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day 869 of the Trump administration the president returns to the White House and his political battles after a five-day trip to the UK Ireland and France while on board Air Force One on the way home couldn't help himself Trump sounded like a man who couldn't wait to get back to work he broke quote heading back to DC many great things are happening for our country tonight Trump announced that a deal has been reached with Mexico on illegal immigration and quote the tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the US on Monday against Mexico are hereby indefinitely suspended more on that just ahead political points out what it calls the harsh reality of what's ahead for Trump who is quote returning to a feud with House Speaker Pelosi also noting intensifying oversight probes that can hurt while Trump was primarily overseas to participate in events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day he was also on a state visit to the UK let's not forget which was long on pageantry and opportunities to sound and act presidential this week we commemorate a mighty endeavor of righteous Nations and one of the greatest undertakings in all of history I offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people last night was really quite unbelievable with the Queen because that is a great woman the enemy is strong and we know that by thy grace and by the righteous of our cause our sons will triumph this Beach codenamed Omaha was defended by the Nazis with monstrous firepower it was here that tens of thousands of the Americans came about the London visit despite the president's claims to the contrary he was not widely welcomed in that city just judging by the protesters which he interpreted differently as I said where are the protests I don't see any protest you were not able to serve in there because of a bone spur conditioning well I was never a fan of that war I thought it was very far away didn't care Maalik doesn't light a he made such a fool out of himself Nancy Pelosi is a disaster okay she's a nasty vindictive horrible person so that attack on Pelosi came in the wake of reports that in a private meeting she told her caucus she wanted to see Trump imprisoned rather than impeached Trump continued his attacks today sending this from Air Force One and we quote nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement especially since I was with foreign leaders overseas there is no evidence for such a thing to have been said nervous Nancy and Dems are getting zero work done in Congress and have no intention of doing anything other than going on a fishing expedition to see if they can find anything on me both illegal and unprecedented in US history there was no collusion investigate the investigators next week House Democrats will ramp up their various investigations they've announced a series of hearings related to the Muller investigation with the first one beginning on Monday House Judiciary Committee attorney general bill Barr former White House Counsel Don Magan and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross for good measure are all facing potential contempt votes or possible legal action from the house meanwhile the president will also be confronted with a legislature that has by no means tabled the discussion of impeachment here's the wall of faces and names today the lone Republican congressman in this sea of faces who is in favor of impeachment was laying out his case for a move against the president based on the findings from the Muller report Judiciary Committee member David Cicilline Democrat of Rhode Island was much more direct in his assessment no one in this country including the president of United States is above the law we're gonna get to the truth we're gonna follow of Acts where they take us we have to stop hoping the president is suddenly gonna behave as if he will honor the rule of law there are also new reports unfolding in the cases spun off by the original Muller investigation tonight Politico is reporting a former aide to one-time Trump advisor The Unforgettable Roger stone has given a grand jury all of his text messages between him and stone from October 2016 to March of 2017 plus the written agenda for stone when he was at the Republican National Convention back in 2016 on that note here for our leadoff discussion on a Friday night Joe Colvin White House reporter for The Associated Press Nancy cook White House reporter for Politico and Elliott Williams former federal prosecutor who was also Deputy Assistant Attorney General and counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee once upon a time good evening and welcome to you all Jill Colvin this tariff debacle which was averted to coin a phrase at the 11th hour in your view was it ever real in your view how real is this deal they worked out have you seen anything on paper with something like State Department letterhead yet well it was certainly real in the eyes of many White House staffers who believed up until some point yesterday that the president was really going to go through with this and we're making preparations for the president to imposed tariffs it seemed like he was really into the idea but then again it's very difficult for anybody to speak on the president's behalf while he's out of the country and you've got staff level negotiators who are at the table we did see very late tonight the State Department did put out a document that describes the deal that Mexico agreed to according to them it does include some changes for instance we already knew that Mexico had agreed to deploy their National Guard throughout the country into their southern border with Guatemala that was something that Mike pens and the president had really been pushing for and they've also agreed to sort of accept this thing that the the White House has already been doing that the US government has already been doing where when people come and they request asylum they're asked to wait for their cases to be processed on the Mexico side of the border Mexico has now agreed to sort of embrace this policy and to expand this policy but that's the thing that they've already been doing and one of the big White House asks here asking Mexico to basically overhaul its entire Asylum system we're not seeing in this Agreement hey Nancy Our Mutual Friend Abie Stoddard writes the following Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knows any relief from a deal will only be temporary McConnell has a uniquely honed Longview what he can see down the road ahead to election day as the president's fondness for tariffs and other drastic threats and the majority he leads in peril well two points here number one it's good for the president to have a human backstop in the Senate number two the majority leader has another day job which is providing for all of us beyond the strategy and the game of it all yeah I think that what we saw this week while the president was abroad and having all these ceremonial events some of them somber some of them just sort of fun and full of pomp and circumstance was that people who were here at the White House this week and I talked to a bunch of them were inundated with calls from Republicans on the hill particularly Republican senators who did not want these tariffs and I think that part of the reason that this agreement was reached was because we saw a potential fracturing between Republican lawmakers on the hill who have mostly gone along with the Trump agenda but who are really starting to balk at the idea of tariffs and I think that there was a real hope on the part of the White House officials that were here this week that Trump would back down a bit and I know that acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Air Force One as they were returning from the UK tonight or Ireland excuse me was trying to you know talk to the president about a deal and this is in part a response to Republican lawmakers like Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hey Elliot if the Democrats in the house find their legal voice so far it seems they've been limited to writing these letters that say some version of why I oughta if they find their legal voice how much of a real legal threat could they pose to this administration how soon well how soon is the big point because the real legal threat will come from these contempt citations that are coming up so you know as you t's at the beginning of the segment Brian Wilbur Ross and William bar the two cabinet officials are you know going to face contempt votes in Congress this week which ultimately means Congress is approving a lawsuit again that's what it means in plain language right Congress is voting to approve the right to sue them get them to come up here now right now that's that's what's going to make this work like kicking this matter into the courts it's clear that the president and the administration aren't going to send their witnesses to testify before Congress or face legal peril just by virtue of Congress being an Co a cool branch of government so you got to go to the courts but the problem is courts take a notoriously slow time and so when we live in a world and the president clearly lives in a world of Twitter and immediacy courts will take two weeks and if not months to resolve things but that the the trouble to the president is if his folks start getting ordered by courts to show up and testify and give documents to Congress now the other thing is that as all of this litigation in these other cases are percolating the president as we know has never met a bright shiny thing he didn't like and just gets distracted easily in the tweets and and so on and so even if there is an immediate legal peril to the president the mere fact that cases and matters are still percolating will distract the president and keep the tweets and keep the private conversations that trickle out going and I think you know that gets in the way of the president's underlying agenda because let's be clear as long as the president is having private conversations in the White House about how furious Lee is about Nancy Pelosi and tweeting about how Moeller is you know as long as he's doing those things he's not focused on putting kids in cages and to some extent there's a value in that hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. 'distract the man-child so he stops putting kids in cages'…that is the focus of our government now. Are you PROUD Republicans? You ruined America…again.

