Trump Wages War Against Protesting Athletes: The Jim Jefferies Show

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  1. I don't think the kneeling during the national anthem was intended to disrespect anyone. I think it was to show people that there is a problem, and that problem should be addressed.
    The claims that it is disrespectful I think are just people who don't like it attempting to attack the issue by claiming it is something that it is not

  2. I'm a disabled vet, and a lot of people seemed to think that I would come down pretty hard against Colin Kaepernick.

    What they apparently failed to take into consideration is that his right to protest is one of the main reasons we enlist and fight.

  3. Is sad that Jeffries doesn't have the mental maturity to understand its not about protesting. Its about dumb motherfuckers that are protesting bad cops by disrespecting Americans and the national anthem. Bad cops have nothing to do with the national anthem. Its a football game idiots, not a town hall meeting. Most 12 year olds understand appropriateness. Jeffries and other dumb cunts don't.

  4. "If the dingo at a Muslim baby, it would vomit." -Jim Jeffries 2019. If American citizens are dump enough to import and listen to a drugged up left wing shill from Australia and literally jizz their pants every time he opens his lying mouth there's no hope. Wake up America this guy is a pile of shit, he's lying to you.

  5. This guy is a liberal hack. Nothing different than anything else you see on TV, Trump bad, look at me, I'm so virtuous. Blah, blah… This stuff has become so boring. It's just a lazy man's attempt to be entertaining. Be original.

  6. I didn't vote but I'll say this worry about your country and how they run things you fucking faggot, this pillow biting cock sucker comes here uses his fame as a platform to make fun of gun laws, Trump, and whatever he can nitt pick on Ugggh grab your gay soccer ball that faggot sport you people love so much and take your fucking ass back to Australia. Prick

  7. When you a have a NFL quarterback that has 40 Million dollars, you don't call him unemployed when he stops praying. That's called retired

  8. Can’t believe more ppl
    don’t point out that it’s not a football players job to stand for the flag

  9. I like that saying. Protesting is literally patriotic! Some people forget that our rights are what make our country "free", including our current president -_- I really hope we get some better candidates in the next election

  10. Thank you Jim Jeffries, I’ve just added you to my list of ‘sane people, keeping us sane, in a time of insanity’.

  11. It’s hilarious how Jim Jefferies says “ somewhere we forgot that” talking about protest being patriotism. You’re an Australian with an American Visa jimmy boy. Let’s not forget that. 🇺🇸 that does not make us a we. jimbo, jimmy, jimmyjohn, but ima stay subscribed to this show tho anyways hahaa

  12. Trump's best friend, Vincent K McMahon (WWE/F) is starting a new football league in 2020.
    Linda McMahon, a failed runner for senate, is a member of Trump's administrative team.

  13. Wasn't the flag and anthum brought in to promote militery service, paid for by the armed forces. Nothing to do with football or patriotism. They should scrap the anthem from games anyhoe. It has no place at a pastime escapism event.

  14. I really hated the whole debate on how football players don’t deserve to be in America for kneeling during the anthem. It’s basically saying “you don’t deserve to be living under this flag for excersizing the rights this flag gives you”

  15. What do you say before the national anthem plays?
    "Please STAND for our nations national anthems"
    It is disrespectful. The linking arms is fine I have no problem with that.
    Just the fact that they can't come up with a non disrespectful protest shows that they really shouldn't be leading this movement. If MLK were alive to see this he would roll over in his grave.

  16. So perfectly said Jim!! By the way, Colin was actually told to take a knee by a former Marine!! He told Colin that Marines take a knee at the grave sites of fellow Marines in a show of respect!! That! Is why Colin started taking a knee!!

    And, all of you that cry outrage about what Colin did, when have you ever stood up for the national anthem while sitting in the bar or at your house??!! How about taking your hat off during the anthem?!!? You're all wrong about this!!

  17. Yeah because the black athletes who make millions says they are not treated the same bitch I work three jobs I don't want to hear it

  18. Used to like jim Jefferies. But you've become a political puppet now . shouldn't have sold your soul. Q

  19. they're not taking a knee to disrespect the military, they're taking a knee because they're sad they're doing it to themselves.

    Need proof? single parenthood in black families in the 1950s vs now (12%-31% change). US crime rate statistics show black crime rate is 3x higher than representation in the population. High school graduation rate is at 69% for black students, Hispanics at 73%, and caucasians at 86%. Why are black minorities showing significantly worse test scores than Asian minorities? There is no institutionalized racism, no matter what your freshman liberal arts professor told you. Success comes from exposure to proper role models and positive influences in your community. aka culture.

    How do you fix it? Graduate high school, and don't have kids until you're married. Focus on making your kids better than you were.

    Now nobody has to take a knee.

  20. I’m absolutely serious when I say it completely bewilders me that so many people reject the constitutional rights we have when it comes to the work place. Why wouldn’t you want to have freedom of speech or the right to assemble at work? Why check your rights at the door of your job?

  21. Bullshit you know who doesnt have any organization looking out for them anglo saxon males so eat a dick

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