Trump impeachment: Pence facing Democrats’ document deadline –  Democrats’ reaction

if vice president Mike Pence doesn’t
comply with House Democrats requests to turn over by Tuesday documents related
to the Trump administration’s actions on Ukraine Democrats have said that refusal
can be used as evidence to impeach the president pence himself could also face
repercussions those range from a more probable next step
the denial becomes part of the larger battle between Democrats and the
administration to the most extreme route that experts say Democrats are unlikely
to pursue Pence is also impeached I don’t see him as the target said Stewart
and Gerson one of 16 conservative lawyers who released a statement last
week in support of an expeditious impeachment investigation that creates a
political issue that one would assume the Congress is smart enough to avoid
instead Gerson and other legal experts expect pence to be treated like other
officials and Democrats efforts to investigate whether Trump withheld
military aid to Ukraine as part of an effort to get the newly elected
president to investigate the Biden family Democrats have subpoenaed a
variety of people inside and outside of the administration including giving
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney in October 18 deadline to
comply with a large documents request Murray Ivanovich the former US
ambassador to Ukraine testified under subpoena Friday after the administration
ordered her not to appear before the House investigatory committees
voluntarily US ambassador to the European Union Gorton Sandland has said
he will testify under subpoena on Thursday

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