Trump: DACA is Republican

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  1. Wow what a speech makes me proud of my vote for a change. First time in years i was proud to cast my vote and 2018 my vote goes only ti those who openly support President Trump and his policies. So long Joe Manchin i am ashamed of what you become.

  2. He says he can't get the democrats to approve common sense measures . . . but he has a majority in both the house and the senate! Why does he lie? I welcome serious answers to my question.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that the solution he wants to implement is unconstitutional so he can't do it and he blames the democrats.

  3. DACA should have never even occurred. Obama did this on purpose. The wall will not stop all,however it will shut down illegals crossing significantly.
    God Bless. #buildthe wall

  4. Enough of this insanity. No DACA, No Amnesty, end chain migration, build the wall and deport ALL illegal aliens- which includes these ungrateful DACA recipients. It does not matter how long they have been illegally living in America – they are illegal and have no right to be in America. Rewarding these illegals for breaking our laws will only encourage more illegals. Illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer over $135 billion annually which is money that could be spent on actual Americans. Additionally, we need to establish a point-based immigration policy that imports immigrants that are a benefit to America instead of a hindrance. The American dream is for Americans. Enter the country legally and share in that dream. Enter illegally and suffer the consequences. Legal immigrants welcome.


  6. Am a daca recepient I would love to become a cop but I can't. I agree in some things this guy says but some I don't because drugs are not the problem the us laws are why… Simply if meds were not target more as business but help their Americans people by not putting a such expensive tag price they wouldn't be needing cheap street drugs. What people don't see is one thing leads to another.
    Americans buy drugs, drug dealers supply them, they need people to deliver drugs so they come here to the us, they need to show who's boss here so they murder. Use the main idea chart you were taught in school. Well simply think and don't be so quick to judge be a leader of your own opinion not a puppet follower, ask yourself why this things are happening? Yes if they don't cross this won't happen ok yeah but even the same Americans citizens commit such crimes look at all this shootings their killers than don't have tattoos or don't even attend a gang. Now that's even more scary that your own grandson or even neighbor might be the next murderer and you wouldn't even know it till it happens. But then again racism its always at its best so.

  7. The funniest thing is the " we want our kids to be safe everywhere they go" well they usually go to school so……😂 Oh boy this clown

  8. I just want a wall from you tax payers just give me back my tax cut I gave you to build my wall as I cant get MEXICO to pay for it, oh and then I need this then that, the next thing you know the new language in US is Russian.

  9. President Trump, DACA is easy to solve. It was ILLEGAL to begin with. It's NOT Republican. Just enforce the laws we ALREADY HAVE ON THE BOOKS. ANYONE WHO ENTERS THIS COUNTRY UNLAWFULLY IS TO BE DEPORTED. I don't care what country they came from, or how they got here, if they entered this country UNLAWFULLY, then they need to be DEPORTED!!! Quite simple really!!!!

  10. I know people might be offended. But WTF is Trump even talking about. It's harder to pass a law then he thinks!!! And even if it's passed is Trump even willing to sign it. NO. Whenever I see his speeches I wonder is he against DACA or against it? He stated he supports DACA. He have to keep in mind, it was him, who signed the executive order for Congress to find a solution in a month. Laws don't get passed that quick. If it did then we would had over hundreds of laws now. In the end of the day he want nothing to do with DACA. The liar in chief. Hearing what he said. I'm done.

  11. Guns do not kill just as knives don't. Its the people's that use the
    WEAPON. Take the guns, knives will be used. And so the cycle begans. God Bless America.


  13. California is a piece of s*** now a s***** and Donald Trump if you making it worse how are these f**** immigrants here we got to get rid of every f**** one of them pull them out of their house just get out of my out we are sick of them here California is a piece of s*** hole now it looks like Tijuana all mixed into one

  14. Californians fed up with this s*** these immigrants the worst drivers in the world who gave him a license who even f**** gave him anything Social Security who give them welfare that's f*** up that's a mayor mayor from hell a f**** stupid ass Jerry f**** Brown

  15. And they keep bringing them back cuz what do we have here might be open borders for these idiots Jerry f**** Brown the mayor from hell

  16. The sheriff who shut up the school in Florida stood there and watch these people get shot up because Hillary Clinton paid that sheriff to not to shoot nobody that's what Hillary Clinton does killer killer killer pay him a lot of money to stand there and don't shoot no one that's Florida Sheriff for you I hope to God you fired his ass and got his ass out

  17. Get rid of the f**** a**** immigrants thank God can't wait till March 4th these f**** are out count the days assholes get the f*** out Americans hate you hate you hate you

  18. Starting in the 1960's our government told us that we would be over populated ,over crowded and we need to stop having children. They pushed Birth control pills and later on they promoted Abortion and now same sex to our school age kids. Our people believed this , millions of our future Americans were Aborted ( murdered) Ever sense the govt. has been flooding the USA with people from all over the world, especially from 3rd world countries that hate the American people. The Govt. does not talk about overcrowding now. They blame us for not having babies and that we need the illegals to keep our country & economy growing. $134.9 Billion Taxpayers Dish out for freeloading illegals per year ( judicial Watch 2017 Dec.) $25 Billion for a wall , one time payment looks to me we would save Big time( $109.9 BILLION ) Building The WALL IN ONE YEAR .

