Tucker: 2020 Democrats turn on Warren

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I used to think Democrats and their allies in the media couldn’t get any more corrupt, dishonest, crazy, dangerous, and criminal than they were. When the “Squad” came to Congress and began running Nancy Pelosi, I was proved wrong. The Democrats can get much worse given time. I think we will all be seeing it in the future….

  2. tucker facts don't matter. if dylan roof broke out of prison and ran as a democrat he would still get 90% of the black vote. it's all tribalism. the issues don't matter anymore.

  3. "Government-paid" health care will create a huge bureaucracy (see Europe) and guarantees more pharmaceuticals will be swallowed and wasted. Prices for medicines will rise and personal choice will be eradicated step by step.

  4. President Trump has stoicism toward Elizabeth Warren. Doing Trump's work? Hardly. She is as representative of a problem as a few flakes of dandruff on his collar. He just brushes her off. It's really an exercise in humor watching this three-ring circus interact…

  5. At this point a mop with a bucket for a head would make a better president than this unhinged psychopath that you MAGA people keep supporting!

    A real American Patriot would never support what this President is doing you all need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is wrong with you!

  6. In fighting among the Democrats, does the heart good. A bit like watching a couple of street rats fighting in the gutter over territory, in the small hours of the morning.

  7. It was inevitable for Mother Goose to be attacked. Her fairytales of being an Indian, The pregnant wisk me off, mom and dad elope cause of mom being a native, and the stories go on…

  8. MSM Press LIES – – They're saying all 12 Dems supported impeachment.  NOT TRUE!!! – – Tulsi said she supports an inquiry, NOT impeachment.  FAKE NEWS

  9. Imagine a "commander in chief" calling a General "overrated." Is that what leadership looks like nowdays? I for one think out of 324 million people there might be a better one for the office. maybe its you!


  11. if the dem front runners were Ronald MacDonald and Bozo the clown, it couldnt be more of a clown show!
    ( no offense intended to Ronald and Bozo by this comparison)

  12. If she doesn't plan to hike taxes it's because she doesn't plan to keep her promises. She is a wolf in socialist clothing.

  13. love getting tuckers pov on issues. just no BS just real facts if hes wrong he admits it. keep up the awesome job/real journalism tucker

  14. Nice to see Democrats eat each other. Bato might as well walk now. Anyone that owns a gun will NEVER vote for that FAKE.

  15. Tucker, you cracked me up! I had a good laugh (incredulity). Well done on showing us how ludicrous those journalists' comments really are, and just how revealing their statements are of their lack of journalistic integrity.

  16. 1:03 Biden: I'm going to say something that's probably going to offend some people. I'm the only one on this stage that's gotten something really big done. (After all. It's not easy tp wreck the economy. Wreck healthcare. Wreck the military. Empower terrorists. Put his son in a zillion dollar job and get the prosecutor on his tail fired. Quid Pro Joe gets stuff done. None of it good.)

  17. here in Quebec, the half of the budget, pass on medic-care…and its increases every years….50 billion by years for 8 million peoples…just imagined for all USA and all illegal migrants…and they cannot know how many migrants will come in an open border so they cannot know how many money it will cost…

  18. Sen. Lizard Warren wants YOUR money, o members of the American Middle Class.  She can't tell you that because you won't vote for her.  Maybe we could entice Lizard to play in Boston traffic one o'these days with power tools and a rainstorm going on?

  19. " My name is Elizabeth Warren and my pronouns are she/her/hers." – Sounds scary, reminding one of Georg Orwells "1984". Dems are going totally nuts with their gender obsession trying to deny biological facts and establishing a "Ministry of Truth" where everyone is compelled to join the zombie society or otherwise to be rediculed as a paria/ "Unperson" and prosecuted by their "Thought Police".

  20. If you are a lifelong Democrat and you hear a Democratic Party candidate say they are in any way going to save you money,
    you better vote straight Republican for the sake of avoiding bankruptcy.

  21. Donald Trump won 2020 the moment "The Squad" formed and the Democrats went FAR FAR Left! Even Pelosi got onboard with the idiots, so Trump 2020.

  22. Let poca…. sorry, Warren be the nominee! Let have us some fun! Trump will be very kind to her and not ask any of those nasty questions, for sure..

  23. Trump will have her crying on a debate stage.she'll be screaming bullying is a bad pronoun.Cant imagine her being leader of this country.She's not fit for senate.has done absolutely nothing for Massachusetts.

  24. Trump will have her crying on a debate stage.she'll be screaming bullying is a bad pronoun.Cant imagine her being leader of this country.She's not fit for senate.has done absolutely nothing for Massachusetts.

  25. B.S. Obama care is being carried by the middle class by raising all our costs and we are going broke with this and all the added state taxes 😡😡

  26. Doesn't matter, if Warren is the nominee for the democrats wall street will not back her-so once again they will loose. I still think Trump won this one too-LOL