Trump Attacks Protesting Athletes: A Closer Look

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I love Amber! She took that nail and instead of hammering it in Trump's coffin, she just nailed him straight in his be mile high forehead! Tell that Truth, Amber!!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure their ideal form of black protest is the old black and white news footage of black protesters getting hit with high pressure water hoses and having police dogs set on them, back in the early 60's and the nice peaceful protest style of MLK, these young folks today, are all influenced by rap music, and that evil Muslim Malcolm X

  3. I'm a veteran and the son, nephew, cousin, brother, brother-in-law, father and father-in-law to veterans and I will kneel if I ever get to another game. Only thing stopping me is I live in Packer Country and there are never spare tickets.

  4. seth missed a joke, when trump makes his turning off the tv gesture, hes turning a knob, does trump still have a tv with knobs on it? i havent seen one of those in 30 years!

  5. If you look at Trump's history, he doesn't even believe more than 40% of the stuff he says now. He's just pandering to the idiot segment of America. It's been the Republican formula since 1980.

  6. Why are you surprised that Trump doesn't have any idea what the flag represents? He didn't even know how to colour the damn flag – he coloured in a BLUE strip (when he coloured with children during what was supposed to be, an easy PR move)! He also doesn't know the words to his own national anthem!!! The American president!!!! My God, any American who isn't absolutely humiliated, is a complete idiot. Here's the idiot test: if you still support Trump, you're an idiot. See?, easy.

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