Trump campaign raises $105M in second quarter, blowing past Dems

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This proves what I've always known about Trump…He's a bought politician who serves the establishment elite, while ignoring the working class and poor.

  2. I support those who are winners with common sense and I know who that is, we will see revival in the land, Amen.

  3. he can spend it partly and nicely in Mar del Lago and other places alike. Silly people who give a a dime

  4. I remember when Slappy the Bong Clown from Kenya flew 100 Million to the terrorist leaders of Iran in the middle of the night.

  5. The more donations for Trump from Americans! The more the Socialist like George Sorus-have to spend Natsy cooperater and friends will have to spend. He George, should have been tried at the (War Crimes). Instead he brought his Jewish stolen theft to America and be came a Billionaire-I, will enjoy Hell watching him Burnnnnnnnnnn! God bless America, or Military and all who gave the ultimate sacrifice-We honor you on the 4th of july-so F__ all you Demarat Socialist- Communist News Network (CNN), MSMBC (Misguided Socialist Manipulative Bast___ C—-!

  6. So funny but CNN says Joe Biden can beat him along with Kamala Harris , crazy Bernie , Pete buttfucker , I mean the list goes on . I suspect voter fraud will be hot topic nov 2019. They will either try to assinate our President or try and cheat him out of office because in a fair fight they don't have a chance . Trump 4eva!

  7. Trump can raise all he wants. When he's forced to defend his presidency against Bernie in the general, it's all over for him. And if he refuses to relinquish the White House to Bernie, we'll have him dragged out of there kicking and screaming like the pathetic man-child he is!

  8. Trump has a good smile but I don't like his smile w/o showing his teeth, it looks liked ugly Michelle
    Hope he's going thru this election again. My mom is praying for him every single day

  9. Trump will win in a record landslide!!
    Even the couple democratic friends which are barley hanging on, admit Trump will win big!!

  10. I have to check,but next time their is a Trump Rally in Anaheim Ca.
    I'm there I hope he comes by soon.Hell yeah.


  12. If elites want it he will remain in office for second term, in Jewamerica Israel decides who will stay and who will leave.

  13. I am donating to President Trump’s campaign as soon as payday. I am beyond sick and tired or the lefts hatred for our country. I am sick of always hearing them complain about how “oppressive” America is yet everyone and their brother wants to come here. Wonder why that is? I am sick of the Colin Kapernicks, I am sick of liberal policies destroying once beautiful states like CA, OR, and NY. I am sick of these liberal traitors thumb their noses at the American flag. I will do whatever is in my power to do my part to ensure President Trump wins re-election. I come from a democrat family by the way.

  14. Remember when democrats said this is the end of America when Trump got elected and he wil have us in wars everywhere. So in the DNC primary Dems want OPEN borders. So HTF can you have "America" if you have no borders. That WOULD be the end of America

  15. Treasonous Trump is getting his investment back with the Corporate and Billionaire tax cut. What will he do for them in 2020 if he wins. Drain The Swamp and kick out Trump and all of his Swamp Creatures.

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