Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Volker, Vindman, Williams & Morrison

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  1. I'm getting so sick of this one sided the journalist are only seeing and hyping up Democrats points …All they have done was waste our time and our money and getting no work done…there was no connection to Trump and Russia lets see if Hillary has any connection…Just like now …I have seen NOTHING that OUR CHOSEN President has done to undo our votes ( not mine but Americas). ..I didn't vote for Trump or Hillary. ..I voted for the "CAT IN THE HAT"….What happened with Bidden ???? I want to know !!! Why don't you do a story on that….."OUR PRESIDENT" has a RIGHT and ""DUTY "" to check and double or triple check on a countries corruption and make sure Our Taxes aren't being wasted….this is a Democratic attack so Trump don't get re-elected. So hopefully one of their corrupt democrats have a change. As a INDEPENDENT….I have ALWAYS voted more democratically then republican. …In 2020 I will be voting STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN coming from a democratic state….I don't care if Trump gets kicked out and the "Cat in the Hat" fills his spot !!! As for the News I will ONLY BE WATCHING FOX FROM NOW ON 😈👿😡 !!!!!!!! One more thing this is AFTER WATCHING Ambassador Sondland. …who Never Talk to the President like all the others and PRESUMED. ..that's like ..(Ass-u-me)(ING)…..!!!!!

  2. Watching this hearing I have come to realize that talking to republicans is
    a lot like trying to teach a pig to sing it wastes your time and it annoys the pig

  3. I Assume , I presume , I heard , guess what these witnesses all just proved Pelosi and schiffy are tying to frame a innocent person with fake crimes !

  4. What ever happened to the children at our Southern border. All we heard for weeks. Guess it's not important to the democrats anymore. Bigger fish to fry. All a 64 voted democratic all my life. NEVER NEVER again. I love my country . I don't want to destory this country.

  5. I hope that somewhere down the line, The Republicans get equal air time for all this BS and the weekly Dumbacrates poling debuts. I would like to see Trump get 7 more years to make up for the three years wasted by Dems.

  6. This Ambassador Sondland is so exasperating, he really should consider taking notes. His memory does not serve him well, actually it's clear he's not being truthful. So much for his testimony, he wasn't clear about anything. Trash.

  7. IMPEACH and REMOVE in such a way that TAXPAYERS will not be SADDLED & BURDEN with paying for any benefits. Government retirement and health benefits that other former Presidents get should be NON-EXISTENT for dRUMPf.

  8. Excellent Tactic by Corrupt DEMS and CIA to distract the Biden and Hunter Corruption and Bribery they make another Hoax attack against the best President, Trump!!! a State of Emergency needs to be called and fire all the Corrupt CIA and Dems.

  9. Even Democrats turn to Fox News to make sure they hear the truth. A few years ago I thought calling it ‘fake news’ was a bit harsh on MSM or so called (deep) state or bureaucrats’ media. Now I have to admit it is really nothing but shameless propaganda, especially since Trump made clear he will not be intimidated by MSM. The fake has become clearer because of Fox News telling the whole story and showing the complete video’s. Also the unfiltered tweets don’t give MSM selective-leaking-power anymore. So MSM are furious because they lost much of the power they had in the last decades to control the narrative. So the bureaucrats’ media want a loyal deep state President again. MSM are doing everything to remove the people’s President, Donald Trump. You can hear the MSM networks repeating exactly what racist AOC and the ISIS-loving Squad are telling Pelosi to say in public. Thank God for the people at Fox News!

  10. The truth always finds daylight, accusation, hearsay, Dems have been caught in lie after lie, people can see what's going on.
    Trump is not a politician!,brash and crude at times but no tresonist acts. Dems better shift gears or there chances to election are over

  11. Since I heard that Trump said something legally inconvenient, I realized that it was another of his pitfalls. They fell off guard.

