Trump Goes Where Two Previous Presidents Refused To Go: Killing Iranian General | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. I don't think any possibility of war at this point. Iran is strong country and could give run for their money if America get into this war. Moreover they have made enough enemy in or around Muslim nations .Russia have good chance to make few good friends now

  2. Trump: "Alexa" How many miles did I run today?
    Alexa: Okay! Sending missiles to Iran today.

    How WWIII was started

  3. Now… why the fu($ isn’t Barack Obama locked up for funding the attacks!?!?!?!! The entire world witnessed the scum bag hand three pallets of cash in different denominations over to Iranian officials!!!!!

  4. Reading some of the responses from different political figures this one really stood out to me. This statement was made by a Iran expert. "Winners from this are ISIS, al Qaeda, Sunni fundamentalists that hate Iran as well as the United States, Russia, China, which will become more powerful in the Middle East," Slavin said. Is it possible that this was a chess move off the board????

  5. Iran, you like US IEDs? We have plenty more for you. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. You are no longer a threat to the world. Trump 2020

  6. Iran is Not stupid like Trump is. Iran knows that when They attack Military bases in the middle east that they also will control the Oil flow to America which They know can bring America to Her knees. Saudi Arabia will be hit hard because it is a Super Oil Trading Partner with America. Once Saudi Arabia is destroyed then America will crumble, First you will see the dip in the Oil Trading, then the Gas Stations will start the Odd and Even License Plate of each Vehicle to Limit Supplies. Then good Ole Russia, Trumps Master will Sell Oil to America for Trillions of Dollars instead of thousands.. Get it ? Got it ? Good. Oh by the way My Crystal Ball is Amazing.

  7. Trump Murdered an Iranian General !!! This is a Criminal Offense. Trump should be held responsible for His Actions Today, Not Tomorrow Today !!!! Let Him weep inside a State Penetention for His Criminal Acts !!!

  8. Profound words for our times:'In the annals of human history the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as dependent on the will and powers of man.The shaping of events seems , to a greater degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice.But in the word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, behind, above and through all the play and counter play of human interests and power and passions, the agencies of the all merciful One silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will'.Education page 173.E G White.

  9. It amazed me that some people will get on TV and proclaim to have the absolute truth on the matter regarding the bombing of several tankers without concrete evidence that wouldn't hold up in a kangaroo court. Some people believe that whatever comes out of their mouth is the acceptable truth.

  10. trump shows his readiness to sacrifice Americans in war for his personal benefit. President Chump and his Evangelist cult members are both self serving and despicable. Both are comfortable in creating human suffering and loss of life. If you want more crime, more disfunction, fewer rights and more corporate control, vote Republican.

  11. Americans must be missing those planes coming into Dover AFB with dead American soldiers in them. Now they can start reading the list of names on the nightly news again. Whenever Americans miss the reading of the names they just have to elect Republicans or let the GOP steal elections and VOILA! war again. Apparently Americans never get tired of it.

  12. So it’s ok form terrorist can murder innocent Americans and attack our Embassies?…. Seriously Think about If terrorist murdered a member of your family. Maybe even your entire family. Not so unattached now are you?

    And attacking a embassy is a act of WAR! President Trump did his job. Wake up America; An act of war should be treated seriously…not debated to death where nothing ever gets done.

  13. Cheap political trick: trump thinks that by making himself a WarTime President, will cement his re-election. It worked for Bush, and we are still fighting the re-election war he started.

  14. Let’s get all of our troops money and financial assets out of there and put all that effort into switching gasoline engines over to electric and collecting the natural power from God and call it a day.We need to stop this huge dependence on foreign oil. North America has enough oil to meet all of our needs

  15. A chance to knock out their nuclear plants and oil wells if they try anything yes good move PRES TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. I was an avid reader of Edgar Rice Burroughs as a teenager—especially his 30 sum odd Tarzan novels. One of those basic precepts of basic instinctual behavior was that of the 'cornered animal', I am NOT equating either General Soleimani, Iran or the Iranian people, for that matter as animals. Quite the contrary! This present administration, on the other hand, has acted in such a way–a high pressure campaign to sanction NOT the Iranian rulership, but the common people–those struggling day to day, just to put food on their tables! American policy has squeezed and pressured the common citizen and 'cornered' a country and tortured it as if it were an animal and (we) got EXACTLY what we should have expected! When you make a country desperate enough, then you get a desperate reaction! We (this Trump administration) has ONLY itself to blame for any deaths and injuries that come to American/European citizens in the future!

  17. So Nancy gets her Democrat biased house to vote on the act… then it goes to the senate to vote…. Even if they pass it, the President can veto it. After veto it takes a 2/3 vote to over ride a veto… (Senate is republican majority so voting on war powers act will fail or fail veto too)….So…. looks like Donald will be able to respond to Iran for as long as we wants.. Sorry nancy it is a law, not an impeachement proceeding (which dim witted Nancy already screwed up)… Good thing your powers are checked too, Madame Speaker!!! lah lah lah lah lah lah!!!!!!

