Trump Supporters Admit They Made a Mistake

The political ad campaign produced by a left
wing pack called American bridge and the concept of this ad campaign, they’ve got a number
of ads is Trumpists who would admit it was a mistake to vote for Donald Trump. Now I’ve said before as a strategy for winning
2020 for individual activists like we are, I don’t believe arguing with is to get them
to vote for somebody else is a good strategy for the left because number one 62% of Trump
has said they would never question their support for Donald Trump or reconsider it. No matter what Trump does, even hypothetically,
so at, at, at the get go with two thirds of Trump, you’re simply wasting your breath. But also it takes a lot to convince someone
to change their mind, particularly when they’re experiencing the degree of cognitive dissonance
that so many Trump supporters are. So a better strategy for us at the individual
level is let’s get people registered. Let’s get out the vote from people who already
don’t like Trump, but to the extent that may be disaffected, disaffected Trumpists in the
38% who are not committed no matter what to Donald Trump, to the extent that they might
have minds changed. I actually think that this is a pretty clever
ad campaign for a few reasons, which I’ll tell you about in a moment. Let’s check out the, uh, one of these ads. First [inaudible] my name is Mark Graham and I lived in the
area all my life. [inaudible] basically it’s a blue collar town, start off
large manufacturing base lot, a lot of water shipping, rum running back in the days. [inaudible]. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because I
thought he would make a change. Did he make a change? Not for the good. Donald Trump only plays favorites for people
like himself. Not URI, Pennsylvania. The president’s of bullying because it’s his
way or no way. He doesn’t understand life around here. He thinks he’s the smartest person ever. I don’t think people believe that. I don’t believe Donald Trump is on the side
of the American people. I think he’s on his own side. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself
to be aware of the changes that president Trump has made voting for Donald Trump in
2020 it would be like putting gasoline on a fire. AB pack is responsible. The content of this ad, so of course the fact
that ads like these exist is terrible in the sense that our system is broken. We need money out of politics. I hate packs. I hate all of this ancillary spending. I mean these, these are well-produced ads. This is not cheap. The air time is not cheap. I’ve said it a million times, but to the extent
that for the 2020 election, this is the game. This is the game of politics in the United
States. This is actually a pretty clever, there are
a lot of Trumpists who won’t vote for someone else because they don’t want to admit to themselves
that they made a mistake. They don’t want to have to face others with
the fact that they might abandon Donald Trump because they’re worried about what the reaction
might be. Ads like these with disaffected Trumpists
who say publicly, I’m not voting Trump again, this conserve effectively like a sort of permission
being granted to Trumpists to abandoned Donald Trump because as group think might call it,
that is effectively what many of these Trumpists are waiting for. I am sort of questioning my vote, but unless
I get permission from the group to go somewhere else in 2020, uh, electorally, I’m not going
to do it. And when the margin of victory for Trump ended
up being about 77, 78,000 votes in three key States, including Pennsylvania, uh, where
that voter, um, uh, featured in the ad is from a few ads like these well produced and
broadcast in those key States could actually be the difference maker. This is a very interesting campaign and it’s
also smart because it’s focusing on rural working class voters. That’s a group that in a sense propelled Donald
Trump to victory in 2016 in which at least stereotypically Democrats don’t do as well
with in many elections. This isn’t so much going after Trump over
specific issues. It’s a general economic, but it’s not going
after Trump for something specific that he said it’s not related to a Ukraine or impeachment. Uh, and that has been a criticism. Some people wrote to me saying, these ads
are too vague. I actually think that that’s good. This is a former Trumpist who hopefully is
relatable when he says, I made a mistake. I’m not voting for Trump. And you don’t have to vote for Trump either. Let’s look at one other one. This is David Sobero. It’s from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. My name is David silver road rich and they
also call me Sobel. I live just South of Oclair, Wisconsin. I love the community. I love the scenery. The one thing I really like to do most is
to go out to the snowmobile water, cross channel, national championship. They race snowmobiles across water. It is amazing. They just go fast enough where they don’t
sing, but sometimes they do and that’s fun. Today I work for a plumbing and heating company
in 2016 I backed Trump because he wasn’t a politician and that to me made him look kind
of like me or a lot of other people that want things done in the country, but it seemed
like now that he’s in office, he’s right in there with them being all crazy. He definitely thinks he’s above the law. Maybe that’s because he’s a businessman. If I could go back three years, I would say
just think it over a little bit harder. In 2016 I voted for president Trump, but not
this time. AB pack is responsible for the content of
this ad. These are the types of ads that could really
pull people who are unsure the diehards, it won’t matter, but you don’t need to convince
the diehards. It was just 75,003 States. Take the stigma out of changing your mind. Changing your mind can be portrayed and politics
is flip-flopping negatively or it can be doing the adult thing. Owning your mistakes. When you have more information, you come to
a different conclusion and doing the right thing. This time around is the way that I would frame
it and of course, you know the die hard. Trump is, we’ll say the people featured in
these ads are fake former Trumpists. They were never for Trump. All of that stuff doesn’t matter because 62%
of the trumpets are never going to reconsider their support of Donald Trump. This is meant to appeal to the 38% of Trumpists
who are gettable. They’re not in the, I’m with them no matter
what camp and it could make a difference in 2020 I think that this is a good ad, a good
ad campaign. Let me know what you think. I will remind you we are getting closer to
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  1. I voted for Trump. It was not because I like him. It was because I don't like Hillary. Trump will not get my vote this time. And, no vote to any Republican candidates from me; a group of spineless politicians.

