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Trump tries to walk back claim he'd take "dirt" on political opponent

Trump tries to walk back claim he'd take "dirt" on political opponent

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Yet HRC/DNC PAID Russians & UK guys for a fake report.
    U folks are so slanted/stupid and full of BS so called news.
    Clueless about how he exposed what the dirtbag Dems DID
    POTUS IS right MSM is our biggest enemy
    TRUMP did nothing but shine a light on the swamp & you all are to dumb to get it…we the people get it.

  2. Walk it back ??really
    he sound like he just exposed the deep state cause now they are talking about it
    in an election year ???

    Tampering with the electoral  process – 

    I have to read it to determine if its  suitable for the FBI  ??

    A  prosecutors gathers  ALL the evidence  and has the  discretion  to disseminate  All relevant   evidence  as he sees fit -Prosecutorial  discretion ??

    The POTUS  also has the right to  accept  and learn  and dispense   ALL information gathered  if necessary  regardless  of where it come from 

    Crooked “H”  was allowed  to gather  info  from England  and  Russia  and she paid for it ?? While the FBI used the info  to  SPY  with??

    Didn’t ZERO  interfere  with the Israelis election 

    Arn’t  illegals  immigrants  a foreign contribution  

    Didn’t HRC  accept  Uranium  kick back from the Russians 

    Why tell the FBI  when they are run by a dirty COP  who  is working against me ??

  3. Trump is stupid. When he met the prime ministers of wales and the royal family last week, he did not have to report that meeting because they did not hack into our election or have a pass of hacking into our election. As well as, the royal family has never offered campaign assistance. Thus that why it should be mandatory to report Russian contacts because their was over 200 that could have compromised national security. And people still support this president?

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