Trump Praises Incoherent Word Salad as a “Great Job”

so I was checking out the president’s tweets
yesterday and I noticed Donald Trump say quote, great job by Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia
over the weekend and representing the Republican party and myself against the impeachment hoax. And I thought, what the heck? Let’s see what Trump’s talking about. If he liked it, it must be really weird and
case in point, Republican Congressman Doug Collins was on Fox news Sunday over the weekend,
and it is everything that we could have imagined and more. Doug Collins goes on the strangest word salad
and defensive Donald Trump and it makes such little sense that I actually decided to transcribe
it for you, which we will put up on the screen momentarily. This is what Donald Trump liked from Doug
Collins. The fact of the is there corruption so I do
not spend dollars that I don’t need to spend in the Ukraine because of corruption. It was still there was an issue. Let me just ask you a thought experiment that
just, just bear with me for a minute. If you believe that the president had used
the power of his office to try to get Ukraine to interfere with our elections, if you believe
that, would that be an impeachable offense? I do not believe it, so I’m not going to ask
her a hypothetical in which is designed to simply say that the president did something
improper. Chris, he did nothing in property. There was nothing about a problematic giving
aid to another country in which you’re talking about corruption, which he’s required to do
by law. And it just so happened that a presidential
candidate, his son, who was getting an a massive amount of money from a company that had been
under investigation in which even other witnesses that had been favorable quote to the Democrats
in the investigation have said needed to be looked at. This is a problem of overall proportion, but
there’s nothing here that the president did wrong and this is the thing that we’re going
to move forward on. Okay? Yeah. So you really have to look at a transcript
to see how whacked this is, and I transcribed it. Take a look with me. This is what a Doug Collins said, quote, I
do not believe it so that I’m not going to answer a hypothetical in which is designed
to simply say that the president something improper, Chris, he did nothing improper. There is nothing about a problematic giving
aid to another country in which you’re talking about corruption, which he’s required to do
by law. And he just so happened that a presidential
candidate son who is getting in a massive amount of money from a company that had been
under investigation in which me, even other witnesses that have been for favorable quote
to the Democrats in the investigation have said to be looked at, have said, needed to
be looked at. Sorry, this is a problem of overall proportion,
but there’s nothing here that the president did wrong, and this is the thing that we’re
going to move forward on. I have no idea what this guy’s talking about. If anybody knows what he’s talking about,
let me know. Now I understand he’s defending Trump and
he’s suggesting that Donald Trump did nothing wrong. Like I understand the tone of it, but I don’t
know what the hell this guy’s talking about. Now it’s possible that he and Donald Trump
both speak whatever language that is, which is why some people understood what Trump meant
by Cobb FEFI and Trump presumably understands what this guy said, but it’s got to be just
the tone. It’s seemed like this guy was strongly defending
Trump. And I guess that that’s good enough for Donald
Trump. There’s nothing about a problematic giving
aid to another country in which you’re talking about corruption, which he’s required to do
by law. And I started thinking to myself, you know,
what has happened to education in our country? What has happened to critical thinking in
our country? But Doug Collins went to college. He also has a master’s degree, sort of, it’s
a master’s in divinity divinity from some seminary, but still it’s a master’s degree. Doug Collins is a lawyer. He has a law degree and this incoherent word
salad, defensive Donald Trump is the best that he was able to muster up. Either something is very wrong with Doug Collins
or he’s simply struggling to defend the indefensible and his brain couldn’t handle it. So it resorted to something as nonsensical
as this. And what you just heard, the saddest thing
about all of this is that people who want to defend Donald Trump will watch this video
and they won’t understand it because it doesn’t make any sense of course. And they’ll say to themselves, you know, this
Doug Collins guy, he seems super smart and I just don’t really understand politics. He must just be talking in a way that is above
my head. I’m sure he’s making sense. Many Trumpists will assume despite the fact
that this guy is making no sense whatsoever, but it’ll be enough for them. A strong defense of Donald Trump. Trump was happy with it. Doug Collins seemingly pleased with it even
though it makes no sense whatsoever. That’s what Trump like. That’s what Trump found, uh, to be a great
job done by Congressman Doug Collins. The discourse has been debased and I’m worried
there is no return, at least no return anytime soon. Facebook of is increasingly a bad actor in
the world of disseminating truth of prioritizing fact over propaganda, uh, in the world of
limiting the destructive effect of actual fake news and lies on the internet. I don’t mean fake news the way Trump uses
it, which is any news he doesn’t like. I mean actual disinflation propaganda

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  1. I agree, Pakboi, what happened to critical thinking? It's clear you have none. But, I'm sure, that can be quite convenient for someone who so frequently prefers ideology over logic.

