Trump supports an impeachment trial, GOP being able to call witnesses

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  1. hope the Senate just kills this nonsense on day one hour one. Then maybe we can get back to business. wait, spying and obstructing the President is all democrats have. President Trump has already brought back jobs, lowered unemployment, record stocks, prison reform, VA reform, border security, better world standing, dems have no issues to run on.

  2. What happened to Russia Russia Russia collusion collusion collusion ? democrats are sick people, they don't even care about democrat votes only illegal immigrants…….
    Come on down free stuff for foreigners , etc. democrat voters have no representation…

  3. "I almost said something controversial".. If the President commented on the weather asserting it was a "nice day"; that would be considered controversial by some.

  4. If he's innocent, Trump would have been sure to testify in last week's impeachment hearings. And he'd make sure Pence and Pompeo would testify, as well. If someone claimed you murdered somebody and you didn't, you'd sure as hell make sure you and your witnesses testified in any trial. Trump is guilty of trying to bribe Zelensky. As for investigating the Bidens, I'm all for it. Fear of investigation is about the only thing that will keep politicians honest.

  5. Republicans don't seem to understand this is not an investigation of Biden. Biden's guilt will not absolve Trump of his crimes. If they want people to testify against Biden, that will have to happen in the investigation of Biden. Trump is still guilty of extortion regardless of Biden's guilt or innocence and there is no need to hear from witnesses on anything other than what Trump is being charged with. These people act like they don't understand how the law works. The whole lot of them need to be voted out of office. All the Republicans and most of the Democrats are inept and taking money from special interests and haven't been helping the American people for a long time.

  6. Republicans used to be God-fearing, logical, effective, vivid and clear in values, uncorrupt folks, unmatched in their morals and ethics. Instead of calling this for what it is you let this deranged pumpkin hijack your party. I didn't hear single republicans say it was wrong. NOT ONE. It like a set of facts were placed of which anyone with basic faculties for logic could see the issue. Its nothing short of a choice to ignore the facts and defend a President of these united states that Undermined the very core of democracy. In fact its betrayal.

  7. what's he gona do…call Biden to testify…let's say they find Biden guilty…

    So then what is trump gona say??

    That's why I committed a Quid Pro Quo不不

  8. The American people would see through that much faster if the fake news would stop lying to the public and telling them that Fox News is fake. It is such a disgusting display of hypocrisy and hatred which is totally un American. Schiff needs to be locked up including all the other war mongers and hate spreaders. It is time to open the eyes of ALL the American people and let them know that CNN MSNBC even public TV like channel 13 is bias and paid or threatened by the left monsters to only tell negative news about our president. We the people have been lied to and divided and caused to have headaches, nervous breakdowns and sleepless nights because of the fake media and the swamp creatures who have destroyed our country and our freedom. Something must be done and they need to pay for their evil rhetoric and wasting tax payers money and not stopping this charade.

  9. Sean Hannity and Fox "news" make almost expert use of a technique referred to as " The Firehose of Falsity Propaganda Model ". Feel free to check it out.

  10. The demoshits bathroom water bill dropped 75%.
    Why you ask???
    They were all shitting their pants after Sondland testified…

  11. Schiff, you creepy elf on a shelf, I love to see you plead the 5th. Because your a wimp. I cant wait because you know that hell just keep wasting OUR MONEY! Because he just cant not lie!! And we have real collusion with Russians with that naked trump phone call ON TAPE!!! Retire Nancy your not the real speaker!


  13. I am getting sick of Fox and the Republicans. "They really botched it up?"….that's all that can be done with lies. How about WE THE PEOPLE COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT GAME PLAN, not the demorats.

  14. Trump really suckered in alot of people into watching his current reality show. Problem is he's running out of story lines and fewer are coming back to watch. He tried to spice it up with conspiracy theories and jail sentences for some of the actor's, but ratings are falling.

  15. Boom!!! Schiff Is connected to companies named: $7billion Burisma US-Ukraine corruption case. Joe Biden is a pedophiler. He displayed it in public that showed him touching girls and boys in front of many families. He also is a satanic worshipper.

  16. Rudy Giuliani has every right to talk to anybody he wants to in the Ukraine as a part of mounting a vigorous defense. How would you know what's relevant before you investigate? It just so happens that ALL of Adam Schiffs "witnesses" have a history with the Obama Administration and the Bidens…and now we're finding out George Soros. The offense, the Democrats, don't get to tell the defense, the President, what to do. The MSM is once again demanding that Trump not defend himself from Democrat lies and slander, while they protect the deep-state, swamp-rats like Hunter Biden.

  17. The Dems know the longer Trump is allowed to stay in office the more they are going be exposed, some people are finally waking up.

  18. The world justics rule of laws can see clearly and listen attentively this impeachment are made to believe and with all the hearsay things coming out from their stupid mouth are only bullcraps

  19. This type of behavior cannot be allowed to stand unanswered the dems as a party need to be held accountable for all the taxpayers time n money they've waisted over the last 3yrs not only have they abdicated their own duties but they've done all they could to thwart n hamper the ability for Trump and other republicans to do THEIRS.