  12. "The Democrats have never accepted the will of the American people." I feel like Mr. Jordan is being selective there as he mentioned only Trump winning the electoral college rather than the popular vote which, in my opinion, is a much more fair and accurate assessment of "the will of the American people". Then again… when "the will of the American people" doesn't vote in their favor they also claim there's illegal voters even when such claims don't stand up to scrutiny. But, well, again I suppose facts aren't relevant here since they also keep going on about conspiracy theories rather than what our own intelligence community has found.

  13. What does his service have to do with his testimony? We are all politically swayed. It's human nature. Like Dragnet "just the facts ma'am "

  14. I just wanted to come over here and ask you guys, what ever happened to world war 3 that you predicted if trump won the election? What about the crashing economy? What about war with North Korea? What about deporting all immigrants? What about locking up blacks for no reason other than trump doesn't like you? Seems like you guys couldn't have been more wrong on every single point, every single time. Why does anyone still listen to anything you liberals say?

  15. "here,(America) truth matters." -a true patriot. Thank you for your service and holding your duty over your personal security.

  16. I'm suprised col Vindman didn't start crying! he may have been injured serving.our country……but what a whimp! Most men that serve our country ask nothing in return, they just choose to serve knowing the cost they may pay

  17. I'm so sick and tired of all these snowflakes, we're Americans for god sake, ask no quarter and give no quarter, our founding fathers are rolling over in their gaves

  18. Oh yeah.

  19. give a person all the power, they will create chao, not listening will worsen, create negative thinking, doing good for the people,have some passion, for humanity.

  20. I can’t believed how biased the presentation of these hearings had become. I know many people hope for this impeachment but it’s irresponsible and ignorant to think impeaching our president will improve the status of our nation.

  21. The most enormous and corrupt administration, that ever existed, against the most numerous and useless body of privileged idlers, that ever aggrieved a nation , but against the wide spread influence of a wicked, debauched, and unprincipled group.

  22. 2:50:00 – Dumb commentators! They weren't trying to make Vindman look like a "biased individual" – they were establishing the cause for his exclusion to various events by his own senior chain of command and let the American people know why in fact he was (is) clueless on all of the pertinent topics regarding the mention of Hunter Biden during the phone call(s). Basically Vindman was getting too buddy-buddy with the Ukraine government and becoming political on his own by assessing, perceiving, and interpreting the POTUS's remarks as "inappropriate". He in fact, should have been relieved of his duty immediately following that assertion. That's a heinous misstep on his [Vindman's] part!!! That's fairly near traitorous behavior!! This is confirmed by Mr. Morrison (Vindman's boss!) later in the stream!

  23. bush and cheney placed troops in 4 nations, annexed an entire island chain in the indian ocean establishing their 5th permanent military base where we werent wanted. Obama and biden placed troops in more nations….5 established another 5 permanent military bases!!!

  24. Previous administrations in the usa have been playing devils advocate for ww3 for decades. Trump has withdrawn troops from several places, has not created any conflicts and is investigating the former administrations.

  25. Just listening to Volker's opening statement, I already don't trust him. I have a very hard time believing he's as clueless as he lets on. He knew what he was a part of, and he just wanted to get things done whether the process was legitimate or not.

  26. People is walkaway from democratic party stupids Afro-American latinos people with brain don't believe anymore in democommunists

  27. The following is what is really going on, in my opinion, All U.S. diplomats, and some individuals in uniform (including generals), connected/involved with Ukraine, have been collecting huge sums of money from Ukraine and Russia( remember previous Ukraine government was corrupt and closely tied to Putin). Said huge sums of money from Ukraine oligarchs/Russian oligarchs, are deposited in off-shore accounts for these ambassadors/diplomats/men/women in uniform at highest ranks. Also,, in my opinion Joe Biden & Son are included in the aforementioned, as well as some democrat senators and representatives. The corruption in Washington, D.C., is everywhere, including certain courts, DOD, DOJ, ABC agencies, former Pres. Obama, the
    Clintons, etc., etc.,etc.. Furthermore, George Soros is very prominent in all of this. Remember, days after 2016 election, Soros met with Pelosi, Schumer, and others , in D.C. Is he one of the puppet masters??