  2. Dump is an idiot, conman, douche bag, traitor and racist woman hating Nazi
    His household Mgr in 90s told me ge was a "pig" and ate greasy chicken bones KFC in bed and soiled the Belgian linen coverlet on bed. Made the "help" ( his term) look down when he cane in the room they were cleaning etc.

  3. I'm not so sure this is a bad approach, given that donald dump made impossible promises to coal and steel workers, and burned the livelihood of many farmers.

  4. That is what I REALLY get tired of. "He's not a politician." Sure, he may not have started out that way, and while he made no effort to better his image, he IS one… albeit a horrible one. His own Snap and Twitter bio sustains that. So him "not being a politician" is pointless to say now, let alone a good factor why the social experiment of making an outsider the top dog is a huge bust. It's like when the Brooklyn Mets made Jason Kidd, a former NBA player, coach for that team immediately: wothout experience in that field, it's a mess… But unlike with Kidd, this mess with Trump bore consequences nationally.

  5. In 2016 I voted for Gary Johnson. I already hated Trump but how could I possibly vote for Clinton? I remember looking at that ballot and not knowing what to do. If only I could have known what was coming. I know people who just couldn’t have imagined this. The family separation. The “travel” ban. Comments like Article II lets me do whatever I want. Remember it’s not just moderates and Republicans who have changed their minds. People who voted for Stein Johnson and the stubborn Sanders supporters who voted for him despite the fact that they had to write him in ,many of us regret what we did as well and will be voting for whoever gets the official democratic nomination this time around.

  6. Look I'm sorry for anyone who voted for him simply it is your own fault. These are things they should have known. If any had done their homework they would have known not to vote. I forgive them now let We The People take back Our Country together not as a color.

  7. Trump is a con man, and any of us could be tricked by a con man. There's no shame in getting tricked if you learn from it.

  8. We only need swing voters. They are the ones whom make the difference. I'm a swing voter myself, I have to admit I considered Trump, but there were things I could not overlook about him, so much so that I voted against him in 2016.

  9. "Yeah, these jobs really suck.. I like open borders that allow in drugs and criminals..these lower taxes give me too much spending money.." lol!! for some reality.

  10. Donald is in favor of Russians and china all of u look at the numbers deficit and oil sales , all he did is make the comunist great again.

  11. Just wait for Trump and Miller to start a "2020 caravan" scare tactic and these people will vote for him again. We all know that their votes weren't about the economy.

  12. I Did not vote for him and I, like many others, did not know much about Donald Trump and certainly not his business practices. But I think that during the primaries they should have had a clue. They wanted an easy fix without doing their homework. They thought because he was rich (they thought) he was going to show them how to do the same.

    And he may have had some ideas that could help change things but our Government structure is set up so that you need political experience or know political science and be able to work with both sides to understand how to make successful change without causing the entire structure to collapse and he had "none". It's like playing the game Jenga – you remove the wrong piece it's over.

    I believe this experience is not what we wanted but it has revealed some underlying problems we never would have seen. He did keep one promise and that is he is "draining the swamp" of those Republicans that put self before country. Let's keep praying for a successful outcome. God bless.

  13. Worth the trouble of getting voters to admit they made a mistake to change their minds to offset the GOP’s election cheating of gerrymandering, voter suppression, foreign influence etc.

  14. Politics was the best ever created to keep us separated. Imagine we all only cared about corporations having their dirty claws off of politics.

