Trump Whines About Not Getting Nobel Peace Prize After Threatening War Crimes

So Donald Trump held a rally last night in
Ohio, and as usual things went off the rails pretty quickly. There was his talking point that all Democrats
are horrible, horrible people, he said. Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s basket of
deplorables when referring to the actual horrible people who supported Donald Trump. Not all of them, just the actual horrible
people who like to wear white hoods and carry Tiki torches in their little khaki pants. But nonetheless, Trump said, all Democrats
are horrible and he gets away with it. So whatever. But it was this statement here that was truly,
truly weird, not just what he said, but also how he said it. Here it is:
Doesn’t mean a thing. I mean, I’m going to tell you about the Nobel
peace prize. I’ll tell you about that. I made a deal. I saved a country and I just heard that the
head of that country is now getting the Nobel peace prize for saving the country. I said, what? Did I have something to do with it? Yeah, but you know, that’s the way it is. As long as we know that’s all that matters. Okay. That’s all that matters. (applause)
I saved a big war, saved a couple of them. So let’s get something out of the way real
quick here, Mr. President, just a couple of days ago, four or five days ago maybe, you
threatened to commit war crimes and then you re threatened to commit war crimes after people
got mad about that. And then after people got mad that you said
it a second time, you went and said it a third time on air force one. Okay. Three different times you threatened to commit
war crimes. Now you have the audacity to whine about the
fact that you’re not immediately nominated for a Nobel peace prize because you didn’t
start a war that you were trying to start in the first place. I don’t understand how that works. And second of all, your claim that the leader
of Iran’s now nominated for a Nobel peace prize, where? I can’t find that information anywhere. That’s a straight up lie that you told that
crowd and they cheered because I’m assuming none of them have access to Google. Either that or they truly are just a cult
and they take everything you say at face value and believe it without ever once questioning
it because no, there is no sudden nomination for a Nobel peace prize for the leader of
Iran. There is no Nobel peace prize for you because
you stopped a war that you had wanted to start anyway. You were the aggressor here, Trump. You threatened to commit war crimes. Why in God’s name would anybody nominate you
for a Nobel peace prize for that? You have turned your back on the other world
leaders who are actually out there committing these atrocious acts that you tried to attribute
to Suleimani. There are actually people out there leading
countries doing those things right now. Some of them are your good buddies running
Saudi Arabia. We know about the crimes against humanity
they have done. We know that they are funding the bad guys
over in the Middle East, selling them our weapons that we’re selling to Saudi Arabia
and then using those to kill innocent civilians and occasionally US troops, but yeah, we’ll
let them go because they buy lots of your condos. They buy lots of our weapons and they give
us lots of oil. Well, sell us lots of oil, and those are the
only three things that matter. Now, it used to just be, they buy weapons
and give us oil, but since Trump’s president, it’s, they buy weapons, sell us oil and pay
lots of money for his horrible condos. So no Trump, you haven’t done a single thing
throughout your entire administration to warrant consideration for a Nobel peace prize, let
alone winning that prestigious award. But that’s all you want, right? You already got the presidency, you allegedly
have that billionaire status, you’re known around the world, but that’s still not enough
for you. Your narcissism makes you want even more. But that Nobel peace prize is something that
is always going to be unattainable for you. But Barack Obama got it, and that is going
to haunt you for the rest of your days.

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  1. To think in 70 years we went from Mccarthyism of hunting communist in every part of society to a Russian asset in white house and half of America blindly following him to this nation's destruction. SAD!!🤔🤔🤔

  2. Trump peanut gallery will Clapp and cheer anyting that comes out of lying ass president? They believe anyting this dumb idiot tells them, without fact-checking? They got half of a brained, just like the senile president Trump, besides they don't give Nobel Peace Prize for clowns and his circus of Administration of trump?

  3. So Trump thought that killing the Iranian leader would garnish him a Nobel Peace Prize ?? This man is truly LOCO !! He just woke up that day & decided to kill this man w/o any reason other than garnering PRAISE from Putin & Kim Jung Un, his "love" interests!! Trump is truly 1 sick individual !! I put nothing past him at all !! Trump really is a sicko !! By killing that man, he now joins Putin & Kim Jong in their murderous tirades!! He need not brag on either one of them, bc he, Trump is the worst !!
    Copying their playbook is right up his alley, now he FEELS like a man, instead of the SYCOPHANT he is !! He just doesn't know — he might be going to heaven, but he will pay the price for all the inhumane things he has done since in office !! I say whatever happens it will be JUST !! He is just a cowardly little man,
    pretending in the role HE
    But he is nobody's hero !!
    He is the scum of the earth !!

  4. It’s official this man is mental and anyone who cheers for his idiotic behavior went to Trump university it’s no longer about republicans or democrats it’s about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the path this mad man taking us down is not the rite one

  5. Talking about Ethiopia. Either way it is a psychotic claim with no basis in fact. His followers literally think he deserves a Peace Prize.

  6. Our President is just off his rocker.😵
    How can you start an international issue. Then stop it.
    How can you talk like this.
    Sorry, You trump supporters need to read.

  7. Lol I can't anymore with Trump. I really can't but laugh. His supporters are idiots. The man nearly started a war with Iran.

  8. Well, when the categories for winning a Nobel prize are changed to include The Stupidity Award, or The Selfishness Award, or The World's Biggest Narcissist….then maybe Chump will have a shot.

