Trump Freaks Out About the Possibility of A Recession: A Closer Look

-President Trump has been
freaking out about the possibility of a recession. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ If there’s one thing Trump
loves to brag about, it’s the stock market. He talks about it constantly,
and by talks about it, I, of course,
mean he lies about it because he lies
about everything. I would say lying for him
is as natural as breathing, but he’s not great
at breathing either. -[ Panting ] [ Laughter ] -In fact, this week
the “Washington Post” published an exhaustive study that found
that as of August 5th, Trump made over 12,000 false or
misleading claims as president. Which means that Trump said
something false about once every three hours
on average. Once every three hours,
that means he has to wake up in the middle of the night
just so he can get his lies in. -“Russia’s a witch hunt.” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] How does he even keep track? He must have like a Fitbit
for lies. Like a — like a Fib-bit “Oh, no. I need to get my 10,000
lies in. I better hold a rally.” [ Laughter ] Trump’s apparently told so many
lies that if he never told a lie ever again in his life
he would still have average 8.7 untrue claims per day over
the span of his first term, even though, under this
imaginary scenario, he hasn’t said anything untrue
in more than a year. First of all, let’s just bask
in that imaginary scenario where Trump hasn’t said anything
untrue in more than a year. I mean, imagine what his rallies
would be like “Folks, people are coming
to the border and they’re seeking asylum,
which is perfectly legal. And we should welcome them
because diversity is our strength. Also, I’m terrible —
I’m terrible at golf. [ Cheers and applause ] In fact, Trump gave —
Trump gave a speech on energy to workers in Pennsylvania
on Tuesday, and it was one reporters job to basically sum
the whole thing up. It’s what’s known in politics
as the pool report. And here is the actual
White House pool report summing up Trump’s speech. “In a 60 minute speech,
that at times resembled a campaign rally,
the President meandered through several topics, meaning
have little to do with energy. He talked about trade,
immigration, trucks, emoluments, his 2016 victory,
union leaders, his poll numbers, the media, steel, China, the
amount of money he believes he’s losing as president,
the Green New Deal, windmills, the WTO screwing us,
President Obama’s book deal, Hillary Clinton’s comments
on coal workers, pipelines and New York, Iran,
veterans choice and more. Oh, my God. That sounded like a months worth
of “Jeopardy” categories. I’ll take windmills for $400. The answer, this famous idiot
believe they cause cancer. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Oof. They cause cancer. In fact, one of the lies Trump
told at that speech was about the various lawsuits against
him, including a lawsuit alleging that he is
violating a section of the constitution that
specifically prohibits what are known as emoluments
or gifts from foreign governments. For example, a Saudi-funded
lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump’s hotel
after the 2016 election. Does Trump’s hotel
even have 500 rooms? I just assume there was a lobby,
and if you went upstairs, it was just fake doors painted
on the walls. Now, that seems like a pretty
clear violation of the constitution,
and yet Trump wasn’t concerned about that. He complained instead
about how much the lawsuits were supposedly
costing him. -This thing is costing me a
fortune being president. Somebody said, oh, he might have
rented a room to a man from Saudi Arabia
for $500. What about the $5 billion
that I’ll lose. It will probably cost me,
including upside, downside, lawyers ’cause everyday
they sue me for something. These are the
most litigious people. It’s probably costing me
from 3 to $5 billion. -I don’t believe you’re losing
$3 to $5 billion from lawsuits. I would believe you’re losing
$3 to $5 billion just from, you now,
like being Donald Trump. I mean, you lost $1 billion
in ten years, and that was in
the ’80s and ’90s, when everyone was making money. I mean, back then a little kid
could open a lemonade stand and make enough money
to buy a Bugati. So Trump lies about everything, and the stock market
is no exception. But if you compare his record to
the previous Presidents, it’s not as impressive. In fact, if you look at
the change in the Dow Jones industrial average
over the same period of time, Clinton saw 41.4 percent
increase, Obama saw a 41.7 percent
increase, and Trump has seen
a 30.1 percent increase. So, Trump’s been outdone by
Clinton and Obama, the two presidents
he hates the most. The only way that could be more
embarrassing for Trump is if he did loose
$3 to $5 billion and they had to repossess
his penthouse and rename it Hillary Tower. [ Cheers and applause ] More importantly — more importantly, the stock
market is not the whole economy. In fact, most working people aren’t really invested
in the stock market. It’s mostly just a sign at how
the wealthy few are fairing. In fact, one study found nearly
40 percent of the market is owned by the richest
one percent of the population while bottom 90 percent
of the population owns just 19%
of stock market wealth. Basically, for a lot of people
the stock market numbers in the bottom of the CNN corner
are just something you staring at while
waiting for your flight. It’s like, “I don’t know. I guess green is good
and red is bad. I’m gonna go to the Cinnabon.” [ Laughter ] Trump’s economic policy
has only benefited the elite few to begin with,
and that a recession seems like it might
be on the horizon, he’s freaking out because for
two years he’s been able to coast on the economic tide
left by Obama while ignoring the growing wealth gap,
massive inequality or the shuttering factories in
states he promised to rescue. In fact, Trump is so desperate
for something to brag about that during that rambling speech
in Pennsylvania he touted the Shell plant
that was about to open and repeatedly claimed
credit for it. -This would have never happened
without me and us, this would have never happened. It was the Trump administration
that made it possible. No one else. Without us, you would never have
been able to do this. -There you go. The Shell plant would never
would have happened without Trump.
Just one problem. Shell announced its plans
to build a complex in 2012 when President
Barack Obama was in office. “Oh, it’s been three hours. Better check my fib-bit.” [ Laughter ] I mean, he’s taking credit
for a plant that was announced
when Obama was in office. What’s next? “Do you know I killed
Osama bin Laden? I swear it’s true.
I have — I have a very real photo
to prove it.” [ Laughter ] Trump is freaking out
about the possibility of a recession after spending
2 1/2 years catering the wealthy elite. He doesn’t care about growing
inequality or shuttering factories. We’ve got a lot of problems,
and in many cases… -It was the Trump administration that made it possible. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. I'm not even a candidate for the Presidency of The U.S.A. But if You'll all wright Me in on Ballot I'll have an Asian Vice Polish citizen as Head of Immigration an African Female as Secretary-General an Mexican as Treasury Secretary an German Femail as Cheif Justice of Supreme Court an Ommish as Secretary of Agriculture an a korean as Secretary of Defense, This Should do for time being OH WAIT A MINUTE! I'LL HAVE PELOSI AS JUDGE,JUROR, AN EXECUTIONER OF ALL EX-WHITEHOUSE DIRTY, STINKY,SLIMY, LYING SUCKBUTTS!! YEAH THEM TOO!!🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁

  2. So refreshing and hope inspiring to see that some of those folks behind him actually look like they aren't happy to be there and don't believe anything he is saying. Wasn't this a "captive audience"?

  3. Remember when you were funny, and not a partisan hack/propagandist? I remember. Come back, Seth, the money they're giving you for political hackjobs can't be that good.

  4. "He is taking credit for a plan that was announced when Obama was in office"…. And you dont see how retarded that statement was? So Obama "ANNOUNCED" this plan in 2012 so, riddle me this azz-man… Did he do it? Exactly… Did Trump do it? Then he deserves the credit… I can announce that i am ending the homeless situation in America but if i dont do it, then it doesnt mean shyt

  5. SETH!!! STOP TAKING HOLIDAYS MAN!!! A Closer Look is an everyday necessity for me and many others. Everyday you’re not on is emptier, less funny and a little bit ruined. You having Saturdays and Sundays off is enough!!

  6. We should welcome those seeking asylum, but diversity is not a strength. Divided groups have historically fallen, but that's common sense. The north and south were diverse and it started a civil war. United we stand, divided we fall. We should accept people into our country, so they can adopt a new way of life not bring pieces of a bad life from bad governments. Don't get me wrong, but America is ran by the most despicable people. That's Democrats and Republicans, so I dont see why they want to come here. We can't even fix our own homeless situation. San Francisco wanted to be diverse and know they have record high homeless population, and it's so filthy plagues that haven't been around since the middle ages, are now back in California. So yes we should fix our country first, then invite people in to conform to our society, and not conform society around them. That's just logical.

  7. I really hope the USA has bottomed out with this moron. I kind of think that the only reason that the Dems aren't going for impeachment is that if Captain bone-spurs great brain gets the boot, his successor gets his info from God. I think that hearing voices isn't an improvement.

