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    Climate change hoax exposed by founder of The weather channel lolol

  2. I can't believe what with all the issues we have environmentally that we are not going to do things rightly and justly the first time so our children won't have to continue to pay for our stupidity!!

  3. Something is really wrong when you have more dislikes than likes. HAHAHA!! Stupid looney lefties. Obviously people can see right through your fake news and listen to your bizzaere Teumo deraingment syndrome. LOSER LIBTURDS!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. The Daily, except when Trump plays golf, fight to keep our rights, fight BIG Business & stop polluters.
    Don't follow Trump's Tweets; follow the legislation!

  5. They plan to begin drilling in my state forest and under the primary source of drinking water for my city and the reserve source for Houston. Was I asked if that was ok? No! Will they care about the surrounding enviroment and how it will be impacted? No. Can I stop it? Not alone and without help.
    Will it be dictated how it's good for me by people with power or money in politics?
    Yes it will

  6. Why worry about the environment when you spray the skies everyday with aluminum, barium, strontium,and whatever else.

  7. If you live in a state that has the NPVIC pending. Call your local government and express your support. We could possibly end this kind of nonsense from happening again.

  8. Sense Trump did learn history in school so he don't know why landmark climbmate change is important fla. a swamp anyway.

  9. Thank god, those Regulations strangled our country for the last 50 years; each year it got worse until Capitalism nearly failed until saved by our Honorable President Trump. Trump 2020.

  10. “Waaaaaaahh! Orange man bad!!”
    Now you liberal control freaks know how we felt when Obowellmovement was elected, twice.

  11. Look at the Full Moon Dates, Dec 12th, 2019 and Jan 10 at 2:38 in afternoon. There is no Coincidence. She did a Ritual.

  12. And the republican supporters still believe he's here to help them, well I guess the 1% make more money. Zero taxes, who's going to pay all those taxes that their not collecting. Oh yea middle/poor class will. Open your eyes you morons, trump is playing you for idiots.

  13. I would like to said unbelievable" but he made it very clear he doesn't care about the environment or climate change!. When things goes downhill they will be the first cleaning up their hands and playing the blame game!

  14. Stossel doing real news over on his channel. You ppl should watch the one about a business owner not being allowed to convert his laundromat to apartments because the building cast partial a shadow on a schoolyard that it already does.. Welcome to crazytown. CO2 has dramatically been reduced in USA under Trump. Maybe you should ask youtube "What I Wasn't Told About Donald Trump"

  15. Hey let's look at what non white country's are doing to the environment…. Amazing it's only us white countries that have to be accountable…..

  16. It doesn’t matter SANDERS pick for VP says we all will be DOA in 12 years ! No sense waiting for it go out early in stead of being the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS DO SOMETHING !

  17. So sick of trump supporters calling mr war monger DRAFT dodger a Patriot. Guess what the south were Patriots! They LOST! Get over it! Vote out the jerk that wants the world to burn!

  18. Follow the money. trump is not doing all this for nothing. He is getting something out of it, whether it’s under the table or via campaign funds, he wins.

  19. You have to have labor to do these projects…. Labor is American Citizens. That boost the economy…. Think pass your nose for once….

    🇺🇸 SUPPORT President TRUMP🇺🇸

  20. So maybe the high speed rail project in California won’t cost so much so that it actually could be built. These environmental laws are hamstringing badly needed infrastructure projects across the USA. Finally a President that gets that government is overstepping it’s boundaries.

  21. It lets states and counties build without having to ask permission to the gov . Which is good it gets things done, one thing is true tho the earth will still be here , humans will be gone. Millions of years of history btw lol

  22. So they are worried about "the implications of climate change" won't be studied for every single building project? I'm pretty sure they know not to "rebuild" damaged army bases in flood zones, we don't need studies for that. Trump needs to roll back even more of those useless regulations.

  23. Its wrong are presadent will use this to gain votes for his benefit . But I'm looking at things as fare as how we look now and how are government will fight each other for the top to show who has more power

  24. Global warming is a political meme. If these pseudo environmentalist actually cared they would be addressing it as global poisoning. As if the sea level will rise 6" in 12 years 😆😆😆😆 these people live in big cities and drive SUV'S to work while trying to convince us the sea is rising. For shame

  25. What do you expect from an elitist goon who denies climate change and is a shill for the top 1%. Trump must be removed. The next democratic president will spend the first half of their term reversing all the BS and damage Trump has done.

  26. Oh that's right, Fukushima has been leaking nuclear waste in the oceans for years, and India is one of the biggest polluter of the world.
    Who is doing more damage, hmm the truth is out there..!!

  27. When you learn that climate change is a
    GLOBAL ELITE HOAX to pad their pockets with BILLIONS of $❗️
    The hundreds of 1,000’s of rules/regulations completely stopped construction during Obama reign.
    USA must update our infrastructure ❗️
    Airports, roads, bridges.
    Under Obama, farmers were not allowed to dig a trench to keep water in fields❗️
    A puddle demanded the EPA approval.
    Trump is a builder, & has been urging STREAM LINING
    Regulatory actions.
    Instead of dealing with multiple Gov, it will be streamed through one dept.

  28. Chris Hayes you are a deplorable disgusting manipulative sub human. I hope history will reflect this fact. I hope you are ashamed for the anti American propaganda you push. 👆

  29. Talking about draining the swamp; this man is like every other politician currently in Washington……and you people run to one party thinking they actually care about you. They are all the freaking same and claiming to have this destructive political battle to make us fight each other. Democrats and Republicans all have the same agenda; fattening their already big pockets!!

  30. One upside to this parody of a government is that all the generations that came after the "baby-boomers" are indifferent by nature, to anyone (except themselves), anything and everything. Their reluctance to "engagement" and propensity to insularism are going to be their biggest survival tools as the world keeps being turn into a cesspool by the big-money-greedy-interests of the few while the brain-dead-ignorant masses watch in total oblivion. Cheer up, Baby-Boomers! You gave us a great world! Best thing is that most of you will not be around to see how all you did will be destroyed. Godspeed!

  31. Well, Trump got an Iranian general killed, time to go back to killing Americans. Don't like your bad air and bad water, buy a house in Palm Beach. Oh, you don't have the money… too bad, sucks to be you.

  32. How does this help the average american. I dont understand how his supporter think he is helping them. I hope the democrats make sure americans see how the republicans are gutting obamacare and how the courts made the law that makes it possible was determined unconstitutional. (Hopefully this makes medicare for all easier to pass which will need to be an constitutional amendment) This shows the biggest impact of trump the judges he is picking.

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