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okay so now we get to true freedom and social justice should truth or facts be defense in a court of law good you should truth and facts be defense in a court of law should reason Saxby defend it offensive look if what is more important full disclosure of the data and facts or protecting someone's feelings full disclosure so what is more important to you truth or freedom they're inseparable you can't have freedom without reason you can't have truce with our freedom and if you discovered some information that was countered to mainstream socio political beliefs would you keep it to yourself or would you share it even if that meant that you could face jail time jail and what is more important rights of the individual kindness and care of minorities or freedom of speech they're all important but if you had to rank them the freedom of speech has to be defined and freedom of speech has to be tempted with very clear and concise defamation laws no one should have the freedom of speech to wrongly defame someone without recourse the others who were what's more rights of the individual kindness and Caroline not own rights of the individual have to be clear your fund as well an individual has a right to be naked on certain beaches and other beaches parents might want making people running with their children right to the individual to marry their dog or the horse rights of individual have to be clear define what is more important to a perception of the world or fax fax and now we have questions on equality in a gala Karen isn't what is more important equality or freedom equality is a very very dangerous word and one of the massive weapons it was a massive weapon in the French Revolution that took the heads off 80,000 people over 10 years 10 years to cut the heads off 80,000 people to manage equality I call it equal isms the French took out about 250,000 as their brightest genes GE nes this is probably one of the reasons why the friendships are definitely hurts at times because they rubbed out a huge part of their intelligence gene pool then the wards and resulted of it as a result of the French Revolution and the name of equality and equality has broached itself into the school system to a shocking extent to the extent that now an employee working in the employer working for an employer believes in the inevitability of their profound equalness which results in an unable to add apprentice himself to the employer because they believe they're equal they believe they're empowered with all knowledge wisdom in experience as it as a right as a right today themselves so to the extent when they go for a job they say how much do we get paid they can't say how much am I able to earn a chance for bonuses or extra Commission's or am I able to work if I have how much money will they income increase if I knew exactly what you want me to be because they're already equal they have lost the individual right to have a gold fitting capacity teaching children are they're equal isn't isn't a gas thing to do to a child because it makes the one so beautifully tall stoop it makes the ones they've got a good figure street their shoulder it makes the ones who speak clearly mumble it slows down the sports people to an extent it gives license to those who are inferior in any respect to make no effort to catch up equality is one of the the desire to equality is one of the great inhibitors of human development when that equality is given as a right instead of us instead of as an example that you are equal in opportunity and the Christians will say you're equal before God really there's no other equality no one has equal strength now and has equal intelligence meloneras equals taste buds known as equal sent known as equal hearing now on as equal mental capacity there's no two people playing identical damaged chest equality is one of the great destructive the desire for equality or the teaching of equality is one of the great destructive tools of socialism designed to destroy a small business enterprise society I thought I saw a quote on Twitter and said winning is racist yeah yeah that's that it was John Kerry who after 20 years of being general secretary and socializing the Liberal Party and of the Senate was immediately appointed Minister for education and he said about in he said about preparing this thought you're talking about you play the game have fun them up to win and there was a headmaster called trace immune from college who built a wet if i start at 68 68 Mason Mason with his name human ecology building a chapel yeah and around the walls of the chapel was Buddha alley at which was the name original name of Allah yeah before Muhammad stole the stone Idol head Elliott in Medina and took it to Edmonton Mecca and took it to Medina and renamed it our so the Hindu and other deities were given diversity and equality in the Christian chapel at newington college by arc so she was tracing the headmaster so as a society should we strive for equality of outcome or inequality of outcome we should screw up we should strive and society each individual society should strive to elect politicians who will provide who provide the climate for equal opportunity in business everyone has equal equality and opportunity everyone's got two hands in the ones without their hands and use their feet to paint yep it's the opportunity to make a soft aligned living that should be the primary function of government the government's primary function is very simple consumer confidence which comes from small business confidence small business employs seventy percent if small business has confidence then their employees have confidence that they're not going to get sacked as their incomes going to continue that their bosses are gonna go under and those small desert people webstart consumer confidence when there's consumer confidence then people spend money and job opportunities are created and the world to save it one of the greatest destroyers of equal opportunity in Australia was brought out by Markham phrases Treasurer John Howard when John Howard introduced the nationalization tax called the GST the GST put fifty thousand small business operators out of business before their second back and started a seven billion dollar internet trade of overseas retail purchases it was a totally unnecessary thing to do didn't need the jst the GST that was the tool of the rulers and the calls to destroy the competition and burnings and always never buy from them they destroyed all the small hardware shops they destroyed all the tot makers and they destroyed thousands of small manufacturers the GF CD and that because small business always loves big text because big tax is something that they've got liquidity to handle and small business doesn't so if you repeat that question for me as a society should we strive for equality of outcome or inequality of outcome we should strive for equality and opportunity and we should strive to ensure that small business owners are compared to a big business owner there's an idiot as a man who's also a liar call steve chabot who is the member for fuller oil and remember for a federal seat and i attended a function at the entertainment sir where small business people were asked to meet him and the minister for small business at the time is don't rouse me Bruce laughing Bruce Almirola and they had produced a document saying this prayed parental leave is the wonderful introduction because it puts more business on a living play on a level playing field with big business and the public service so small business will now be able to compete for the first time properly against big business and the public service on the basis that everyone's going to get taped when Alou so you'll be able to so big business won't have any drainage / small business anymore it's the best thing that ever happened to small businesses what steve chabot stood and I stood up and I said small business comes afford to employ big business employees and anyone working for the public service is working for the public services because basically they're unemployable is small business because they work totally friend tournament and not for the profitability and the other thing steve chabot said he said it's not a tax it's seven billion dollars it's not a tax he said we're going to tax the bit we're going to put a levy on big business to pay for it well every small business knows and this is the truth every small business knows that when big business expense increases and in small business of pays because small business is the principal one of the principal suppliers to big business and big business I when they pay more tax when the tax rate goes up small business pay for it and the leading was never going to be only on big business because small business always knows its dire charge to cover the cost of big business so that question really just can be comes down to opportunity yeah and a government primary responsibility is to ensure that there's buoyant lives growing enthusiastic consumer confidence which cannot take place when a government allows Australian manufacturers to go under and allows big distance Australia to destroy small Australian manufacturers please take a moment to like and subscribe remembering to click on the bell then check the comments box below to join our team of patrons and crew and you can always find me on facebook at the peace mapping group the link is in the comments box and once again thanks and all the best to you you

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