Trump Is Unprepared to Lose the 2020 Election

-Let’s get to the news. In a new interview,
President Trump said that he is not prepared to lose
the 2020 election, saying, quote, “I haven’t lost
very much in my life.” Dude, you lost a billion dollars
in 10 years. [ Laughter ] That’s like the team
that plays the Globetrotters saying they haven’t lost
very much. [ Laughter ] According to reports,
Senator Bernie Sanders is preparing for this week’s
Democratic primary debate by reading
opposing policy positions instead of doing drills
or mock debates, while President Trump
is preparing by consulting
a rhyming dictionary. [ Light laughter ] “O’Rourke, uh, dork.
That’s good. Write that down.”
[ Laughter ] Former Pennsylvania Congressman
Joe Sestak announced yesterday he is running for president. Also yesterday, a tree announced that
it was falling in the forest. [ Laughter ] Good luck. [ Cheers and applause ] The first
Democratic presidential debates are this week, and the top 20 candidates
will be split between separate events. Also, anyone polling below 5%
has to bring their own podium. [ Laughter ] The Supreme Court ruled today that the government
cannot deny companies trademarks for names
that are deemed scandalous, which is good news
for Finger in the Butt Movers. [ Laughter ] That’s
Finger in the Butt Movers — we’ll get you there. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] Two members
of the acrobatic family The — [ Laughter ] Two members —
Come on, guys. Seriously. [ Laughter ] Two members of the acrobatic
family The Flying Wallendas walked a tightrope 25 stories
above Times Square this weekend. Even crazier, there were
still tourists in their way. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] Failed — Failed Alabama
Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore has announced he will run again
in 2020. He also has to announce if he moves
into your neighborhood. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Audience ohhs ] [ Cheers and applause ] “Hello, I’m, uh,
I’m Judge Roy Moore, but I’m not just a judge.” [ Laughter ] A dog named Scamp the Tramp
was crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog
over the weekend. [ Audience aws ] They knew it was a no-brainer when the other dogs
started sniffing its face. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] Madonna said in an interview
this weekend that she would like to meet
with Pope Francis to tell him that
Jesus would support abortion. And for a second,
Pope Francis was really excited. “Madonna?! Oh, that Madonna.” [ Laughter ] “Okay.” A Washington K9 officer
early last week found two suitcases filled with $1 million worth
of methamphetamine in a state forest. This is him now. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Applause continues ]

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  1. Just in case you haven't heard this is the United States of America not the socialist Communist republic of illegals of America I have Trump but the other choice was worst if you guys keep trying to elect your village idiot we will keep putting ours up for election to and as a nation we will continue to go to hell in a hand basket. Take your feelings out of the equation and truly think we are broke we are over 21 trillion dollars in the hole that means we don't have it. When have more going out then you have coming in you most quit spending basic common cents we need to quit giving away what we don't have


  3. Well Seth are going to cry on national TV AGAIN like you did the last time you were wrong with your predictions?

  4. Trump will win by a landslide!!!! You are a idiot if you don't vote for the only man who's done as much as he has for the good of our country!

  5. Talk about a Dork? You're only funny to your Dork crowd of people you grab off the street before the show. Did you see the Dorkacrats & Clowns thinking they could be President if they scream louder than the other? 😂 I'd say it's over before it starts.
    "Dorkacrats" thanks, I just coined a new one. 😃😄😂

  6. Did you hear that trump doesn’t drink? That means everything he does…………he is there mentally omg

  7. You liberals have no idea what you are talking about. First, Trump is worth between 3 – 4 BILLION dollars. Something you will never even get close to. Second, it is not illegal for President Trump to give his paycheck to a charity. Third….he did not cheat nor will he. President Trump will go down as being if not the best, one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. Name one thing the Democrats have done for the people of this country? If you want to know what President Trump has done just look it up. It's a long list. Get over getting your ass whipped in 2016 and get ready to get beat even worse in 2020.

  8. This country has gotten SO MUCH BETTER since Trump took office I can't believe I didn't vote for him. THAT won't happen again! I can't believe the news stations I used to rely on have become so totally full of lies and deceit. I quit being a Democrat years ago because Dem's are twisted, insane, liars, and frauds that ONLY care about themselves. They are shafting taxpayers in favor of illegals. Illegals have already cost us over a TRILLION dollars and the year is only half over.

