Trump-Supporting Republican Pleads Guilty To Campaign Finance Crimes

What does it say about Donald Trump and the
Republican party when the first two members of Congress who publicly came out and endorsed
Donald Trump in 2016 are both headed to prison. Obviously one of them, Chris Collins, a pleaded
guilty couple months ago to insider trading. He was a Republican representative going to
be going to jail. And then today, representative Duncan Hunter
decided to switch his plea from not guilty to guilty of the crime of misusing his campaign
funds. Now a couple of weeks ago, his wife had pleaded
guilty to the same crime cause she was in on the scheme with him. They took their campaign funds and did all
kinds of crazy things as Huffington post point outs. The couple used campaign funds for a wide
variety of family expenses, including flying their pet rabbit around. Hunter also used campaign money to fund his
extra marital fairs. So after more than a year, cause these uh,
charges came out, I believe August of 2018 against Dunkin Hunter after more than a year
saying this whole thing was a witch hunt. It was all because he was one of the first
to publicly come out and endorsed Donald Trump from the house of representatives. Duncan Hunter finally says, you know what? Yeah. All right, I did it, but, but folks, I didn’t
use any of your tax payer money, money to fly my rabbit around. That was just my campaign money. All those golf shorts I bought. Yeah. That was just campaign money. Trust me. It wasn’t your tax dollars, so really, I mean
it was just my money, but I guess, yeah, I’m guilty also. Yeah. I had affairs with like three or four different
women that I had to, but whatever. It was my money and here is what Hunter had
to say. He says, whatever my time in custody is, I
will take that hit. My only hope is that the judge does not sentence
my wife to jail. I think my kids need a mom in the home. They do, but at the same time, isn’t mom also
an admitted criminal too? I mean, yeah, kids need a mom, but they need
a mom. That’s going to be a good role model. A mom that’s going to be a nurturing, caring
caregiver, not somebody who, Oh kids. You should’ve seen it back in the day. Fly in the old rabbit around using all these
campaign funds, breaking the law left and right. Yeah. Your dad was out there diddling every woman
he met, but those were the good old days. Kids. No, I’m sorry. The kids needed better role model, a better
person to care for them. Then two admitted criminals. Sorry. That’s just my point of view on that particular
stance, Hunter. But here’s the thing, Duncan Hunter did say
that he decided to change his plea from not guilty to guilty. Not because he suddenly realized, Oh wait,
I did commit the crimes. No, cause he didn’t want his kids to learn
all the dirty little secrets that would have come out in a public trial, which would have
focused extensively on of the affairs. So we wanted to keep that hidden from his
kids. But let me tell you something, Dunkin, eventually
your kids, I don’t know how old they are now, maybe they’re old enough to do it now. They’re going to Google you. They’re going to look at your Wikipedia page. They’re going to go through the newspapers
and see what happened. Why did daddy disappear for a year and a half? And they’re going to find out. Why not go ahead and be honest and forthright
with those kids right now? It’s going to be tough and they won’t understand
it, but that’s going to be a heck of a lot better than coming back 10 years later and
your kids walk up to you and say, daddy, what the hell did you do? At least let them know a little bit now. So they kind of understand that daddy’s a
criminal, but maybe Danny can change. Same thing with mommy, but if you just leave
it to them to go to scupper this on their own, five, 10 years down the road, you’re
going to end up with some very serious problems with those kids that could have been easily
avoided had you and your wife decided to just be honest for once in your lives.

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  1. Good. It’s about time these corrupt scumbags are getting justice. Let’s hope Trump and the rest of his corrupt cohort get theirs too.

  2. When Don Fatti Dotardi bragged about hiring only the very best people, he obviously meant the most corrupt and criminal pieces of crap he could find. Speaks volumes about the character of the person that did all of the hiring.

  3. Hopefully, Trump and the GOP will sink soon, and we can get justice. The Trumptanic isn't going to stay afloat much longer because it's sinking fast.

  4. Still, everyone else is guilty but never trump. He can’t possibly be guilty. Ever. His party proclaims his innocence for him, even when he fucking admits to crimes on national TV! He’ll deny wrong doing, admit wrong doing, but he’s never guilty somehow.


  6. GOP(Greedy Old People ) are corrupt crooks from top to bottom. they luv Trump because Trump is the most corrupt crook to be in the white house.

  7. Is this guy an example of what passes for HONOR in the Republican Party?
    He doesn't seem much different from his fellow partners in graft.
    It just irks me that people like this can be described by the designation of HONORABLE.
    It just don't seem right.

  8. Talk about setting a bad example. People are realizing Republicans are Criminals. Being a Mommy or Daddy isn't an exception, especially being asinine parents.

  9. Wonder if het will get a pardon and not have to pay the money back. His wife is a different story, she is going to ream him out with a 6 inch rasp, wrapped in barbed wire.

  10. There go another Republican? Another One Bites the Dust, Another One Bites the Dust, Another One Bites the Dust.

  11. Does that mean that the cute, adorable bunny rabbit wont be able to travel anymore? I understand that criminals and their actions not only affect society at large and the ones closest to them .i.e. The innocent children who will be dealing with the trauma inflect by these self serving AHoles for the rest of their lives….But who will be left to comfort this this innocent bunny and his loss?

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