Trump reacts to his impeachment: ‘It’s a political suicide march for the Democratic party’

Oh, I think we have a vote coming in. So we got every single Republican
voted for us. Woah.
[cheering and applause] Wow. wow.
Almost 200. We didn’t lose one Republican vote. And and three Democrats voted for us.
Haley. Haley. Thank you, Haley. Great job. Wow. The Republican party has never
been so affronted, but they’ve never been so united as they are right now. Never. Never. [booing] By the way, by the way, it doesn’t really
feel like we’re being impeached. The country is doing better
than ever before. We did nothing wrong.
We did nothing wrong. And we have tremendous support in the
Republican party like we’ve never had before. Nobody’s ever had this kind of support. This lawless partisan impeachment is
a political suicide march for the Democrat party. Have you seen my polls in the last four weeks? Today, I sent Pelosi a letter denouncing
and condemning her party’s outrageous abuse of power. That’s what it is. They have nothing.
They’re the ones that should be impeached. Every one of them.

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  1. Trump impeached by House of Representatives in historic vote ►

  2. Democrats should have spent time fielding a candidate to run against Trump on policies. Trump is gonna win bigger in 2020.

  3. Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A massive congratulations to you Donald you finally achieved something President Obama could never achieve and will never and to think you did it in only 3 years in office, this deserves your picture on the cover of Time magazine, beat that Greta…

  4. Most of you celebrating have no idea how impeachment works,literally nothing will happen as a result.

    If anything you've helped him get 2020.

  5. Doesn't seem to realise that the live voting updates on the stream showed that a Republican voted against Trump for both votes, and the vote was subsequently removed around 30 seconds later each time. Once again, people fiddling with the votes.

  6. Anyone hear the empires new clothes every time Trump talks or it just me??? ” we nothing wrong” is a laughable statement

  7. ISRM that the Democrats are as deluded as Labour. They have no evidence of genuine wrong doing, only interpretation, they cannot remove Trump from office as his own party would need to support that, and the hysteria against him just pushes up his poll ratings. How about they try to find someone charismatic to run against him in 2020, and offer policies that the majority of Americans might like?

  8. Dems are done. They've scored, they just don't seem to realise they've scored an own goal. They've done more to boost Trumps 2020 support than even the booming economy has. Thanks Dems, keep it up!

  9. I wonder if people realise what impeachment actually is. It's only the first stage. Trump would need to face conviction in the Senate in order to resign. A successful Conviction requires a two-third majority. Not only that but the Republicans control the Senate. Trump will most certainly survive, and Trump will take this to his advantage in his re-election campaign

  10. World War 3 is coming. America and Britain will both be on the wrong side this time. Both countries putting their faith in spoilt selfish children

  11. DONALD is a DunningKruger Superior and The Demos are all DK Inferiors who cannot understand logic and reason.
    They merely react like lower animals.

  12. Time to fight back… funny how they are doing this, makes you wonder if it’s just a distraction from the fact the democunts killed Epstein

  13. 🇺🇸Donald trump 🇺🇸is a great president he is dowing the job right trump keep up the great work peace love and respect from Scotland 👏✌👍

  14. Is the nodding bot in the plaid shirt on the right another of Chump's illegitimate kids? "Nod, cheer & clap on cue & you'll go into his will".

  15. Trump is the greatest president of all times.he is very smart . Pompeo, esper, bolton….are the greatest high rank officers of the american administration. they focus on east sea and china is scared and bankcrupt. they all protect east sea for asia. the whole asia support Trump. obama and the democrats did nothing for east sea. that is why china finish building military bases in east sea . this is very very very bad.

  16. Trumps the best president youve had for a long time and people are doing their best to have him thrown out as hes not bowing down to the powers that be.

  17. This will get Trump re elected again, just mirrors the UK with Pelosi being their Gina Miller..
    If we're being honest half of Parliment/HoR could be brought up on criminal investigations but this is a clearly pollitically motivated and will back fire big, they might not even get the house next time so be careful how you push left wingers

  18. Does the fact that he has been found pretty much guilty of misuse of office, does this not mean something.  Is this the only misdemeanour he has done I think not.  Is the republican party only interested in saving face and ignoring the reality and truth.  Poor show if this is the case and loss of respect

  19. Let’s just hope the senate votes on his impeachment. This is just the first step. Let’s wait to see if he will be convicted. Also this guy is a piece of trash.

  20. The delusional left is helping Trump get re-elected. They keep failing over and over. I wonder what their next desperate, pathetic trick will be. What will they do next after this definetely fails, lol.

  21. Politics aside, it's just so odd that he never seems to acknowledge any sort of criticism or disapproval, which every president faces on a regular basis…but he just sort of weirdly pretends as if they didn't exist??

  22. I don’t care to impeach Trump but I think he’s going to far saying that the republicans have “never been more united.” Has he not heard of the day when Reagan painted the country red or when Nixon did?

  23. Notice how he always refers to himself as "we" or "Trump". Totally unconnected………what a thoroughly wretched human being that boy is.

  24. Boris Johnson would be considered a liberal by u.s standards. Don't expect any changes from Boris. . He's working hard to appease the socialists

  25. the fact that people support this clown and boris are beyond me. people actually shock me, that they are so gullible and they eat up anything the media shoves down their throats.

  26. Trump personifies the monetary system, which began thousands of years ago due to the lack of empathy to exchange services without the third medium of money. That is the main problem of society. Money and flawed selfish psychology. – Autistic Savant

  27. He says that he did nothing wrong yet he was impeached for abusive power and the obstruction of congress, get with the program

  28. A public speaker that is exalted by his base support.There are many reasons why so many people would vote for Trump.
    I think that it’s mostly about a hard wired principle and a line in the sand.

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