  28. Nunes is such a traitor. Russia hoax? Uh, that’s already been proven by our intel community and reported as true by the Senate Intelligence Committee (see link). Hopefully Nunes gets the Steve Scalise treatment…only w/more permanent results.

  29. TRUMP is Commander in Chief over the armed forces. Trump needs to remove Vindman from the military, once this whole circus impeachment is over. Corrupt Vindman is insubordination to his Commanding Officer!

  30. All democracy nation are fake , fake news , fake money , evil America are good at lying , never listen what evil America said , just look at what evil America done to the world , destruction the world by war's , destroying the world economy by trade war's , evil America are war's at everything to destroy any nation who's want to be better then evil America , evil America suck and very sick evil nation .

  31. Rep Conway questioning @10:13:00 was interesting. Damages the "the hold on aid held the javelins back which opened an invasion from Russia" framing.

  32. oh I'm SURE Trump said "oh and I want be sure these investigations are politically motivated'… YOU DIM WIT. THE BEST case (for those seeking to hang Trump out) Is that he overtly said 'investigate Biden' Like Schiff, Comey, Paige etc. ALL COLLUDED to do w/Trump even to defrauding FISA court!! SO IF THAT IS A CRIME HANG THEM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! ORDER! ORDER IN THIS BOLOGNA! Sheesh.

    But even if he did say that, you can't assume it's politically motivated. Biden's son is virtually proven to be in a high pay position in foreign corp via Joe's influence. OBVIOUSLY HAUL THEIR BUTTS INTO COURT NOW! What kind of stupid country is this?

  33. Republicans love our military and vets until they tell the truth about Trump's committing bribery and prioritizing his political aspirations over the good of our country . You guys are so predictably dispicable, and definitely NOT the Patriots you pretend to be. Why don't you stop flying the American flags in front of your homes, and fly a trump flag instead?

  34. Y'all Republicans on here should be ashamed of yourselves pretending to believe the guy who had a scam University, and a scam charity was trying to root out corruption in Ukraine.

    ZeroExperienceHunter and 6hoursJoe
    The Prepped Whisteblower
    Congenital Liar Shifty Shift
    Russian asset Steele Hillary

  36. What do these democrats smoke ?! They openly recognize that they have staged a coup in Ukraine and continue to rob this impoverished country ….

  37. The republicans have completely forgot that in the beginning. Speaker Pelosi actually was treading VERY carefully about anything to do with impeachment. The republicans were happy when she was doing that. Now, they’re attempting to smear her name. Not to mention the clearly threatening tweets that trump has been putting out about the people testifying, two women to be exact. These issues are literally only some of the many illegal things trump has done.

  38. Why would you say there is nothing unethical about buying your way onto a position in a president's administration? You are wrong, that is as swampy and as unethical as you can get.

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  40. If America can not defend it's constitution, then what use is the constitution, If a world power can not solve it's problems then the world is at risk. After hearing and watching the Impeachment hearings, it was a pity to hear how the Republicans defended their own instead of the constitution, this will only weaking America and it will make the world at large to see America as a joke and all other countries doing wrong will never see it as wrong. If America be the ones trying to correct them. America is gradually becoming the people they killed, like the Gadafi, sadam and others, But who then kills America when they become the people they killed? Russia. Your present Government is only helping Russia Win and Russia will be the New World Power and the world will be at risk again and democracy will be throw under the bench with no rescue. I urge the Republican today to support the Impeachment of Trump, so that history will write their names in Gold. Republican will still win the next election with a different candidate. Get rid of the Russian Puppet.

  41. It is a demand… So the meetings where also a quid pro quo. Vindman spoke his peace on the spot and said this was inappropriate. Note undermining the USA support. Ukraine need to hear Vindman cause they now are a part of the conspiracy against Biden. To bring propaganda to a up coming election. Point Ukraine now in jeopardy of loosing aid and up coming funding due to corruption.

  42. Vindman advice to Ukraine President use caution towards Russia and to stay out of US politics. Quid pro quo they would get the meeting if under took the demands. So it wasn't only the aid on hold it was the president pride. 😤


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