Trump calls Democrats’ impeachment inquiry ‘bull s—‘

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  1. he don't need the help from the russians or the Ukraine, look at him, he's doin great just like the first election and he will win the 2020 election again, the dem should try to win fairly instead of running around with impeachment tactics, killin themselves with their own propaganda lol

  2. Trump needs to watch his back, these crooked DEMS are getting so desperate, someone will try something on a physical nature !!

  3. you can sure tell republicans are commenting on fox news. all they can do is say things like do you really think dems hate America? silly pukes, dems love this country as much or moRe thaN YOU DO. do you really think you can corner the market on patriotism or loving this country? your arguments fall flat and you show your true colors when that is the only argument you have left.

  4. it shows the communist dems can not be trusted I like my country the way it is leave it alone dem are not taking my guns my truck my boat my house there not taking anything

  5. President Trump is correct the impeachment is BS! President Trump, tells it like it is, & it's one of the reasons we love him! I love my President Trump, & I am pissed off what the Democrats are doing to this great man. I am voting for him again in 2020! Trump is the best President in my lifetime!

  6. I agree and I am only able to participate online.
    I love our POTUS President Donald J Trump ❤️
    He is fighting for Truth, America and the World ❤️
    TRUMP 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

  7. If people were suffering more Nancy would have more control… For a 🍭 lollipop. What does she have to loose in her mansion!!!

  8. WOW. The delusion being spread to the public on this channel is amazing.

    Time and time again in history, and today even everywhere in workplaces and beyond, it seems that a certain personality type keeps cropping up in positions of power: the tyrant. They are strikingly similar: charismatic, charming, but also calculating and cruel. They tend to have a blend of narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder traits such as lack of empathy, grandiosity, thirst for power and control, lying and deceit, indifference to conventional laws or rules or morality, and more. The noted psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg and others often coined this type the “malignant narcissist.”

    But while people often discuss the history of malignant behavior and records of sadism and the horrific aftermath of these tyrants, what is discussed less often is that these leaders do not and cannot rise in a vacuum; they come to power on the backs of the masses they ultimately disdain and discard at will. It’s the people who follow these bully dictator types that we need to examine and reflect on as well; why do people worship and enable these leaders? What is it in human nature that makes us vulnerable to this repeated cycle of cruelty and danger?

    Here I focus on some of voluntary reasons people follow tyrants, although clearly these types also excel at abuse and involuntary manipulation and coercion of people to their own ends, such as blackmail, outright threats, gaslighting, leverage and control through associated friends and family members, and more. But with surprising ease, people also can easily worship and follow tyrants willingly.

    1. Need/craving for strong parental figures

    One fundamental concern in human nature, that draws them to the idea of a higher authority or power, is the need for an idealized parental figure. Partly because while growing up, parents loom large as the overseers of your consciousness, or conversely can devastate you with their absence or cruelty. They are the basis for your survival during childhood; and even moreso maybe when things go awry with flawed parents or parental figures, for many, the craving for the support of a strong, perfect-seeming, powerful “parent” only increases. Unfortunately, this thirst for such a figure can obscure one to the truth that no such perfect figure exists; and a tyrannical leader can easily exploit and thrive off of this unquestioning worship.

    2. Assuming the best in others/faith/naïve idealism

    Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s our good will and faith in human kindness that can doom us to manipulation. In a healthy society, mutual trust is a cornerstone of community strength, in exchange for abiding by general moral rules of community support. But sometimes that leaves us vulnerable to those who don’t play by the same rules we do. We assume that any human being will appreciate or exchange the same social contract of mutual respect and generosity and empathy and fairness that most of us try to strive for. But sadly, we underestimate the machinations of sociopaths who mimic and use this generosity while at their core, having no concern for others. We assume the best of each other, which works in many cases, but is also an Achilles heel to the cold exploitativeness of sociopathic behavior. Complicating matters is that such behavior occurs on a spectrum; clear and obvious “rulebreakers” like serial killers are one thing, but what about those who still abide by certain social graces on the surface, while at their core just pursuing their self-interest to varying degrees? Where do we draw the line between paranoid mistrust and oblivious naiveté? This grey zone of trust is where sociopaths thrive.