  15. Something happens to their minds & they seem to be taken over by some force. Satan? ETs? Trump is evil so God knows. Well for those that can be objective, clear, have mental capacity of a flea..we must move on & let them go. Maybe Trump will care for them since they gave everything up for him.👍😂😂😂😘😹😹😹

  16. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…. If you voted for tRUMP, remain on that side, the (STUPID) side. I have heard, seen, and talked to A LOT of ( DUMBASSES) I mean "people" who NOW they REGRET voting for tRUMP, and all I got to say is FUCK YOU. If you voted for that PIECE OF SHIT, DO NOT switch sides. I believe in people making mistakes but voting for tRUMP is something UNEXCUSABLE and UNFORGIVABLE. They HAVE to live with their STUPID CONSEQUENCES.

  17. My bullshit monitor has worked excellent since I was a kid my parents made me attend church on Saturdays and Sunday's when I was 13 they ask me did I want to continue. I said NO if I want to I could establish my own relationship with God if I needed guidance I knew where to go. Just like trump I didn't believe a word he said but he has been a liar for years. He told you who he was

  18. I will never understand how some people will never put down the juice. This situation in our country is obscene. MACA “Make America Clean Again”

  19. I gather that the rust belt states, who voted Trump not on the basis of Trumpism, but on the basis of self-preservation, and who may have been the difference maker for the election, may end up being the difference maker in the opposite direction for 2020. Trumpists are avowed to Trump, but blue-collar rust belt voters aren't. They have the ability to make judgments based upon reality. But we should hope that in the case of a Biden-Trump general election, that Biden isn't despised any more than Clinton was despised.

  20. I have had Trump voters tell me they voted for him because they "hated" Hillary and they are sorry they did, but I don't scold them for being stupid.
    These are some of the same people who I warned ahead of the elections that Trump would be most corrupt president in nation's history, but they thought I was being facetious. It is "hatred" that gave us Donald Trump, whether it was hatred for Hillary, women, LBGT, blacks, hispanics, muslims, etc. America got what it deserved…

  21. It's funny to see these men saying they voted for Trump, "Because he was a business man." I guess Trump's 9 bankruptcies never crossed their minds?

  22. This quiet, thoughtful, approach is the best way to do the most good; Attacking is a Failure!
    Teddy Roosevelt's motto: "speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." is the best approach to the issue; and what he meant by "big stick" was not a Weapon it was simply- "speak the truth" – a soft approach works much better than any other way; if you have small children in your life, you should already know this.
    There was a commercial many years ago that said "If you want to get someone's attention; Whisper" I have used this approach and it works quite well. And Thank You David for sharing these with us.
    Friendly Persuasion is a good thing.

  23. This is what I've been saying they should've been doing all along. We need to pound the few states that really made the difference. Focus not on converting Trump voters, but depressing Republican turnout. Just make his name so toxic in the 4 states that really decided the election… Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Wisconsin… that no one would dare support him publicly.

    I know these types of rural white people, they go along with trends and don't want to rock the boat. You're not going to swing them with policy, what you can do is hammer away at his sexual assault accusations, his racism, etc and let them know that if they continue to support him that you think they are all those same things. At first, there will be defiance. But over time they will just want to stop talking about Trump altogether and get back to being friendly. And that's when we've won. Because once the Trump name means an argument is coming, they will start to ignore the name for sake of peace of mind.

    Obviously, this isn't going to work with a certain younger white male demographic. But they are his most loyal base. We can't affect them anyway. We've gotta focus on people who actually care to not seem like bad individuals.

  24. I'm glad some came to their senses and didn't allow their ego to get in the way. Most just double & triple down just to "own the libs" even though they're just owning themselves. It's hilarious and extremely sad at the same time.

  25. This kind of ads may not change minds of loyal Trump supporters, but may serve as a cautionary tale for those who are undecided in general.

  26. David, do you have a link to those spots so that it can be shared? I’m always happy to share your videos, but I think that if I share this, it will undermine the psychological effect of watching the spot by itself.

  27. Good chance trump won’t win PA. Unemployment is on the rise. More and more coal companies are being closed. This guy isn’t alone.

  28. You are right, nobody is firing you for lying, but your are not a speaker who is objective and spreads news that is very one sided. For instance, why did you not talk about democrats claiming to support trump now and will vote for him 2020? surely there are some. You come acros more like a left activist who searches only for news that will fit his story. Ofcourse, that is also a thing the right does. Such a pity that real news is hard to come by

  29. Well tump was smarter then him, but their are some that will vote for trump, just becuz they hate the country more then trump and they know trump will destroy this place !!