  18. Was Solmani, the only one killed in the strike ? We are talking about someon ordering the murder of someone with possibly collateral damage. Was he alone ? In a car with a driver ? No-one has mentioned if anyone else was murdered at the same time !

  19. Two previous presidents presided over the biggest foreign incompetence failure in a century. There was an entire Extremist state created, Syria was ruined,Libya turned into a hellhole, Yemen turned into a human butchering butcher shop. That's just in the ME. Crimea the Russo-German gas pipeline all abysmal failures sycophant press covered for.

  20. Sorry buddy you can't politically move yourself and your side of government into the spotlight by saying , things should have been discussed between our allies. The general was an evil man and he had bad serious plans in the making. He was killed before he was able to live out those plans 🤷🏼‍♂️. "Good Job by the United States " 👍🏻👍🏻

  21. Usa People are doomed! All their hard working money goes for the interest of few rich Godless Elites whos trying to destroy the world because of their satanic agenda! Call me whatever you want ! I am a Canadian other day went to US, seeing the bridges almost collapsing they are so old and falling! Stores/service areas and all other structures are outdated ,?! Wow Government dont care about US citizens at all
    , all they care themselves and their business partners ! Cant you see it?

    US Government was fair about 80 years ago before holocaust! After that they found the media to manipulate the people with the lies that dont exist ! US government was targeted ! Until now this Satanic government keep creating wars and bs to people through media/social media! what they show is have no truth with it!

  22. America still refuses to acknowledge the place of culture and tradition in the rise and fall of states…. but I guarantee you it will remember Trumps monumental folly with killing Iran's top general. With impeachment now a second rate story and Americas' attention diverted to a name most Americans never heard of, they are equally unaware of the precipitous move toward nuclear war Trump has just initiated in the middle east. Maybe this impeachment thing is too little too late.

  23. Big man Trump… the little nonce that spits his dummy out… grey matter none existent.. Puppet extraordinaire.. I can see the strings… dangle.. dangle, dance boy dance for your masters.

  24. That kind of surgical operation keeps bad elements at arms length and it has dawned on them that they aren't out of reach…THE 'US' of 'A' is BACK! Exactly the kind of strategy that should have been employed by George Bush jnr in the 9/11aftermath.

  25. If, as they claim, this man was responsible for the killing of "tens of thousands" of civilians, along with Americans, why wasn't he apprehended and brought before the International Criminal Court?   Also, why wasn't bin Laden also captured and brought before the ICC for trial over 9/11?   The US simply uses assassination as their "fix" and calls it even.  If this country is looking to spread "democracy and freedom" why not let our actions prove it, rather than claim bragging rights for planning disproportional retaliation.  Last I looked, running a country as a "one-man show" was a dictatorship, not a democracy.

  26. Well sorry for what happened to him ,but in reality if you act wrong towards others ; wrong will come back to you sooner or later ; let's not forget the $180 million American drone that the Iranians shooted down by a missile last June, what about all the young soldiers that have come back in coffins and others missing limbs , what about the Navy ships that had been attacked in the middle east? Sorry someone has to send a good signal to stop growing punches and if someone else is planing something against the U S it will be better to think twice like N K.

  27. In the old days when you lost a war the victor took over…..we did win a war against Irag……not sure I like that they can ask us to leave after we put so much money into their infrastructure, airports. We should have made it clear at the end of war there that we WOULD BE setting up a base….like it or not as we did in japan, korea, germany.

  28. Typical MSNBC News reporting. Obama and the Democrat (Socialist) Administration dropped more than 500 targeted drone bombs in Iraq against terrorists and terrorist organisations without So much as One question asked

  29. I'm a little confused by General McCaffrey. He applauds the assassination of soleimani but thinks it's amateur and ill-thought out. Having said that, I kind of agree.

  30. Donald duck and run Trump hitman and terrorist in charge . Baron should be just about old enough to fight dads upcoming wars unless bone spurs are hereditary

  31. Yes this guy wasn't there and is not an expert. He has hearsay information. I served and knew of this dead general. Hes a terrorist to the worst extreme.

  32. Pride before DESTRUCTION. They have don't boundaries now and we have no allies to help us.

  33. The Dems still thinking that they are the ones running America… We voted Trump in to do that you bunch of losers. Obama classified Qassem Soleimani as a terrorist but either didn't have the opportunity or the balls to take him down. Qassem Soleimani has been raging a war against America for years and is responsible for the deaths of over 600 Americans and many of our Allies and damned right he should have been killed and now the Dems and their stupid blinded by hate for Trump followers attack Trump for doing the right thing. You should all take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves just what side are you on, America's or the Terrorists?