    3. Wish fulfillment/admiration of transgressive behavior, confidence

    On some level, maybe we ourselves admire or envy the shark, even if we feel held back in our own lives for whatever reason from eating prey. Whether you are a secret shark yourself lying in wait, seeing where you can bend the rules one day, or whether you envy what they win for themselves: the confidence, the power, the money, because you feel those are impossible goals for yourself, maybe you identify with and admire predatory behavior on some level. Maybe on some level, you admire the dark side that you suppress within yourself, or feel you couldn’t pursue due to other constraints in your life, and you enjoy the apparent freedom with which those individuals break rules and achieve glory.

    4. Drawn to superficial markers (money, looks, status)

    Humans are sadly status-oriented creatures, partly due to evolutionary behavior. The animal with the brightest plumage, who beats their chest the loudest, who appear with certain desirable physical attributes, who present themselves as special or unusual gets more mating attention. Even babies and children are drawn to certain faces perceived as “attractive.” And particularly in our modern capitalist society, we are obsessed with markers of material superficial success: the clothes, the car, the name-brand degrees, the managerial titles, the fame and glamour, and more. On some level, we all fall for the simple gambit of admiring these markers, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, these markers usually have no correlation to morality or kindness or depth of human character. They are badges of entitlement for show, and we can’t help giving them credit.

    5. Feeling weak/uncertain in our own lives

    When people feel a lack of control in their own lives, they turn to fantasy figures or escapist outlets to regain a sense of power and ego strength. Sometimes they turn to religion and its all-powerful idealized figures, but more often, they turn to figureheads in their lives, be it celebrities, idols, and people who possess charisma and strength. These charismatic types are masters of outward confidence, self-assuredness, which is reassuring and infectious for those who feel unsteady or insecure in themselves. When your relationships and/or economic situation and/or your own happiness appear to be breaking down, it’s the allure of the person who seems to have it all together that draws you in and makes you hope for the same, even if it’s a phony promise.

    6. Cowardice/passivity/false safety/survival

    Some people would rather stay in the seeming safety of the sidelines, and let someone else run the show, perhaps due to fear of responsibility, or fear of retribution. This passivity can work to some extent in terms of hiding from initial attention or conflict, but it can be a dangerous way to enable tyrants to proceed unchecked. It also allows a person to stay in a child role of sorts, and avoid ownership of their own problems as they let someone else take over. It’s a form of evasion that gives the tyrant more power, since no one is willing to confront or stop their transgression.

    7. Power/popularity cliques/alignment with the ‘in’ crowd

    There is a great appeal to aligning with others who also fall in line, who are in sync with the group in charge. From grade school onward, peer pressure is massive, to avoid being the “nerd” or “oddball” who doesn’t look smooth or confident. To some extent, this social pattern doesn’t change, even in adult society, although thankfully the range of acceptable confidence and avenues for self-fulfillment are much more diverse. Unfortunately, certain career or social tracks remain narrowly defined, and the ones who align the best with the designated “norms” achieve more power and followers. Those followers enjoy basking in the glow of the successful leader’s approval and clique acceptance, even when the leader’s whims turn malicious or rely on putting others down.

    8. Lack of critical thought/logic/education

    It’s easier to be exploited by a confident tyrant when you don’t doubt or examine their statements or motivations with a critical eye. Unfortunately, many people seem fine with going along with the status quo, unwilling to stay informed or read about issues of importance or question items that don’t make logical sense. They also don’t seem as skeptical or worried about too much power concentrated in the hands of any single individual, and what that can lead to. Or conversely, they are too cognitively rigid or overgeneralizing, leading to scapegoating and prejudice, which can easily be exploited.