  9. He will not lose the 2020…we have not fixed the voting machines that putin hacked so it will F*** us again like 2016. Those machines are easy to hack and we do not have anyone but volunteers watching the machines. US will be cyberhacked out of our elections again.

  10. He lost a billion more than you lil boy will ever earn. Yes I said the nasty word EARN. liberals hate the word earn. They can’t understand the concept of earning your way.

  11. How are people laughing from this? I kept a straight face throughout the entire video, where's the laughbox?

  12. Mr brainless dumb ass whose IQ insults that of a doorknob again spewing from his rear end while having the look of muslim about to be beheaded for bum humping. Is this the same dung brain who said even the thought of Trump running for president was a joke? Retard, billionaires lose billions, that's why they are bilionaires! If not they'd be like you, a pathetic, arrogant, dumb, ignoramous imbecile that feed of morons who laugh at you!

  13. I'm sad to think Americans aren't prepared for another four years of mitch-Putin crime wave either. Mitch again will lend aide to any foreign enemy that's the highest bidder to destroy the United States. McConnell has totally destroyed republikan political party and his sights are now on our country with him getting financial kickbacks from our enemy -putin. Why has our blue wave politicians failed to investigate and prosecute mitch!!! Mitch has destroyed an entire and now aiming at our country!! Blue wave politicians wake up and earn your re-election. Or are you on putin's bank roll too?!!!


  15. Rump may not be prepared to lose but if he doesn't , the real losers will be the people of America—-he better start preparing–to lose that is because that is the one thing he does best

  16. GOP=Corruption Lies Criminals Racists Hypocrites Traitors Cowards Unamerican Idiots Dirty Spineless Sellouts

  17. It's not Seth's fault, but this show sounds so desperate now…

    A joke happens, an awkward silence when no-one laughs… and then a round of applause.

  18. Out of total contempt and disdain for Donald Trump me and my family and a lot of my friends are leaving the citizenship question blank on our census forms just like a job application you don't have to answer when they ask you what your religion or race is well I'm leaving it blank

  19. He's feeling burned out. Some time off with clean him up. You can only do 1 thing so many times before u crack.

  20. Trump lost the last election by 3 million votes.
    He not only lost, he got beat by a girl!
    A very unpopular girl to boot!

    He'll get crushed this time and go to jail!

    Trump for prison 2020!!!

  21. Man… this segment got me good today. I was laughing so hard in my office. These jokes were on fire.

    Love you Seth and the team!

  22. Forget Bussing. Kamela HARRIS was called out on California TV show for causing millions of BLUE Collar works to Lose their homes via FRAUDULENT Foreclosure documents: Watch, and ask yourself WHY BIDEN has not thrown this in Kam Harris face ! ! !

  23. REMEMBER – Bernie's 21st century Economic Bill of Rights – Democratic Socialist VS epublican CORPORATE Socialist !  PLEASE SHARE DAILY

    What is Republican CORPORATE SOCIALISM?  Does anyone who isn’t a millionaire really want it??

  24. Come on have you seen the Democratic debate?! Of course he will win and this time nobody can pretend they had not seen it coming. Unless there is a recession in the next 12 months it is hard to see another conclusion.

  25. Trump looses 1 billion dollars in 10 years, Hillary looses 1 billion in a year from her failed campaign ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  26. Trump is by far the best president the United states ever had suck it up you stupid fucking liberals the liberals have guaranteed Trump's second term being a man and a liberal means you take it up the ass

  27. Sestak? Who the eff is he?
    And I thought the gov. From MT was beyond stupid getting in to the race when the legislature let out from the ‘19 session.

  28. He probably won’t lose in 2020. Trump is a bully, and there is no one on the Democratic side that can stand up to him. Not one candidate will stoop to his level, they will take the high road and handle his insults in a classy manner, he will then proceed to insult them until they are viewed as weak by the general populous. Weak person=Weak leader. Game over, Trump wins again.

    Full disclosure, I don’t care who wins, I just know how the game is played.

  29. Not prepared because he will remain in office for another 4!!! Getting ready for all the great pics, videos and memes of you losers crying, throwing fits and howling at the sky.

  30. I haven't lost much in my life; just my dignity, credibility, natural skin tone and grasp on reality etc……

  31. I love that the most common defense for Trump in this or any comment section has basically devolved into "NO, YUR STUPID," because some idiots honestly think that when most of the world is against one person, it's obviously a problem with the world, not the person.