  2. Meanwhile, the Dems continue to embarrass themselves, in desperation get him impeached, before Ginsburg retires or dies.

  3. It's amazing what people will say because of their hate Trump bias.  Yea… he's busy planning how to lock up illegal immigrants.  Ridiculous!

  4. I find it incredibly IRONIC that trump keeps saying the DEMS are "getting nothing done". The Democratic Congress has PASSED Over 200 pieces of Legislation that the GOP Senate leader, Mitch McConnell REFUSES to bring to the Senate for a VOTE. #TrumpLies #TruthMatters

  5. Trump looked ridiculously stupid in that uncouth ill-fitted formal attire: He is obviously an elderly enfeebled old man struggling with age related disabilities. a frightening vulgarian, with clearly semi literacy issues . My God. history will not be kind.

  6. Why aren’t they bringing Michael Flynn to be question before he gets sentenced.
    Kinda weird that he is being overlooked as the judge seems to be waiting on Congress to do its job, before he puts Flynn away…

  7. Mueller report cost some odd 35 million but with money they gained from tax evasion and money laundering fines etc. basically covered the cost of the investigation.  You hear all the time about the massive cost to us poor tax payers. However trumps golf trips alone are somewhere around 100 million and they are at this owned resorts so that money goes directly to himself.  Just think about that alone. What world is that not a massive issue that we have a president who has taken massive vacation trips and then has pocket over a 100 million in tax payer money for taking those trips.

  8. i have to say i'm with polose on not impeaching he should walk out in handcuffs with no chance of pardon. and he slurs on his written speaches i think he takes something so he looks in control

  9. You forgot to show the thousands and thousands of Trump supporters on the streets. Dont worry we had alternative media on the ground that did film them.

  10. Awesome Potus
    MAGA 2020

    From a proud Trump Troll or Russian bot. What ever filthy names you snowflakes call American Patriots these days.

  11. So…trampling all over the constitution, and human rights= no action on the gop side? But tariffs…perish the thought! What horrible excuses for human beings.

  12. Again leaving out the clip of President Trump asking the people to look at Pelosi's district. Clearly showing that this news network approves of Pelosi.

  13. Disgrace!…to all Americans!…..He tweets like he is a dictator but when he is around them, he shakes at the knees….he gets no respect anywhere he goes, so, he blast everyone to make his ego feel secure….he calls a every Woman who is much stronger them him Crazy…..there is many more, but he insisted well in Ireland they hold the meeting at his dyfunct golf course!….but the Irish Prime Minister said hmmmm, NO!….lets do it at the airport!!…LOL.LOL.LOL.…of course he walked on the blood of true heroes who gave their lives for our Liberty, but will give up our Country for the highest bidder, and all his base goes, WOW!…LOL

  14. Reporter: What did you think of the Queen ?
    Trump: she's a 2 dressed up as a 3, I've had 10s & 11s. Ivanka is a 10 if she wasn't my daughter I'd date her.
    Reporter : How was Ireland?
    Trump : The Irish are England's Mexicans, put up a wall and make them pay tariffs.

  15. Trump is a punk, all bluster, and no action – his knees were trembling when it appeared that his Republican cronies were planning to go against him! What a Wuss! He is a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE…

  16. 🔴 Nanci Pelosi should be aware that
    A Person who Denies that
    Climate Change is happening now
    Can Be Declared Literally & Legally
    Insane and Be Removed from Office

    If Most of the sane people in the Whole World recognize this Fact; Then there surely Is Something Seriously Wrong with the Criminal
    Individual 1, which calls into question his Mental Fitness to be in Office because of the Liability of his unhinged decision making in handling Global Affairs and Security

  17. "Last night was really quite unbelievable with the queen. That is a great woman." That is why I GRABBED HER PU$$Y EXTRA HARD!!!

  18. trump = Vile piece of "humanity"! His words in the address are not from his heart. They are just words he spews forth to impress Royalty!

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