True Confessions with Scarlett Johansson and Mayor Pete Buttigieg

-Here’s how this works.
It’s like a reverse interview. We’re going to take turns
reading a fact about ourselves. It might be true —
it might be a lie. The other players get to
ask you questions, and then they have to come to
a unanimous decision — truth or lie. Scarlett, you’ll go first. Mayor Pete, which envelope
should she open? 1 or 2? -I didn’t follow
any of those directions, but I’m going to wing it. -I’m gonna say number 2.
-Number 2. -Mm-hmm.
-I should open this. -Yep. And then you read it.
-I’m going to read it to you? -And then we get to grill you
until we come up with a unanimous decision. -Oh. I got stung by
a jellyfish on my face while swimming
off the coast of Italy. -On your face?
What year was this? -This was 2009. -Which coast?
-I was off the coast of Sicily. -What kind of swimming stroke?
-Um… I was swimming. I was just doing —
Yeah, I was doing that. -Breaststroke?
-Yeah, the breaststroke. -What color was the jellyfish?
-What color was it? -Yeah. Answer him!
What color was the jellyfish?! Where did it sting you, exactly?
-It was clear. I got stung on my face. -Alright, can I ask —
-I got stung right here. Right here.
-Alright. Can I ask a question? You know what
you’re supposed to do when a jellyfish stings you? -What? -Do you know what
you’re supposed to do when a jellyfish stings you? You know that.
Did you follow protocol? -You want to know whether
somebody [bleep] on my face? -No, I did not — No, no.
No. I said go to the doctor. Go to a doctor is what I meant.
What are you talking about? What are — Is that where
your mind went? -I did not go —
I did not go to a doctor. -You did not.
Did it swell up? -Is that what
you’re supposed to do? Go to a doctor when you
get a jellyfish sting? -Absolutely.
-Okay, yeah, fine. -First thing
you’re supposed to do. -Right.
-In Italy, an Italian doctor. Alright. We’re out of time. Did she get stung by a jellyfish
in the face while swimming? I feel like she’s fun.
She’s also a really good actor. -I’m skeptical on if it
got her on the face. Then she would have seen it. I think she ought to know what
color it is, right? -Yeah, that’s true. Interesting.
-Well, spit it out. [ Drumroll ]
-No, actually, I believe her. -Yeah, I think —
Yeah, we think it did happen. -It happened. -Hey! We’re good!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -Where was it?
Well, how did you react? -What? How did I react?
-Yeah. -I was like, “Aah!” And then I just had this
enormous — I mean, it looked — It was, like, “Goonies” bad. -Oh, my God. “Goonies” bad.
Alright. Good. I’m glad we got this.
Alright. It is my turn. Here we go. Which envelope
should I open, Scarlett? -Um…
-1 or 2? -Number 1. Number 1. I should have probably — Well,
you asked me, right? -Yeah, yeah.
-We’re so polite. We’re Democrats. Okay. -I once gave the
Heimlich maneuver to Jerry Seinfeld
at a wine tasting. ♪♪ -What was he choking on?
-Yeah. -I think it was meat. A meat of some sort,
like a salami. -Hmm.
-Mm-hmm. -What city was this in?
-This was in The Hamptons. -Were you at a party? -No, it was a wine —
It was, like, a vineyard thing. I went with his wife
and my wife. -Which vineyard was it?
-Wolffer. -Who? -I think it was
called Wolffer or something. -Yeah, yeah. You think so?
-Yeah. -Huh.
-Wolffer…Vandelay. No? -No, it wasn’t
Vandelay Industries. It was Wolffer.
-Okay. -Wolffer Estates.
They had a wine-event thing. -Who else was at this — -His wife, Jessica,
and my wife, Nancy. We had to go for, like, a — It was, like,
a charity event thing. -What was the charity? -Jessica’s charity —
baby buggies or something. -You gave him the full
Heimlich maneuver? -I did, because I didn’t know
what to do. -Where did you learn
the Heimlich? -Posters. ♪♪ -I’m not sure.
This seems a little fishy to me. -They were both at —
I feel like this whole thing — it was an event,
but then they were standing — -And out of all people who could
have taken the initiative. -Yeah, it was you?
-Yeah. -That’s the hole in my story?
Then yes. I saved Jerry Seinfeld’s life.
-I don’t think so. I don’t believe this.
I’m saying no. -I’m with you. It’s a lie.
[ Drumroll ] -It is a lie.
-Oh, look at that. Alright. Well done. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -I had too many holes
in the story? I thought, “What if I did?” Jerry would kill me
if I touched him ever. Alright, here we go.
Mayor Pete, now it’s your turn. I will choose the envelope.
Is it 1 or 2? You were kind of quick
to grab number 2, so I’m going to go with
number 1. -Oh, alright. On the campaign trail,
I once ate an ice-cream sundae made entirely out of pork. ♪♪ -Is this — Alright, so,
when was this? How recently? -It was years ago,
campaigning in Indiana. County fair.
-County fair. They always make you do those
corn dogs and all that stuff. -How many bites did you take?
-I ate about half of it. It was actually pretty good.
-You ate half of it? -You ate of the —
-Oh, wait. That sounds fishy to begin with.
-Wait. What did look like? Describe what it looked like. -So, you know those, like,
Dairy Queen parfaits that they make? -Sure.
-You know, like, the… So, instead of the fudge
is barbecue sauce. And instead of the ice cream
is mashed potatoes. And then instead of
the peanuts, pork. -That sounds pretty good. What did you wash it down with? -Root beer.
-Huh. -And were there, like,
photographers around, like, making you take — -No, there’s no
photographic record. -You did this out of
the goodness of your heart. -Well, I was campaigning. You want to eat the local —
You want to impress the locals. -This was a local thing?
-Yeah, where were you again? You were at —
-Yeah. -LaPorte County, Indiana.
-LaPork? -LaPorte County.
-LaPorte County. -LaPork county. Yeah.
Who was with you? Who could have stopped this? -LaPorte County Lions Club,
maybe? Democrats?
-The Lions Club was there? Alright. -You washed it down with
a root beer? Is that your favorite soda?
-No. -Huh.
-Oh, really? -Yeah.
-What’s your favorite soda? -Diet Coke.
-That’s sussy right there. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. So, why was the root beer there?
Root beer appears more — -Because it was nearby. -Alright.
But you weren’t choking. It was all good.
Mashed potatoes. ♪♪ -This is bizarre. I don’t know.
-I don’t think — I don’t know. -Well, when you’re campaigning,
you have to do all this stuff that you don’t — -He did come up with that
recipe pretty fast. If he had just — -Well, he had all day to prepare
this lie, but… -I don’t know. -No, I think you have to do
those things. I think — I don’t know. I think you ate it
and you enjoyed it. -Oh, he’s a politician!
I can’t tell! -They’re the best!
The politician and an actor. Oh, my gosh.
-I think he maybe ate it. -I think he did.
I think he’s telling the truth. -You ate it. -I think we —
-You ate it. -You’re telling the truth.
-Final answer? -Yes.
-Yes. You ate it. You ate it. -Yes, I did.
-Oh, my gosh! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] -Was it good?
-It was okay. -It was pretty good.
-We did it. -We’re good. Scarlett Johansson and Mayor
Pete Buttigieg, everybody.