  34. Who said the general was there one of theres or the u.s soldiers to go strike…usually when a general is killed unexpectedly a traitor gives him up…

  35. Iran has been killing people all over the world with its sponsorship of terrorist organizations. So now they know someone will not take their crap and will fight back.

  36. Narcissists (NPD sufferers) do not care if their constant, total attention is negative or positive & they will go to great extent to get it like a drug addict & do not care who nor how many they destroy to fulfill their addiction …PERIOD!!!

    …I noticed that he was not top news on YouTube anymore the day b4 the strike on Iranian general lol
    …..I immediately thought to myself "Mr Trump is probably suffering inside from this" …then BAM he was all over the news again due to a strike against Iranians unfortunately..
    Beware… the devil is a LIAR
    …& God is THE TRUTH, the life & the (only) way !!!
    …stay close to God !!!

  37. But the two previous presidents were not impeached and needed a distraction. This is exposing our personnel and interests in the entire Middle East.

  38. I know why usa killed Iranian general.

    Ok here is what happend.

    So basically the Iranian general send soldiers to iraq and bombed american ambassy so thats why iranian general died.

  39. The Demonrats have officially committed Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  40. Support our President. Or move to iran,iraq, syria,afganistan, long and prosper.Attack America, buy a strong umbrella,because its about to rain fire and brimstone.and well deservedly so.

  41. Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said about the muslims……he said………..DON T TRUST THEM………and that was 50 years ago…….DON T TRUST THEM.

  42. Impeached trump can't hide behind some air raid stunt. Americans can see that he is deflecting from his impeachment trial. He is out of control.. He is also afraid of the evidence that will come out when Bolton testifies. I love a good impeachment

  43. Unlawful drone attacks on foreign soil is an American policy of assassination. Is that what American foreign policy has degraded to in the World? Yes, there are mitigating circumstances In Soleimanis case. But without a declaration of war, isn't it just Americans killing people abroad? Even if they are bad. If another country carried out such a policy on American soil and potentially involved us in another prolonged and bloody war with a formidable adversary, we would be up in arms about it too. It's a disgrace to our allies in the region and around the world.
    Let's be fair. How can we claim to be a leader among civilized nations when we allow ANYONE to act outside the law within our own. There needs to be an 'Act of War' by Congress if killing is to be lawful…Period! We must adhere to the same international laws that we ourselves once helped to create and enforce in the World. Aren't those the same international laws that past dictators and despots have broken which we have gone to war over? And shouldn't we be required to notify any friendly sovereign nation on whose soil we are enforcing a policy that involves killing? Otherwise, it's just government sponsored murder being carried out by a bunch of thugs…Plain and simple! From the White House to a Jail House…JUSTICE FOR ALL!

  44. With generals like this was the reason we didn't win a war until Trump. To the morons out there, don't come up with WW 2.

  45. Bring on the draft,like in 1969,I was one,and I joined the military.young now would probly haul as to Canada,pro football,basketball,be first to go, be in good shape to dodge some bullets like our young soldiers in Iraq,afgastan,doing every day,

  46. OK let’s take them Iranians out of the middle ages into the Star Wars age to the military getting ready to be squished like the bugs that you are

  47. United States Will Not Blink. Iran Should not Have Done this 444 days of Captivity this is the Government not the People. 52 American Hostages was not Fake News it was Real. I am a Military Dad one son in the Navy Now. If 600 of our Children young men and Women were killed because of this General. We can Puck up Chatter We know. We have Sophisticated Weapons Iran it is not 1979.

  48. We Can Not allow Men to Lose Control of the Global Strategy for Peace . Iran and North Korea are not our Friends Period.

  49. Iran is so much towards religion but preys death to America. Am not religious but I wish death on no one. I never met anyone from Iran or spoken bad about them why do they wish death on me. They call them selfs religious more like monsters. They think there president is like a god? America will show you Iran is done.

  50. The Islamic Republic of Iran will never stop. They want to rule the world with Shria law. Either you support the USA or you are the enemy.

  51. Trump goes where two previous presidents refused to go….Bush and Obama turned down a chance with Stormy Daniels then? Just wondering….!

  52. Iran is supported by Russians and Turkey, which means also by China, USA needs to be very careful now, because in this escalation there will be not a winner. And Europeans will not risk to loose own people there, Europeans are interested in business with Iran only not in the war, so USA and Israel standing here alone. USA is not so strong nowadays, we saw that in Venezuela, when Russia and China will support Iran, then Good bye USA……with your fake democracy… one is trusting USA anymore…..

  53. All comments below are TRAITORS !!!!!! IF you don't like my country or my president ?
    Then !! Move out !!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump is the GREATEST !! President ever !! And the rest of you are COMMIES !!!!!!!!

  54. After weeks of furious protests across the country against corruption and misrule, both those who had criticized and supported the government marched together. Thank you Trump!

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