  2. It's so sad to see the Republican party becoming nothing but boot lickers to the moron. VOTE BLUE 2020 folks-let's get rid of these bootlickers.

  3. The complete dumbing down of the republican party has finally been achieved, they have tried hard over the years, but it took a real dumbass like Trump to have the minions competing with each other to say the dumbest thing. Why on earth would any voter want to be represented by this joke of a political party?

  4. Trump could have said ZIMBABWE DID IT, and the dumb GOP would have REPEATED it. They dont even believe his stupid theories themselves.

  5. David's question: What ever happened to critical thinking in America?
    Estimated 2019 United States population (August 2019) is 329.45 million [329,450,000].
    In 2016, Christians represent 73.7% [242,804.650] of the total population, 48.9% identifying as Protestants [161,101,050], 23.0% as Catholics [75,773,500], and 1.8% as Mormons [5,930,100]

    And having no religion with 18.2% [59,959,900] of the total population — _hopefully, critical thinkers [less children, the oldest and infirmed]._.

  6. Even the stupid Georgia Governor doesn't want Collins anymore. He's trying to replace him with a woman with little experience, in defiance of trumps wishes.

  7. "A presidential candidate's son getting a massive amount of money…" That is the Republicans' new "Hillary's emails." They don't want or need any further clarification. Hunter and Joe Biden are corrupt and all Democrats are corrupt, and President Bonespurs hates corruption.

  8. Collins is an idiot and if anyone believes, or even pretends to understand, this "fake rebublikkklan" they deserve to be a Russian. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  9. Trump Derangement Syndrome: noun a condition that affects cognitive ability, verbal skills, and reading/writing comprehension

  10. i think it might have been an attempt at Gish-galloping?
    you know, that thing where they throw out so much bullshit that it becomes difficult to refute ALL their claims

  11. lol I realized I was watching it at 2X speed had to turn it down a bit to normal speed, however that was too fast for me as well brought it down to .75 then I could kind of understand him. He needs to slow the fuck down with the pace at which he speaks.

  12. It's because conservatives are more emotional than logical. As long as a candidate appears to be following the conservative narrative, they don't need to listen to what is specifically being said. They've already been indoctrinated into the conservative rhetoric. As long as the candidate simply alludes to a certain narrative, they can speak in complete generalities, and rely on the brains of the voters to fill in the blanks.

  13. You have understand te canid of people this argument is directed to
    For any one with normal brain the argument is just garbage no heads or tails

  14. He’s just a terrible public speaker. He’s jumbling his words and changing his mind on the wording mid sentence.

  15. It's simple. Defend Trump at all cost. Don't have morals, Don't have integrity. Don't care about reputation . Just protect Trump. Who could care less about anyone but Trump .

  16. david is looking fine as hell in this video, like can you imagine getting a lunch date with him, with the same hair and outfit as this video? (no homo)

  17. Burisma was cleared before Hunter joined the board and a long time before Joe Biden was sent to Ukraine to inform them that unless the corrupt chief prosecutor was fired Obama would not givem the aid they badly needed. Obama never stopped Ukraine from buying weapons from us; he actually gave them six times as much as Trump did and it was in cash.

  18. what and when did that Russian start the latest shocking thing said for the Trumpers to think that he is a better President than Lincoln. you can not make this up.
    unbelievable- beyond stupidity –
    the statement has just lowered Americans moral and intelligence by 100 % WORLDWIDE
    if you believe THIS you should just shoot yourself BECAUSE YOU ARE DUMBER THAN ANYTHING.

  19. Has anyone pointed out that calling it a hoax makes no sense? The impeachment process is happening in our mutually shared reality, it's clearly not a hoax. Trump Cult can call it a sham, a fraud, or many other (clearly incorrect) adjectives, but calling it a hoax implies that the democrats are merely pretending to have an impeachment inquiry. It's sad that the President is so ignorant. The man is barely literate.

  20. It's irrelevant what this numpty & his fellows spout, it's less about Donald's crimes but that the GOP will accept & condone them resorting to outright lies & false narratives to do so, the Senate will never impeach him even if he did shoot someone on 5th Avenue. It's unreal watching the collapse of Democracy in which all crimes are ignored & GOP's desperate desire to remain in power.

  21. He's just claiming Trump was concerned about corruption in general. That's all. And no, he doesn't address the evidence that that is not remotely the case.