  20. Dear Mr Putin.
    I would like to respectfully offer some advice for you regarding the 2020 usa presidential election.
    may i suggest that yr candidate will last longer as the potus if you ensure the candidate has a less of a criminalistic attitude and background and possibly more mentally stable and not suffering from multiple personality disorders and does not have a total idiot for a personal lawyer.
    nil bone spurs would also be an advantage.

  21. Dems can in no way allow their lying smear artists to be subpoenaed under oath in a Senate trial. This lie campaign is over.

  22. I will not be there, but Trump's Impeachment trail gets underway Adam Schiff said the whistleblower/whistleblowers will. Adam Schiff didn't do anything wrong, any whistleblower didn't do anything wrong and Democratic party didn't do anything wrong. Nothing made up and no I'm not either of the whistleblowers.

  23. If The President doesnt dry up Soros power center, I dont care how innocent you are? You will lose. Freeze Soros money and ban him out of our country Now! Hes a communist an hes evil.

  24. They really thought he was dense. They've been outsmarted 15 ways sideways and upside down by a genius, President Trump.
    He wanted this "impeachment", it legally exposes all the corruption.
    Hope shift likes the feel of a concrete bed.

  25. Trump Removal 2020 get out the White House and raise America from the sunken place ! Hes the most corrupt president in history!

  26. Shitf, Pelosi, Nadler are the three stooges, Larry Curley & Moe what a bunch of clowns and democrats will vote for them God help America. Makes the democrats look like the Keystone cops.

  27. Good idea ,About time ..We the people want this to happen .. Pelosi as well as Nadler .. the rules will need to be seen one knows what new rules are.!
    Nadler was caught destroying vital documents, Recently , shredding them which is fraud..caught by Jim Jordan!!

  28. Queen trump just remember you are going to have to testify, there will probably be at least 50 charges for all her lying.

  29. If Trump welcomed it he would not have been trying to belittle it and fight it all along.
    This is like a guy with an appointment with a proctologist saying he wants a prostate exam.
    Besides destroying the conservative movement, Trump is branding the GOP the Party of Bribery & Foreign Interference in Our Elections.
    That reputation will last long after Trump is gone.

  30. Impeach Trump and Pence and All the Covert Government Gang….All are Traitors and Criminals… Send them all to Prison for Life……

  31. Wish we would have politicans like Trump here in Germany and elswhere in Europe. Congratulations to the American People choosing that TITAN!

  32. Well why doesn't trump testify then? Is he scared? Why did he ban the 1st hand witnesses from the Ukraine call from testifying? Because HE'S GUILTY PEOPLE!!!!!!

  33. How can Fox audience not come to understanding? That Trump worked with Russia. Look with your own two . E5very time Trump has been in Putin's presents, he's either sitting in his lap are holding his .

  34. Fox you do realize when the President says (Putin says it wasn't him) over USA entail, and you believe Putin

  35. You go foe ir Nancy Pelosi and Schiff. We are all rooting for you to proceed with a trial on Trump The exact same way we encourage and root for the two most obnoxious drunkards at a party who are attempting to slide down a 5 story bannister rail.

  36. Wait a minute, my bad Trump cleared that up a couple days later. He meant to say (It could have been Russia) but he was too scared to say it Putin face. What a strong leader. Now we can go on for days with his unappropriate Behavior, but why waste my breath. You're just going to overlook it continuously.

  37. i can hear the cognitive dissonance in the statements that are going to be made by TDS posting trolls. even before i read their comments.

  38. Remember as your walking to work in the rain, snow, wind , cold , that these twats are taking your monies and pissing up against the wall !! Look at how many are on the public payroll !! And the lawyers just keep cashing in

  39. The Trump re-election campaign should cut the DNC a check for the invaluable aid they have given him with this entire impeachment nonsense.

  40. hahaha Chalupa reptiles called Volker and Morrisson and didn't end well hahahahaha Nunes will have to testify why he went to Ukraine to find dirt on Biden No one is asking here why Biden wasn't important before he became a dem candidate lol if mulvaney and Pompeo Ghouliani, Bolton and the criminal himself has to testify that would be great

  41. Mark my words Biden will be the frontrunner until this house of cards tumbles, with him withdrawing and in swoops Hillary for the nomination….I voted for Trump, and will again! But fathom the political strategy of Hillary, saves money on the campaign, and tries to win, so she can plug up the swamp, and keep all their dirt, from coming to the light…….remember where you read this…!

  42. The more evidence to come out will backfire on the Bidens. That corrupt sexual predator should be standing down from debates while the Ukraine is investigating his corruption. The fake media ignore this fact and give him the most speaking time above Tulsi and Bernie !

  43. Meanwhile, over at MSNBC and CNN, the comments seem to believe that President Trump is on the verge of being arrested. Good as gone they're saying. It's a whole different universe from what they're hearing to what we just and have been hearing.

  44. Impeachment ? Seem like Democrats are using Americans tax money to run a smear campaign against the president for the Democratic party ?

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