Trump Calls Mattis ‘The World’s Most Overrated General’ In Meeting On Syria | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Your Fired ! Seems to be his answer to everybody. A Fake, a Phony just like Romney said.
    Sick and tired of hearing his same old song and dance rhetoric MAGA. Deals with foreign leaders like a small time Mafia Goon

  2. We have never had a president who has worked against the country and all those in it like Trump, a peculiar institution!

  3. Maybe the president is getting fed up with these people just like the American people#Second Amendment use it or lose it ropes are cheaper than bullets they're reusable and better for the environment

  4. Actually, Trump is right. There are Communists in Syria. The PKK, also called the Kurdish Workers' Party, is a far left, Communist party. They are a leading militant force among the Kurds. That is a fact. You can argue that they are fighting for self-determination, value the rights of women more than most of their neighbors in their region and served as worthy allies in the fight against the Islamic state. I would argue that all of these things may be true. It is also true they are Communist, for whatever worth that holds. I do not personally place a stigma on them because they are Communist, which Trump seems to be doing, but I recognize that Trump's evaluation in this instance is actually accurate.

    I think it is worth mentioning because the mainstream media tends to gloss over the actual players involved in foreign policy. When the Syrian civil war was mentioned, for example, they rarely discussed the individual identities of the various rebel groups that opposed Assad. Knowing who we are dealing with allows us to make informed foreign policy decisions. I myself am a non-interventionist and believe the correct course of action is to withdraw from the region and further conflicts.

  5. Mad Dog Mattis never became a President so do not get caught up in a Marine General that had a think tank that came up with all the Warrior Munk, Mad Dog titles. The President of the United States assigned Mattis to his past billets but not Donald Trump, so now you see the truth.

  6. I can't wait until the citizens of the United States start publicly executing all of these mainstream media anchors knowingly and purposely lying to the American people put in the people and the country endanger is treason a hanging offense #can't wait

  7. We should never have been in Syria to begin with and the Democrats as long as well as the Republicans helped build up Isis to perform these regime-change wars. Poloski and all those other Democrats and Republicans are just as guilty for all the dead and displaced people over there in the Middle East

  8. The toddler in chief is simply stomping his feet because no one wants to play by his rules . Pelosi's a boss and HE'S the one that's third rate! As for Mattis…he served his country, something this moron can't even do from the most important post in the United States! Trump puppets, it's WAY past time for you to cut the strings, you can't ALL be THIS blind and deaf!

  9. Trump is a good president but democrats do not give him enough time to execute his work but are always on this shoulders calling him too many names lol.

  10. Don't you have a law to check the mental health of high ranking government officials, POTUS INCLUDED?! It is painfully obvious that he isn't just ill-mannered, but clearly mental.

  11. "The world's most overrated General.. "

    And YOU gave him a job in your administration? That says a lot more about you than it does him.

  12. Well mattis served his country and didn’t used his daddy’s money to buy off a corrupt doctor to write up fake bone spurs… which foot was it? Oh you forgot

  13. Trump lives in a paradigm that is part Cold War / Nixon era. How did the GOP become the Party of Russian Oligarchy? Campaign money.

  14. Trumps tell . He lashes out and insults poeple when he’s in trouble.

    He has throw so many republicans under the bus already I don’t understand why they bend over backwards to defend this clusterfucko

    He left the Democratic Party because he could not do this criminal activity without being called on it. He knew the republicans would back his illegal plays. He counted on it.
    And he was right.

  15. Trump is a the classic example of someone promoted beyond their level of competence. A self entitled, inherited-wealth spolied brat, narcissist and pathological liar of below average intelligence and utterly disconnected from reality. I dont care what "party" you support. That's irrelevant at this stage. He is a danger to the world and the USA.

  16. Very SAD. Can Walter Reed National Hospital give him an actual mental health exam. I think those who handle the Nuclear Codes go through the same physical that those in the missle silos must take. No over rides like this President has done on giving Top Secret and above access to those who fail to get one due to their action current and or in the past.

  17. Trump, I’m the President of United States of America
    You are not
    You are no body
    What I said count
    You have no say
    Welcome to the American freedom and democracy

  18. Disrespecting a General. When he never even joined the Military. That's like disrespecting the whole American Armed Forces.

  19. As someone from a majority non-white country somewhere on planet earth, there's finally something I can agree with Dear Leader. Krazy generals! Kooky military! SAD PENTAGON! SAD! BABY!

  20. I'm not even an American, but to be disparaging to a Marine who has selflessly served his country as a true, unflinching and no doubt courageous patriot for decades, is beyond my imagination ……..I never in my 51 years on this planet thought I would ever see a US President behave in a manner so unfitting of the office and people of America ….. You are worthy of a greater human to lead your country.

  21. Trump has once again provided SNL ample material to work with. As the old saying goes, "The jokes practically write themselves"!

    Time for this joke of human being to be booted from office!

  22. What else do you expect from a multiple bankrupt reality TV personality with absolutely no experience in government or in running a successful business?

  23. Well, it's not realistic that a general knows more about ISIS and military stuff than a draft dodging con man. It's obvious that the guy who can't fold an umbrella is smarter than anyone…

  24. Orange Donald does not care about Syria or any other country, he only cares about himself and enriching himself and boosting his own self importance. The enemies of the USA are laughing their heads and it's Allies are stunned. He should be removed from the WH ASAP!!

  25. Stop spreading propoganda by pretending that kurds are the only ones who can keep isis fighters in the prisons! How stupid is that?

    Jewish propoganda at work here!

  26. 🙏🏾 I Pray his name is NOT on the “Anti-Bullying Policy”; however, it wouldn’t shock me… just add it to the double down list. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  27. you should not mention Christian voters for Trump, cause either they are not christians and if they are, they really cannot vote for Trump. Going a step further i would say anyone with a moral compass AND a brain never could nor will vote for Trump. We in the old world and you over their in the new one with a shred of morality could not vote for him. So i am still most astonished that so many americans would. Either they do not have any morals or, probably more understandable, they have no brain.

  28. Sad but true: there's a good large number of people who still support Pres. Trump. That's the state now and perhaps the result of our public schools.

  29. And this bonespurred coward says about himself he would have been a good General! This guy lost all touch to reality and is totally insane.get the straightjackets out

  30. Everyone who ever works for Trump is the greatest ever… until they're not. Then they're not just a little bad, or a little weak, they're now the lowest scum on the earth and so are all of their ancestors. Is it any wonder that there are so many vacancies and "acting" heads of departments in Trump's administration? No one wants to work for him. What puzzles me is why are there still people on his staff? What's wrong with them that they haven't left… or why they signed up in the first place.

  31. We all know trump has never been measured, factual and decisive in any of his speeches. Why would he all of a sudden change for this? Pure BS.

  32. Fake News all and all. Why you can't teling the truth! The time is over to lie and lie. The democrates are just rats and work only against the american People and in there own pocket. Wake up otherwise you are out like man others. Wait and see what will happen.

  33. It's amazing how this draft dodging coward praises people until they disagree with his bullshyt and all of a sudden they're dumb

  34. Is this just them saying someone said this stuff and not showing the someone saying it? O right this is a Democratic Liberal news channel

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