    Overall, there are understandably human tendencies, our foibles and insecurities and aspirations, that draw us to the boldness of the tyrant, but also leave us vulnerable to their ruthlessness, indifference, and exploitation. We need to maintain a healthy skepticism for any person who acts too good to be true, who never seems to doubt themselves, because ultimately, it’s normal to be flawed and unsure about life sometimes, to push forward through mistakes and confusion, and to forgive those who are still growing, changing. Overconfidence can be alluring but is ultimately a tactic, even a dangerous one. We cannot heedlessly follow tyrants.

    Jean Kim, MD

  9. Trump is a time traveler from the future and knows that all this will work out 😉 At least that is a theory out there that explains why he so confident.

  10. I was at the Lake Charles Rally! It was AWESOME! Then we had an election on Saturday and put our Democrat Gov on notice. He now has a run off with a Republican on Nov 16!. We also sent more R's to Congress and cancelled a few D's!!!

  11. They are not happy America is succeeding because they are getting wealthy off of America failing. Legislated failures that inflate their bank accounts.

  12. The ONLY evidence the democrats have on President Trump was his landslide win, the support of the American people and the global community All crimes were committed by the democrats. They are using their own playbook against Trump. The swamp consist of both parties. We would not have been able to cut the chains if Trump had not fulfilled his prophesy.

  13. Trump is expressing his frustration the way everyday, NORMAL people do. BS is EXACTLY what it is. This man is representing me, Exactly the way I feel. I applaud what he said.

  14. Thank god for honest media. Thank you FOX. I was once a non believer i listened to the lies of the democrats. Now i realize that i will not be swayed by hatred. Do on to others as you would have done on to yourself

  15. Thank god for honest media. Thank you FOX. I was once a non believer i listened to the lies of the democrats. Now i realize that i will not be swayed by hatred. Do on to others as you would have done on to yourself

  16. Nancy stole her elections shes hated america for decades. She has stolen our wealth. We want it back. We want justice to be served. Thats why we hired Trump. A hand full of corrupt career criminals who managed to steal our country from with in need justice

  17. Oh did Mr. Trump hurt their little feelers? WAAAAA. He calls it like it is. If they put us THE PEOPLE through this crap, they can KISS their careers GOOD BYE.

  18. Wrong, the Democrats do not have the votes to impeach not even in the House. In fact, they do not even have enough votes to do a real investigation or inquiry in the House.

  19. Trump is a racist, bigot, criminal and clearly a moron……. he is destroying USA single-handedly…….and America's enemies are loving it…….

  20. Sorry FOX NEWS NO amount of Congress Socialist and Rhino traiders will reverse the voice of the people, to include your Passive Aggressive, fence sitting reporting. American Conservative Patriots will not forget your actions against POTUS!

  21. It is SO true that each of us feels that he is doing his part in battling to get our nation back. We're warriors, too!

  22. With the le.ftist, socia.list Demo.crats looking to impeach Tr.ump…take a good look in the mirror. We’re NOT going to allow you to do that without a major fight.

  23. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko on Saturday denied suggestions U.S. President Donald Trump had put pressure on Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy during a phone call in July. The President says there was no pressure. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine says there was no pressure. Even the guy that was supposed to be pressured..Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy ..said there was no pressure. But Pelosi said there was. It's a good thing Nancy Pelosi is around to let us know what we are really saying and thinking.

  24. Why is this woman asking the question about the economy because more than one Democrat has commented that the end does justify the means. They don't care how they win as long as they win.

  25. Pelosi hates our country. Pelosi loves the money in her pocket. All Demonrats 👹 are
    Thieves. All became rich after entering into politics. Look at Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, All the other politicians that came after and sat there for thirty years and did nothing to improve our communities. We are still fighting the slum in our communities.

  26. He's a despicable excuse for a human being. How could anyone in good conscious support him? When he's out I will be celebrating.

  27. So, the House has passed HUNDREDS of bills. They are sitting on Moscow Mitch's desk. He won't let the Senate vote on them. THAT is why Congress is not accomplishing anything. Ask McConnell what has happened to the hundreds of new bills passed by the House. 🤔

  28. I think there will be an attempt to assassinate trump it will be a conspiracy by the do nothing democrats i would put nothing past them they will just use a patsy to take the blame, i hope trumps personal security is increased.