  22. Well I'll be golly durn! That Doug Collins seems ta be a "jean-e-ous" just like Big Daddy Donny! AAww schucks, he's a guud 'en!

  23. Doug is absolutely talking the talk, consider his audience of one. I'd love you to do a show on the psychological tactics of these people and how to detect them.

  24. You got it exactly right. He's carrying the water for thirsty-as-hell Trump. That's all you need to decipher from this Neanderthal.

  25. Trumpist speak is like jazz or blues as long as you land on the root note everything before that doesn't really matter.

  26. OK, David. It's time the rest of the world acted to stop this rot. Can you please direct me and your other interested viewers to the email addresses of the women and men of Congress. The farce that's happening in the dis(USA) is affecting the globe. Republicans need to know that this shit will NOT be tolerated. The world does not need another Fascist dictator. I used to cringe at how people wished trump's demise. I thought 'how …. '. I can't even describe the word I felt about their hatred. But now I know.

  27. Interview transcripts can read wacky, even from well spoken people, because the nuance of speaking isn’t there. I’m not saying this wasn’t wacky, but it does amplify the wacky in a transcript, which might not be the most charitable take on this interview.

  28. They need to add some parenthetical(comments within parenthesis). They are speaking like you write. But aren't pausing(the way you would need to) to allow understanding.
    You can do this while speaking(it's challenging) with enough practice and skill. Mostly it comes to non-verbal ques and engagement with the audience. However, as soon as your conversation begins to exceed one person the effectiveness diminishes. As you will need to revisit sections, should you detect loss in information receipt.
    I'm highly confident that they heard that there was a way some smart people were talking. And then attempted to copy it(without bothering to understand).
    Watch a pair of nerds talk about their subject. You'll see this happen a lot.

  29. Being charitable, I think we can imagine that Collins' was perhaps nervous and trying to speak fast. This might have led to him only saying the important touchstones and talking points without the rhetorical glue to put these ideas together.
    To translate (if that is in fact necessary):

  30. For once, I actually disagree with you. It's not that it makes no sense, but that it makes "some sense, just not enough".
    While his phrasing is jumbled as shit and sentence structure is all over the place, It is easy enough with any thought to gleam his intentions from key words, which is:
    "Investigating corruption is standard procedure, therefore trump did nothing wrong. It's just a coincidence that a political opponent was involved. That's not a crime."

    By the way, completely wrong and utter BS. Trump is very, very guilty. Of many, many crimes, and witholding government funding for personal gain is just one of them.

  31. They sure found their talking points. They are repeating a gospel. Fox is meant for believers.

    Everytime someone repeats their arguments however incoherent or blatantly stupid they might be the framing increases and the gospel of Trump is spread.

  32. I'm from Louisiana and now i cant fucking stand these country accents anymore. The most mind blowing, chicken shit nonsense come out of these throats that im starting to associate the accent with gleeful ignorance.

  33. Perhaps trump isn't such a terrible practitioner of the English language, maybe he just has his own language the way babies supposedly do.

  34. i hear this: * Trump did nothing wrong, and Democrats aren't letting him have his say. On the other hand, the Bidens commited corruption with assistance from the Ukraine, and even Democrats are uncomfortable with that fact and have expressed that sentiment publicly** What's weird, is that I could understand what he meant when he spoke out loud, but , like Trump's word spaghetti, it makes zero sense when you read it. This is a thing narcissists do (i have known a couple in person) – they expect you to know the words in their head, so they speak in half sentences. They are usually obsessive so you can hazard an accurate guess to the missing words if you know them well enough. and they are definitely into victimhood and blaming others, big time…

  35. Dude, I can buy a Masters of Divinity "Degree" online in two minutes for forty bucks. I wouldn't be too impressed with that.

  36. When you value blind adherence to a bronze-age religion whose texts make it clear that it was only ever intended to be for a "chosen race" of "Israelites" in that very specific time-frame, and when you spend your entire life denigrating and undermining education on subjects, data, and facts not found in, or which contradict the books of the Old and New Testament, you get people like this.

    How's that for a run-on sentence? 🙂

  37. Ah Georgia, should have known, saw this crying bit c h and had to shut it off, this is a theocracy, they actually have In God We Trust on their license plates. The tax free leaches in the grab em by the pu ssy churches own the state and pay no taxes. what a joke.

  38. The reason Republicans refuse to answer hypotheticals is because, when that hypothetical comes true (again), they want to be able to move the goal posts (again). It's infuriating by design.

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