  32. Why would the guy who's going to win by a landslide be prepared to lose?
    That'd be like a bear preparing to lose against a rabbit – only a really stupid lefty bear would do it.

  33. The Democratic Leadership is going to help cheat Trump in because the last thing they want is a Progressive in office.

  34. Seth Myers is the most overrated late night SNOWFLAKE talk show host in history. He talks over every guest, believing that unless he continually adds his intellectually superior comedy statements to their stories they won’t be funny- The sad part is he isn’t really funny and the guests stories are stomped into the ground. Myers entire spiel is, I hate TRUMP- TRUMP is so bad- TRUMP is so dumb. TRUMP has turned this country around in only 2 1/2 years and will definitely be re-elected in 2020. So Myers will have more to cry and whine about for 5 1/2 more years! TRUMP 2020- KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  35. All of you libtarded commie cucks/cunts are stupid. You're a bunch of over protected, over privileged NPC SJW's that dont have ANY clue. You have ZERO self/environmental awareness, which means you lack self respect, so you decide to abide by the systems standards of self hating guilt for your gender/race/belief, and you let others unworthy of having it, have it unchecked, unchallenged, and you all just stand by in the corner because you're weak fearful sheeple. You can't make it in a capitalist system, because you dont have the physical or mental ability to compete and invent anything of use or ingenuity, so you use the government to act as you socially woke crutch to save you from any effort you need to make for your own life, and make the government steal others money to provide you with an existence you won't even try to earn yourself for yourself, but we're supposed to take you seriously? The biggest problem with socialism/communism, is that you run out of my money eventually, and I refuse to pay taxes to your section 8 welfare system surfing leeching asses. All of you "people" (realistically, I call you all DEMONRATS) are the very reason why I consider myself a proud misogynist misanthrope, and to all of you feminist socialists/communists cucks/cunts, I hope you all die a slow horrible painful death for what you and your kind have put us through for the past 171 years. There is NO situation where you commie twats will come out of this on top, there is no way that we who loves lie guns, our freedom and our constitution, will stand down or lose to a bunch of racially/gender confused intellectually inferior communists voters/voted. NOTHING YOU DO MATTERS YOUR EXISTENCE IS A LIE, SHORT MAY YOU LIVE SOON MAY YOU DIE

  36. 71% of the country thinks the economy is doing great. 60% of democrats think the economy is doing great. TRUMP HAS A CHANCE OF GETTING THE NECESSARY ELECTORAL POINTS.

  37. Hate to be the prophet of doom, but every major news agency and poll said in 2016 that there was no way Trump could win. Hillary was given an 85% chance of winning based on said polls. Please do not title this video, "Trump Is Unprepared to Lose the 2020 Election". Sure, things might be looking great now, but don't take a victory lap early. Be humble and work hard to win the election. Do not take anything for granted.

  38. Wasn't prepared to win in 2016, and now not prepared to lose in 2020. But then he's not expecting to lose, and there is a very good chance he won't lose. After all, all he has to do is drop some bombs on Iran, and whip up nationalistic fervor, he'll be sure to win.

  39. Poor Seth, record breaking economy and Dow. Unemployment record lows (means the 1% are not alone in success). And the dems have found out there are racist in their party as well lmfao! ….however since our president is Satan,Lucifer,hitler,moon man, racist,suprematist,daughter banger,Tirant etc……the world is on the brink of chaos and it will end in no time. Grats Seth the only person who knows how Trumps balls taste lmfao! He won’t get ofem.

  40. Was i the only person who thought this was a pathetic attempt at comedy? his "jokes" didnt even get me to chuckle….

  41. Donald Trump is on a fact-finding trip (Junket) to Israel. While he is on a tour of Jerusalem he suffers a heart attack and dies.
    The undertaker tells the Americans accompanying him, "You can have him shipped home for $50,000, or you can bury him here, in the Holy Land for just $1000".
    The Americans go into a corner to discuss for a few minutes. They return with their answer to the undertaker and tell him they want Donald shipped home.
    The undertaker is puzzled and asks, 'Why would you spend $50,000 to ship him home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $1000?
    The American diplomats reply, 'Long ago a man died here, was buried here, and three days later he rose from the dead. We just can't take the risk.

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