  29. We've had good and bad Presidents. President Trump is one of the ""BEST"" presidents ever !!! God bless President Trump !!!

  30. LIAR IN CHIEF, COMRADE trump the LUNATIC in the white House representing the STUPIDITY OF republicans!!! IMPEACH THIS MORON NOW!!!!

  31. Total Agreement with you on that Zach Taylor # Trump2020 and I Totally agree with My President this Whole thing is and always has been Nothing but a bunch of BS !

  32. President Trump has a right to tell the people like it is because that's how we (the American People) feel. He calls it what it is. No different than the corrupt politicians or really fake media say and do against our President. No one seems to care what the left is doing to our President, politically and or media. The left only care about what Trump does and says. What he said was TRUTH!!!!!! Trump 2020 + (4 more terms)!!!!

  33. We the people love our Commander in Chief! He speaks it just like we feel! Thank you Honorable President Donald J Trump. The truth will set us all free!

  34. What a long parade of empty mannequin political teasers… All, just noisy hunting dogs and toothless old sharks! How deep is the swamp… and sinister is the invisible monster living of its filthy mood; what strong tentacles and what long legs he has at both sides of his master head, at the left and at the right, hasn’t he all of them? Three years already… almost, and none of the good (?) hunting dogs, none of the mad (?) old sharks (being all of them either hired by or seated at The Elected side), none, have produced anything other than hopeful woofs and expectant plops… dry water and deaf noise! Meanwhile, the monster grows and its siege narrows around The Elected, around… we The People. The people have elected the best for such a dirty fishy hunt… But even this best, seems having stepped on some quicksand zones under the mood. So alarms sound, not because the hunt has slowed down but cuz it has been turned around! And will be The People, again and last, who will get caught.

  35. A President that does not apologize for America like the previous. Democrats haven't figured it out yet that it's the main reason why he wins the American people.

  36. I love how "shocked" the media acts when the same language they use behind closed doors is said out loud by normal people. President Trump calls it like it is, not how the it spins. Fox News is dead, like CNN, like the 3 networks…all have put their eggs in the FAKE basket. One America News is at least honest…and most of their air time is spent on NEWS, not OPINION.
    The time of the NEWS monopoly is over…

  37. Democrats haven't got it yet …….. The more lies, corruption and hoaxes, the more the public see through it and the more his popularity grow !!!!!!!

  38. Maybe i'm to hard on Trump , when your mentally insane,and you create all these ficticious stories , and honestly believe them , I guess technically your not lying ,Trump's just mentally insane

  39. I think I'm going to spend the weekend in one of Trump's casinos in Atlantic City , oh that's right Trump ran them all into bankruptcy , like everything he owned

  40. Giuliani's going down , Pelosi is teaming up with graham to try and block the troop withdrawal from Syria , Trump's world is collapsing

  41. Regretfully, I am burden with the reality that today's Democrats are really Cultural Marxists left over from the workings of insidious roots hell bent on seeing Western culture decay. The truth is when their outcomes fail, they just change the theory. The true outcome is always the same with Cultural Marxism they turn themselves into primordial fools and fail over, over, and over again. When exactly did Marxism come to America? "The roots of Western cultural decay are very deep, having first sprouted a century ago. It began with a loose clan of ideologues inside Europe’s communist movement. Today, it is known as the Frankfurt School, and its ideals have perverted American society…. In 1934, the school was reborn at Columbia University. Its members began to exert their ideas on American culture."

  42. Hold on 'none of us could have predicted'? Woman stop talking bull. If you would have read his book, you ought to know Mr Trump is a connector and would run the country like he runs his company. A true boss in charge! Besides people always like to follow a success story why do you think 40K people show up?

  43. If the demo-rats forcefully and unconstitutionally impeach this president, the whole nation of conservatives will standup and show them the power of the second amendment in full strength !!!!!
    In a civil war, conservatives will be victorious! Get ready your guns patriots!

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