  8. It just occurred to me that Seth's impression of Trump sounds a lot like Brian Stack as The Interrupter (Late Night with Conan)

  9. Ok im actually asking, where is he getting the idea that we could have a recession, like what article or numbers ect

  10. Look at the actual economic data – despite his nonstop preposterous bombastic BS its been entirely mediocre at best , under trump gdp growth has been averaging LESS than a very mediocre 3% and he clearly has been the beneficiary of linearly increasing (untill trump where there has been increasing volatility) trends since the 2009 turn around. So trump has done zero for the economy and certainly not a wit better than his predecessor except he has totally screwed the agricultural and import/export sectors and yes overall steel production is down despite his lies to the contrary.

  11. DO NOT EVER BELIEVE that the five corporate bankruptcies of Trump's businesses were an accident of administration. Trump is a vile, repugnant human being and an embarrassment to this nation, but he is a shrewd, calculating business man who plans his moves well in advance. All of his bankruptcies were planned and executed carefully over months or even years to allow him maximum profitability.

  12. Seth should have mentioned while Trump et al. want to save taxpayers from helping poor immigrants, they have no problem giving a $1.5 trillion tax cut to the wealthy who wouldn't even notice it if they didn't look at their financial statements.

  13. He IS terrible at golf. Argentinian President Mauricio Macri had to purposefully lose so that his tantrums wouldn’t jeopardise a deal Trump had with Macri’s father.

  14. He IS terrible at golf. Argentinian President Mauricio Macri had to purposefully lose so that his tantrums wouldn’t jeopardise a deal Trump had with Macri’s father. Edit: in the 90s

  15. Please investigate the finances of the liar. He is broke and owe more than 130 Mio Dollar to the bank. Also lying in his tax-documents… The Tax-Documents of the trump-family will be revealed by the Deutsche Bank 🙂 A court ordered this. The link points to the german site – I am sure you can translate it 🙂

  16. Is it true that farmers are doing better on government grants than if China bought their products??? I find that hard to believe, but maybe so.

  17. I don't like trump as much as the next guy but it's like this guys whole show is about bashing trump like can we watch TV without hearing trump at all good or bad

  18. Predictable. He said GW Bush was dumb about invading Iraq war, but yet he did GW Bush's economic policy which crashed the US on the side of the road economically. What brilliance…

  19. Trump's business is losing money because he's alienated over half his potential customers and clients. Revenue (not sure if gross or net) at Doral is down 69% over three years.

  20. Trump never says much of stock market rise is due to labor cost savings by keeping US wages/benefits low and shipping jobs/factories out of the country.

  21. Seth is a rich lying bast paid off by rich foreignors who wants the U.S. for nothing. He thinks he can brainwash a few retards in his laughing audience to vote democrat. He thinks he can get a few retard republicans laughing in his audience to for a demonrat. He pretends he cares about the retarded laughers, but in reality he thinks that they're a bunch of retarded fools

    #misdirect #misdirect
    |^^^^^| |^^^^^|
    #Seth believes he's real…
    #Seth believes he's real…

    Donald j Trump loves it when you're sucking on his dick…))) Seth Meyers
    🤗✴️Oo🥒`';. ///

  23. When Trump was saying that it was him who made it possible for the place to be built, did anyone notice the look on the one guy in the white shirt on the upper right corner of the screen, he was looking kind side ways like and squinted his eyes like he was thinking, "that's not true, what's he talking about" !

  24. i agree that you cant really accuse him of taking handouts from saudis when he doesnt even get paid to be president over a cent. plus his businesses being ran without him etc. hes definately not using the presidency to make money… it should be obvious, his businesses need to run and its inevitable that people he mixes with politically are going to use his buildings, hell trump tower was the tallest building in new york once 911 knocked down the competition. people are gonna go there…

  25. Can we (not me, cause um I didn't vote for this….person…but you're all still my fellow countrymen) just admit this was a mistake….I'm not attacking anyone's views or anything but jeez this has been a trainwreck

  26. You know i forgive him for being a racist to my people but I won't forgive him for being a Dumbo. We must be one of the most if not the only embarrassing country in the world today. He's a narcissist and just can't seem to say " I was wrong" the lies just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. He promised a wall, LIE. He promised GM wouldn't leave Ohio, Lie.

  27. trump has not one success in 3 yrs,but he has LIED over 12,000 time that they know of?
    trump lie #125. I trump will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it NEVER HAPPENED? lie # 164. trump tells Coal Miners he alone can bring back COAL never happen in USA? lie #187
    trump tells Steel Workers there jobs are secure, but almost all steel purduction is in CHINA
    because it cost less and made of better quality! trump has caused 20 Companies to leave USA just to keep themselves in some kind of business just to live! thanks trump 4 shitty job as prez CLOWN OF USA.