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  1. Do you know what you're supposed to do when a jelly fish stings you? Did you follow protocol? 😂 This one was really funny. I wish they'd read the "other" letter too at some point.

  2. When you live 20 minutes from Laporte County Indiana and this story is what is used to represent us… 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  3. Pete opens envelope………"I once made a porn remake of The Human Centipede".

    Others immediately….."That's the truth!"

  4. "We're so polite. We're Democrats." Ah, yes. I remember how rude all the Republicans were to Obama and I remember how hard he was ridiculed by Fox News and SNL and I remember how hard the Republicans tried to impeach poor Obama.

  5. I really like Pete as a leader, Jimmy is a pretty fair comedian, but Scarlet OMG!
    I still can’t believe she tossed aside my Bilbo Baggins looks and persona for a tall, handsome, witty, Harvard man.

  6. Sounds like Indiana for sure!! God I hate this state😩

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely try the pulled pork barbecue sundae…as long as the sauce was good anyway😏

  7. Pete 'Bulldozer' Buttigieg. He didn't see a poor person's house he didn't wanna bulldoze. Pete will gentrify the hell outta your town too!

  8. “Were polite were democrats.” I guess fire bombing a homeland security office, brutally beating a news reporter, destroying college campus buildings because of a speaker people don’t agree with are coming to the college, blocking traffic with live human bodies on 4 lane highways etc. etc. is polite nowadays? Huh. Who would have thought…

  9. I love Mayor Pete. I wish he was doing better in the polls and really hope whoever wins picks him as VP if he loses

  10. buttigeig is a manufactured democrat yes-man, a corporate establishment tool, clinton devotee, intell spook, smug little privileged punk who has 23 billionaires funding his campaign and met with high-level dnc politicos to discuss how to stop sanders. he was bought a long time ago. he's as corrupt as they come.

  11. Petey The Good Little Republican says we can’t afford Medicare for All (despite being the richest nation on earth) and we shouldn’t impeach the traitor, parasite and worthless pig Trump. But he makes a Seinfeld joke and all the hipster creepos blush.

  12. Dou you know how I know Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a politician? Even his true statement is a lie!
    ("made entirely out if pork").
    Last i checked, a garnish is not even the main component.

  13. Impressive presidential candidate like no other….exceptional intelligence and unique talents and qualities !
    Best wishes and all the best Mayor Buttigieg from Canada !

  14. "Aww What color was it?! I will shoot myself in the head if you can tell me that cat's name!" – Jimmy goes full Rocco.

  15. Jimmy had to ask her the awkward question whether she followed protocol or not. Her face was stung so of course she wouldn't let someone piss on her face, Jimmy

  16. ice cream sundae of pork

    First thought: That's not even theoretically possible
    Second thought: Americans…

    I landed on yes

  17. I have heard of those pork sundaes. I may be wrong, but I THINK they sell them at Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs games. The recipe he described sounds familiar

  18. They sell those sundaes at the WV state fair. They absolutely exist and also come in a thanksgiving dinner variety. They’re pretty good.

  19. In a presidential race where lying is a main talking point for the democrats did anybody actually think that Mayor Pete’s Story would have been a lie?

  20. "We're polite we are Democrat"
    Does she not know that democrats are the most untolerant and unkind people in america?

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