Trump-Ukraine scandal: Hillary Clinton says US president ‘endangered’ the country

He has turned American diplomacy
into a cheap distortion racket. He has denigrated and let’s be honest,
stabbed in the back, the career foreign service officers
who served bravely and selflessly no matter the politics of
the administration that they are working under and
now they are caught in the crossfire. Now sadly, we’ve known who
Donald Trump is for some time now. We knew he was a corrupt
businessman that cheated people, we knew that he and his campaign
invited foreign adversaries to tamper with our elections and now we know that in
the course of his duties as president, he’s endangered us all by putting
his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of
the American people. But this is ultimately about
much more than Donald Trump, it is about us. It is about who we are as a nation. History is being written and the
world and our children are watching.

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  1. How to find a bot: look for accounts with animal profile images that look like stock photos; check the length of the messaging, usually, it is short and emotive, lacking factual information or an attempt an a balanced comment; lastly, what name does the account have? Usually, they ensure that you think the commenting person is American so double-check that. I'm not American by the way.

  2. Censorship is alive and well in the Guardian News comment section. No wonder why they're doing so poor financially. BTW: why haven't any of your reporters asked Hillary about the dead teenage boys she and her husband "took care of" in Arkansas to protect their cocaine empire, as seen in "The Clinton Chronicles"?

  3. The only one President Trump endangered is corrupt Joe Biden and his cocaine snorting son caught extorting millions of dollars from a Ukrainian energy company. Joe Biden publicity admits he obstructed justice using his VP position.

  4. Sadly, Hilary… the old bag of medieval frogs legs and toadstools is at a level above evil.

    Like above a CAT 5 huricane…no one wants to see that!

  5. Bill Clinton visited Jeffery Epstein's pedophile island 26 times 19 of which had underage children on the plane and were took to the Island where it is believed children were raped and murdered by Clinton and there kind.

    Laura silsby a democratic staffer employed by Hilary Clinton was caught kidnapping and trying to traffic Haitian children…

    Jeffrey Epstein also founded the Clinton Foundation.

    Jeffrey Epstein has sent direct payments to democrats such as Chuck schumer and Kirsten gillibrand (Kirsten gillibrand, her and her father deeply connected to Nxvim pedophile cult)

    Also Clinton's destroyed Libya and killed hundreds of thousands of people, also bombed our Christian brothers in Serbia in the 90's

  6. Does this mean we no longer need the Pee Pee tapes?..
    What I don't get is Joe Biden wasn't even a threat to Trump. Why would
    Trump try to get dirt on Joe Biden….Something smells Hillary here.

  7. What a brutal grotesque this broad is. The democrats have the creepiest, most inept, leadership. How are democrats not going to vote independent or Trump? Only the most vile, unhinged, radical, white man hating, losers will vote for the dems.

  8. The Russian oligarch is offering you $500K for a 30 minute speech in Moscow and 200 Million dollars to Clinton foundation as a reward for the Uranium deal.

  9. Question; is Hillary Clinton known to be a witch of the Illuminati witches? These people know for consuming human flesh of babies. She is looking a little younger perhaps for the use of stem cell treatment. This is supposed to use the birthing parts of babies to rebuild aging. ????

  10. Another pop up media. CONSPRACY. Obama has been sticking his black supremist head up now and then, now his puppet runs her mouth off. Something stinks in the swamp.

  11. Says the witch that completely erased 33,000 emails from an illegal server that was hidden in her bathroom, and who has( for some unknown reason) been given a pass by the news and FBI. Go figure

  12. Let me grab some popcorn…….Hillary Going to educate us on being a law Abiding Citizen…….I hope she wants to talk about uranium one

  13. The sooner Americans, and all peoples of the world, wake up to the fact that it's not a case of Conservative versus Liberal… it's us (the poor, working and middle class) versus the wealthy, connected and elite. They will endlessly attempt to distract us from that fact by dividing us along political, race or other lines. Wake up and unite against a common enemy.Trump and Clinton are cut from exactly the same cloth.