  28. 3.36 i knew that somting is wrong with trump now he say the true :::: lawyers they sue me for somthing ::: i gues the open debt country tax money ripp off's laundering ..crime in agree .. illegal transfere .credit not payed …bankruptcy

  29. each lie is, in fact, a separate crime. they fall into the categories of breach of promise, fraud or misrepresentation. so if even if you want argue only 10% of trump's lies fall into one of those categories your still talking about over 1,200 crimes his committed while illegally occupying the Whitehouse just from his lies alone. this itself is cause to impeach. yet, there he sits, still in the Whitehouse committing his daily crimes.

  30. Trump keeps bragging about how great the economy is by all measures. I can no longer eat some of the foods I like because they've doubled in price. My savings are rapidly draining just to survive. So tell me how the as*** of the world is helping me.

  31. I'm getting a real kick out of watching some of the faces behind him at his rallies. They are people who either don't want to be there or they have the dawning realization of what the guy is actually saying.

  32. This is why we need Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to win the primary, they actually talk about income inequality, while practicing what they preach. How would Trump do against people who actually want to serve the people, rather then their wealthy downers.

  33. The US Government is about to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy!!! we are over a TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!! and the only one benefiting from this DISASTER, IT'S HIM!!

  34. Boyyy.. his supporters at his rally's are the stupidest people on earth. He lies and they believe.. hahaha they gotta be a special kind of stupid.

  35. How many decades need the US to recover from that guy? What did that man to the American people? UNBELIEVABLE…Google Trumpy bear and tell me that theres not a problem in this divided society…for heaven s sake!

  36. I wonder when the house will vote on impeachment? It will be interesting to not just hear the allegations but the evidence to. Just remember some issues and threats rise above partisan politics

  37. I feel so sorry for those workers behind him. They look so pissed to have been forced to endure this sack of crap's presence or lose a day's pay. O well. I'd be at the crib, my grill going, sippin on Corona and enjoying the hell outta that L! 💯

  38. Could you just imagine if Trump when he got elected president he followed Germany’s Chinas Sweden’s example and started installing megawatts of solar across the now America would be energy independent but no ,Trump didn’t he just wasted all that money on his golf trips .The next time America you get your electric bill remember that.

  39. I'm watching this after trump actually claimed responsibility for bringing down bin laden. reality is catching up with satire too fast

  40. 4th Nov. – Going to apologise for your advice – Trump only freaks out because of stupid uninformed comments – look below -idiots! DJ > 27500

  41. How about obama run of America,economy gone up, or wasted few hundreds billions on Iran's matter only ,or recession of economy ,Just lifted chinese communist 's economy up to sky only, where the news media , not investigating of it at all ,Who was obama ,not a president but a saint of America, above the law, none dared to speak out,and none dared to touch him, Who has been boss of democuns mafia ,boss of powerful cunning bartards ,just one word every things done quicly

  42. The average American is always in a recession. Because the top %1 owns 40% of the nations wealth. Most countries would revolt in the streets with that amount of income inequality. And then there is the bloated and fetid military budget. But America sits on it's hands and does nothing. Cowards.

  43. Trump is financing all of his lawyer's fees with donations from his campaign fund and then writing it off his taxes as an expense.

  44. The further misadventures of Pinche El trumpo and his Bumbling Assministration . Mango Mussolini and his family will be bugging out to Russia after their indicted . Or maybe they'll hide out on pedophile island .🤔

  45. I would not hire trump to clean my toilet. The guy is not only an idiot, he is illiterate and a drug addict. Only in America, would a white trailer trash drug addict become  president because he is white and wears a suit.

  46. The past three years have proven American cowardice and penchant for illiteracy and stupidity. Voting is not going to be enough. Trump needs to be made an example of. Or else, any other President will cite this as a free pass for themselves. Think about it. The ease with which America allowed herself to be raped over and over again, without a protest.

  47. This man-sized taint wearing a pubic hair toupee is a complete disgrace – any goodwill earned by previous administrations has long since disappeared and many new enemies have been created by this walking liability – especially at home.

    America, when are you holding your next civil war ? Canadians will come down to lend a hand 👍

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