  19. I MADE A COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO and because the YouTuber that uploaded it did not like the true facts I presented he disabled them.
    That goes to show that Republicans are the ones trying to brainwash America without you having the chance to disagree! This is little trump's USA!

  20. PRESIDENT BUSH was attacked in 2001. Continues to interrogate Staff, Agents & undetonate the 2001 First Couple. Russia & Palestine were present with suspicions of foreign attack from Libya to US HUDny.

  21. Somebody needs to tell Trump we're tired of winning🏆🎉🎊🎈can he please 🙏let the Democrats win something😳😳 I mean they work so hard💪 at losing🏁 just let them pass one law☝ that would be nice😇🙌

  22. Get rid of illegal immigrants criminals , MS13 gangs many other games and human trafficking. Lock them up and throw away the keys or deport them. Get rid of sanctuary cities they're hurting America, Make America safe again

  23. How about reducing violent crime by prosecuting law enforcement officers and administration that are incompetent, corrupt, or cowardly?

  24. Illegals think that because they have a bunch of anchor babies they have the legal right to stay here. This has been the problem with illegal immigration for decades, "anchor babies"

  25. I have been a Trump supporter from day one but he is really starting to piss me off, first the Amnesty thing for the DACA crap and now the gun bullshit, I am just about to join the Dump Trump push and call for his impeachment. IMO, he is turning into a Dimascrap. IMO, if you are not a NRA member now please join ASAP/NOW.

  26. We must NEVER reward illegal entry into our country with citizenship or legal residency. All illegals aliens are criminals, guilty of breaking and entering. All government officials who support illegals and sanctuary cities/states are guilty of aiding and abetting criminal acts, "LOCKEM-UP!" If DACA, DREAMER & ANCHOR-BABY family's are allowed to stay, they will always feel above the law and NEVER fully assimilate to the rule of law…MAGA!!!

  27. This is why he says the dems dont "really" want daca. He not only proposed a path to citizenship (after a 12 yr process) for daca recipients, but he also increased the number of eligible people from 800k to 1.8m people. But with that, he asked for border security / wall funding, in exchange. He is a businessman and he's gonna negotiate. But dems over here dont want that. Even if it means to help so many people. They still dont want secured borders. Wtf. Fk dem

  28. Let's deport KKK gang & white people back to europe!!! Piece of crap people yall had to come to the native indian country to fuck it up!!

  29. "Do what u gotta do to lower the crime not just immigrants each race has criminals deal with them too. And good job.💃💃💃

  30. How can you people no have a heart this people who you call illegal aliens had to go through a lot of pain to come to the United States! Do you even know the horrible events that are taking place in their country…. Would you like to have your children grow up in a place where crime happens 24/7! You, people, judge others because you don't know their stories, their struggles… it's so easy to open your mouth an criticize others but I wonder what you would do if you lived in a place like they did! Knowing your kids could be killed by gangs any moment, knowing that they might not grow to adulthood… YES deport them! let's forget about humanity and for many of you let's forget what God's words say. All of you who consider yourself religious tell me why deporting someone to a place where they will certainly suffer is right?

  31. Ahhh I wish that trump would of never ran for president I do not like illegal immigration and I am opposed to illegal immigration but Republicans need to stop it, claiming that daca is Republican is ridiculous. Keep in mind I could not bare to watch the whole video.

  32. President Trump needs to draw the line! He has the authority to end DACA and ignore some federal Judges ruling. Executive Authority is well defined on this subject as it was Executive power under Obama that created DACA. Trump could simply announce that DACA is over and issue his command to enforce it. And then tell the federal judges that if they keep ruling against his order he will have them arrested for interfering with a lawful presidential order.

  33. They don’t respect or care about country they just want our resources. I pledge Allegiance to only 1 flag that is the American flag

    I finally posted a video and shared that I SUPPORT TRUMP and IM A DACA
    Please help me share my video. I know that there are other DACAs that support TRUMP and respect the FLAG!

  35. No more sanctuary cities/states!! No more DACA!! No more DREAMERS!! No Amnesty!!! Give illegal immigrants, DACA, AND DREAMERS a pathway to citizenship!! Merit system for ALL WHO QUALIFY!!