  30. Let Me Explain Why Trump’s Core White Supporters Won't EVER Turn Against Him

  31. Takes a special individual to still support trump at this point. I remember when Mitt Romney ran for president and we thought he would be a disaster. Now we have a certified crazy old man as president.

  32. If you have the money / power you will always be able to hire one half of the working class to kill the other half .   When the Robots / A. I. take over these poor slobs are really going to find themselves in pain!

  33. Those are some great ads. I love how these idiots wanted him there under the perception that he was like them. Hey asshole! You're not qualified to be a President.😂

  34. These ads mean a good sign – they would not spend the money on them if their opposition research didn’t show that these voters exist.

  35. I bet your getting rich with your membership program while some cant afford to give money away every month. Just imagine if 10000 people gave u 5 every month? That's fifty thousand monthly. I'm sure u can give some people free membership better yet donate some

  36. There was a part of the electorate, white, blue collar, high school educated (former auto workers for example) that just wanted an outsider. They would have gone for Bernie had he been the nominee over Trump but when faced with Trump vs Hillary they went Trump. These ads are perfect to speak to those people.

  37. The country is hurt ing , divided by a man whose agenda is to make trump great. He doesn't care about you, me, or anybody in this world, he only cares about Trump. I pray that Trumpers see who this man is, and make it right for the country.

  38. Pride is a tough barrier to cross, especially in public. I sincerely respect 2016 Trump voters who manage to transcend this obstacle. I know what it's like. Most of us know what it's like. So, kudos to them.

  39. "This is the game", well then fix it Dave. You've got a voice, its easy and cheap as no cost to taxpayers. The game CHANGER is a CHANGE, which everyone has voted for the last elections. NASCAR style sponsor patched jackets AS CALI TRIED TO PASS, BUT REPUBS turned it down, why? They're ashamed of them and so are the sponsors, as why all the dark money and kock bros bills to keep them hidden more. Be proud of yours or be gone. But why not have, full transparency at no cost to taxpayers. Repubs changed the rules of the game allowing bribes/money in politics with Citizens United and other Kock bros Bill's. Lets face it, we can never get money/bribes outta politics, the corrupt will always find a way but we can put SHAME back in politicians…

  40. Kudos to those that escape the Trump CULT, as the longer Indoctrinated the harder the fall. Dont be HERD FOLLOWERS OF REGARDLESS .

  41. Trump only cares about one thing, Himself and he's family WAKE UP AMERICA … Hopefully you well see the light soon i pray.

  42. Trump supporters should have known they made a mistake by just investing Trumps history. Corrupt lair, self promotion who refuses to be the least bit honest, so many people have taken TRUMP to court for not paying his bills and so many bankruptcies which does cost the people.

  43. It was obvious during the election that Traitor Trump was a Russian criminal but since he spewed hatred, fear and racism from his sewer the Republikkklans voted anyway.

  44. I am not in favor of big business money in politics. That being said, these are beautifully produced ads that seem really genuine and heartfelt. I hope they are.

  45. He should have gone to "How to use a computer/laptop/tablet classes". At least he could have verified for himself what kind of guy Trump was before he voted for him. But then Trump voters don't do that cos they know best and don't want any Lefty Communists telling them how to vote ?

  46. Well hell I knew that from the beginning It's just sad it took you all this long to figure that out he ain't for nobody but himself Trump is out for Trump I hate the country got screwed over it but hey like they say it takes a fool to learn

  47. Too little too late. Children are in cages, families have been separated, racist kkk and neo Nazis have been embolden, and his supporters have killed people. No amount of sorries is going to undo that. They are not children they are grown ass adults who choose to be ignorant or condone racism. Make sure this doesn't happen again but they deserve all the hate and "I told you so," in the world. And please spare me your sob stories as to why you did it.

  48. There are a significant number of people who had voted for Obama and then Trump I believe there should be an effort to get these people back.

  49. It's not pushy and if you want someone to listen, you can't say I told you so, even though you want to. It's bad enough that their wrong and they put the most horrible man in office, but it also shows how selfish they were, still, how could you listen to this vial man and think he met anyone any good?

  50. You know what I’m tired of. Every time I want to watch YouTube or get on Facebook I have to see trumps ads. I’m so sick of it. And it’s the same sit over and over. I just don’t want him in my face constantly. I’d much rather have regular ads

  51. Trump Supporters amid they made a mistake?!?!? These people should be embarrassed and afraid to be on a television commercial for the fear of being tarred, feathered and ran out of town permanently…

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