  14. Are you trying to put a horse´s bit in Trump´s mouth to tame him?. These´re the usual Clinton´s mental fairytales. Don´t keep entertaining those vivid wet dreams. You´ll become resentful again.

  15. She should shut her mouth and hide Justice is coming for her soon, just like for Joe Biden's son hey, has nothing to do Biden being a threat and it has to do with Justice… Equal justice for all okay…
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽🗽

  16. The Guardian News sucks! I hope you go bankrupt. How about doing some real reporting: like talking about all of the teenage boys Hillary and Bill Clinton murdered in Arkansas to protect their cocaine-trafficking operation as seen in "The Clinton Chronicles"? You journalists are a DISGRACE.

  17. Giuliani compares Biden to Clinton Foundation, asks 'What did Obama know?' Now fact and did you ever wonder why the same cocky and selfentitlted accusing Democrats here never once went after any of Hillary many daily deliberate National security breaches even once on the super smug and arrogant liberal self entitled and Liberal Democrat owned ,ABC -NBC -CNN NSBNC .Fact they all daily turned a blind DemOcrat ran Media eye away from her many crime as fact as these Democrat Media would only praise criminal her during after and after the last election as fact .Now she so piously and smugly and batatanly accused the President of wrong doing with absolutely no accusing proof herefrom this witch from Hell .She got away with cher many rime National security crimes daily but this sick minded super Narcissistic pompous arrogant Liberal witch from Hell Hillary has the smug and pious gall and audacity to accuse her President here with all Liberal defiance of blatant smug arrogance here as if the pious witch from hell is not the least bit moral or ethical at all .as her own crimes did self expose her own true Criminal intent many times over as she piously cast her accusing stones here at Trump with zero facts or any valid evidence at all or of any kind but her own cocky mouthing off here is more of the wall accusing only as indisputable fact .

  18. Clinton was working with Ukraine to fabricate evidence about Trump. When Trump won Ukraine panicked and quickly tried to repair the damage done to their interests.

    Elections have consequences Hillary.

  19. This is EXACTLY what she said Trump would do when he lost. She said he’d never except the loss. Hypocrisy. Go away HC.

  20. If Hillary hid emails on a private email server… then its okay for me to hide transcripts of conversations with foreign leaders on a private server… If you cant lock her up, you cant lock me up… I'm innocent

  21. What about the treaty your husband signed between US and Ukraine?
    The one that makes it legal for our governments to investigate share findings of crimes together! Lol

  22. If the election was stolen from her why is she not leading the ticket for 2020? Now that the Russian meddling is taken care of she should be a lock, right? If she wasnt funneling pay for play money through the Clinton foundation why has that dried up? I guess people just dont care about those issues the foundation was involved in any longer.

  23. She’s describing what the Democrats do and did and saved America you twit!! Get a life and your dam right the worlds watching

  24. Who asked her to weigh in?. The most rotten, corrupt person on earth. They have so much to hide. They see Americans as zombies but we are not.

  25. No one cares what you think you corrupt old bag. You are not president.

  26. The people who don't like Clinton and what she says here are those who have a problem with women I think and their mothers. They don't like women who are not seen as sex symbols, but can't relate to very smart, intelligent women who know the law.

  27. She doesn't explain "how" Trump ever hurt security. Meanwhile, she lost 30,000 e-mails and had thousands of classified documents on her private UNSECURE server. Anyone who listens to her and who doesn't ask her about it is lying to themself.

  28. Does the Guardian write these hit pieces by themselves OR do you guys simply copy & paste the talking points fed to you by the CIA and the Clintons?

  29. Threatened? I hardly think so. We're the biggest kid on the block, with the biggest collection of sticks the would has ever seen. That's like saying Pee Wee Herman is a threat to Bruce Lee.

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