  36. get your citizenship, whats the problem. "
    dacca is a failure" designed to increase enrollement in institutions of higher learning. dump administration for poor management.

  37. Daca is illegal. These people don't deserve to be in our country. We don't want your taxes, we want all of tall out. That's why Donald Trump is president. The American people have spoken

  38. What Americans do is not daca are illegals business. People that don't belong here always want to say what crimes Americans do. It's not yall business, Americans want yall out.

  39. I was a Trump fanatic and got about 30 people to vote for him and Republicans in 2016. With Trump's betrayal on DACA amnesty, I'm going to stay home in 2018. Most of the people I got to vote for Trump are either staying home or are going to vote Democrat. About 5 out of the 30 are going to vote Republican. Trump's betrayal on DACA amnesty and the Wall is just too much. Republicans will not tolerate betrayal anymore. Even though DAA amnesty didn't pass Congress, Trump still betrayed us with his support for it. Stick a fork in his ass, he's done. When Trump told Schumer that hewill take the heat for the DACA amnesty bill, well, I'm going to give him some heat. I'm staying home. Let Trump deal with a Democrat controlled House. Take the heat, BITCH.

  40. DACA is illegal and discriminates against those persons who are waiting to come here LEGALLY.!! DACA people are ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS and their parents who brought them HERE ILLEGALLY are HUMAN TRAFFICERS!!! DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS including DACAS who are ALL ILLEGALLY. GO ICE GO

  41. DACA grants unearned immunity, unearned immunity perverts privilege, perverted privilege breeds criminals. Democrats will resort to any means necessary to get votes, including: subordinating US National interests to the Globalist’s agenda; usurping the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of the Communist Manifesto and propagandizing the US citizenry at every socio-economic strata to recruit and condition an army of neo-black and neo-brown shirts to bring about their 1984 Orwellian vision. The counter-revolution begins at the Mexican Border: Build Trump’s Wall to disabuse the corrupted Democrat’s of their plan to fraudulently establish numerical voter superiority.

  42. It's bad enough they're taking our jobs .. now we can't even dream because I have to take that too Trump is just doing his job and everyone should just get off his back

  43. Can anyone PROVE Ann Coulter's Statements Wrong Below from book "Adios America" :
    "America is not a “nation of immigrants,” it is not an “idea,” it was never “diverse,” and “diversity” is a catastrophe."
    "If America were an “idea,” every country on earth could be America. Electricity is an idea. The airplane is an idea. Washing with soap is an idea. That’s why other countries have been able to adopt those innovations. No other country on earth has been able to approximate America — except our fellow Anglo-Saxon nations…"(Ann Coulter, Adios America, 2015, page 51)

    "America is not a mere landmass — otherwise, the Indians would have written the Declaration of Independence and put a man on the moon. Far from discovering America, Indians didn’t even detect America. There was no America until the British and Dutch arrived. They were not “immigrants” because there was no established society for them to move to. Without the white settlers, what is known as “America” would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes.."(Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.51)

    "Every single president, except Kennedy, was a Protestant. (Recent Democratic presidents were, of course, atheists, but all except JFK professed to be Protestants." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.53)

    "For one hundred years before the signing of the Declaration, and one hundred years after, America was extraordinarily un-diverse in ethnicity (British, Dutch, West African, and Germanic), in religious practice (overwhelmingly Protestant, 98 percent Christian), in language (English), and in cultural mores…….And the country remained overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon and Protestant right up until Teddy Kennedy decided to change it." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, pp.53,54)

    "Contrary to PC nonsense about America being a “diverse” melting pot, America has never been a “nation of immigrants.” Most Americans have always been born here. Even as late as 1990 — a quarter century into Teddy Kennedy’s scheme to remake the nation — half of the American population traced its roots to the black and white populace of 1790.(9)"

    "Nearly the entire white population of America from 1600 to 1970 came from a geographic area of the world about twice the size of Texas. The entire black population came from an area of West Africa about the size of Florida."

    "Until Teddy Kennedy struck, America was never less than 99 percent white Western European and West African black.(10) That’s “bi-racial,” not “diverse.”" (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.54)

    "Two centuries after the first Europeans settled America, the white population was 80 percent British and 98 percent Protestant.(12) A century after that, the populace was still overwhelmingly English-speaking, British, and Protestant, but, for an exciting change, also included Germans and Scandinavians.(13) The colorful immigrants at the turn of the nineteenth century were wildly different from the original settlers in the sense that they were white people from a different part of Western Europe." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.55)

    "The entire time it was processing immigrants from 1892 until 1954, Ellis Island received only 12 million immigrants.(15)" (Ann Coulter, Adios America, 2015, Page 56)

    Can Anyone Prove the Above Statements Wrong from a book called: "Adios America" ?

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