    BTW, Chump, do you really think past winners let the possibility of winning The Nobel Prize for Peace dictate how they acted? Past winners had it in their hearts, minds, and SOULS that acting a certain way was the only correct way to live.

  9. Every time Chump starts TRYING to educate his supporters I can actually feel this country's collective intelligence FALLING.

  10. His ego is out of control. And his cult followers are just as disgusting! This is the most infuriating moment in time ever, and laughable at those idiots who believe in what?! They don't even know?!

    The Noble Peace Prize will never be yours tRump…. Ever, and you can't erase what President Obama has earned.

  11. Flush this shi../ Trump and his family in the toilet!! This is what Trump and all his family deserves, even the toilet will get filthy and dirty of this shitty family!!

  12. Everyone is here commenting about that piece of garbage in our White House.
    My question is will you all be exercising

  13. The Only Prize T-Rump will EVER Win… Is "The Un-Noble'est SLEEZE Prize"!!!😣😒… For The Slimiest, Sleeziest, Slitheringest SCUMBAG in World History!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

    What a FLIPPIN JOKE T-Rump Is!!!… For those who haven't seen it yet… The Real Reasons of T-Rumps "Imminent Threat"… Explained in the short but Enlightening Video below…

    As well as More Cause for Extreme Concern!!!😣😒😓…


  14. The craziness and delusion of this president is endless and comical.His loss of contact with world realities is stunning and worrying.So what's is he going to claim next?That Melania should be called or made queen and princess? His supporters are just f…..g dumb asses.Dangerous.

  15. If that arse even received consideration it would debase what has been the ultimate in awards. He’s more suitable for consideration by the ICC, along with the SDNY.

  16. The country in question was an African country and the leader of that country got the peace prize for resolving a dispute with its neighbor. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday will receive the 2019 Nobel Prize for Peace for his "decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea". Donald Trump had nothing to do with that, as usual. However, if you look at all the Trumpsters behind him who haven't a clue. or access to Google, you would realize they are as brain dead as the Tweeter in Chief…..

  17. Farron….You need to do your own fact-checking also…….Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday will receive the 2019 Nobel Prize for Peace for his "decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea".

  18. The crowd who go to a Trump Rally are sad empty people. They have nothing in their lives that they can feel good about. They have achieved nothing. Following Trump from rally to rally provides a purpose in their empty lives.

  19. I despise Trump with all that I am, but this is in regards to Ethiopia and not Iran. If we have any hope of convincing his supporters to wake up and look at the facts we need to make sure we are giving them correct information.

  20. Omg next he will say that he is the reason that the sun comes out in the morning. He will say that it didn’t shine as bright before he was elected. He just has to be the most important person in the world but he isn’t and it kills him. Intelligent people are not going to give him any awards for anything unless it’s for being the most hated man in the world

  21. Can anyone keep his mouth shut .He has has America threatened. Please he needs to get out he an his Crew an Yet another Lie they are so stupid. Manson is walking . There is no nomination in Iran . An he is not Obama Regan Clinton Bush Hell Johnson either . Wake up an stop sipping the dam Cool Aide Please people.

  22. OM Fvckn G, seriously, Trump is a sookie lala because he won't get the Nobel. Are we officially in Bizzaro World right now?

  23. A total plonker surrounded by plonkers – reminiscent of the “Nuremberg Rallies” – all sheep following a demented Sheppard

  24. Nobel Peace Prize for trump; No Way‼️😳🤪😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You were the one who were going start the war‼️😡🤬Pathetic!

  25. They should give Trump some Similac🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼and that same b.s. award that they gave Botham Jean's brother, Brandt,,, "Ethical Courage Award".

  26. so he saves a country? and all along he is distorting ours. people this man child is NUTS,, in November 2020 lets send him and his bunch of S–t home. we need someone who can get other nations respecting us again.. I SAY HELL NO TRUMP HAS TO GO  GO DEMS 2020

  27. What a fool the President is. Peace prize for a man advocating war crimes ,what morons white Trump supporters are lmao

  28. Do people really believe the crap that comes out of his mouth??? Where do they get these people to go to these unreal rallies??? Can't believe people of this country are this stupid.

  29. The idiot-in-chief and his Looney-Tunes supporters fail to realise that if you constantly demand an award, you almost certainly do not deserve it!

  30. The GOP we have known, no longer exists. I never choose one side,or another. I never choose America first modo due to out sourcing. Ignorance hate union's. They feel left out. It takes cracking a book to learn not just TV. I want the best for all,but we got to act like ants life long. We are all in this together. I want every poor person doing well.

  31. Thrump is just a mental joke, but the realy scary thing are the people of the US and the so called democratic system. You are far from a democrazy. Its imposible for us to understand that he is still in power. imposible to understand. This would never happend in the nordic countrys, never!!!! We in the north of europe watch the US and !!!!!!!! what should i say,!!!!! ok! the one thrue thing with the US is that it is the land of oportunity. Even a mental, lying, corupt ass can bee the president. Whow what a great country.

  32. Nobel Peace Prize for Nobel peace making, honorable, people who has made a positive contributions etc that meaningful. Not narcissistic, egotistical, corrupt, criminal minded people, peace breaking, jerk. There is a difference. You get the "Hell Breaking" "H.B" prize of the year.

  33. Trump is a sell out,dumb, he only think, s of himself, remember, propaganda? Nazi,s, Hitler youth,Trump supporter,s,Peace Prize,no way.

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