Donald about 31 percent scottish and Irish mix, I think lots of Americans are German , scottish , and Irish mix, I am also English, a bit French and Scandinavian, Finnish, Norwegian 20 percent, not to mention a little bit German Jewish or Israeli 1 percent. I identify with about half the country that way I think but still not Italian and always wonder about the other half.

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